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Eros (2013)
by Versace


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Year of Launch2013
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerAurélien Guichard
PackagingDonatella Versace
Parent CompanyEuroitalia

About Eros

Eros is a masculine fragrance by Versace. The scent was launched in 2013 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Aurélien Guichard. The bottle was designed by Donatella Versace

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Reviews of Eros

YSL La nuit de l'homme brother from Italy.

Excessively sweet and deeply unnecessary.

09th October, 2017
I think this one is given a hard time unfairly so.

It is what it is. It's no masterpiece. But what it does offer is a freshness, Great projection/longevity & a lovely mint/vanilla combo. Great for clubs and bars. If you don't take yourself too seriously then you will/can learn to like it!!!
29th September, 2017 (last edited: 03rd October, 2017)
Boy oh boy where do I start. So I was interested in Versace, because of all of the positive reviews, just like Bleu. Big mistake.
Eros, is very sharp and harsh and syntheticly sweet. It gives me a headache, and it is just too much.
Unless you are in a club, where pretty much ANYTHING smells good, this is not pleasant.
There is Strong lemon and some VERY synthetic smell underneath that is headache inducng. Thank God I just bought samples, I will be happy to give them away to guys I know that go clubbing.
07th August, 2017
I bought this fragrance as a clubbing/night out scent. I find this to be a projection beast that cuts through other fragrances in the area. If you want to stand out this is the right fragrance.

In the opening I can smell a lot of apple and mint with hints of the vanilla. The midnotes tend to lean more toward the vanilla and apple. The base is a warm sweet vanilla.

This is not a very flexible fragrance and can really only be used for nights out. Overall I love this fragrance and would give it a 9/10
23rd July, 2017
While this does smells fairly good, its a far ways away from other Versace fragrances such as 'Dylan Blue', 'Dreamer' and 'Blue Jeans'. Even Versace 'Baby Blue Jeans' smells better and lasts longer. I am reviewing a new bottle of the EDT version which has been reformulated, not the Eau de Parfum concentration.

The initial blast is vanilla, tonka bean, mint, and sweet fruit over a base of vetiver and woods. I don't get any lemon or flowery notes. It does smell quite good, and projects fairly well for the first couple hours. If you're not a fan of vanilla, mint or tonka bean, you will not like this fragrance. If you are, then this is a good scent, but not the best out there.

The middle and base are pure vetiver and cedarwoods, with the ever present vanilla and sweet notes. With a liberal application of ten sprays (neck, chest, shoulders and wrists), I am getting about 5-8+ hours of longevity with great projection and sillage within in the first few hours. Then its a subtle skin scent after four hours . It stays on clothes and fabric for several days.

There is certainly no beast performance or nuclear sillage here anymore thanks to reformulation, so I am guessing people here are recently reviewing the EDP version or vintage bottles as lasts a bit longer and performs way better.

This smells almost identical to Jacques Bogart's 'Bogart Pour Homme', which I also own but has better performance and costs half the price of this. It also reminds me of a toned down Paco Rabanne's 'One Million' or JPG's 'le Male'.

I will likely add the EDP concentration to my collection, plus a large 200ml vintage bottle of this. Its definitely more for nightlife and clubbing situations, very youthful and sexy in that sense and gets lots of compliments. I would likely only use it in these type of situations. Women seem to love it so whatever works.
04th June, 2017
Nuclear, nuclear silage and just monster projection! It does smell nice but wow, please go easy on the trigger with this one - it's aggressive!

One spray under the shirt is absolutely plenty, this stuff is dangerous to apply on exposed skin.

I bought this because I needed a clubbing fragrance (I go clubbing once a year but that's beside the point..) and this fragrance seemed to fit the bill.

It smells exactly like the pyramid describes - goes on strong with lemon (bitter oil type), then the mint comes to party, closely followed by crisp apple and then huge tonka and vanilla for the dry down.

The real star of the show, the note that comes out screaming and never stops is the massive top chemical note. I don't know the correct name for it but wow, it's here in extreme amounts - it dominates everything and just never gives up. I heard this chemical is used to stop nose blindness. It's so strong and powerful I can actually feel the chemical on my nose...I'm not joking!

Go easy on the trigger and this bottle will last you several lifetimes.


I've been wearing it for a few days now and I now have completely changed my mind on it. I love it. It's not an aventus masterpiece by any stretch of the imagination. It is on the other hand, a perfect work fragrance. Just 1 spray under the shirt and it lasts all day - I'm not joking, it's still there and just as strong 12 hours later!! The chemical they use in it stops you getting nose blind and it gives off a nice 3 foot smell radius around you. It's very inoffensive and it never gets cloying.

Highly recommended and it's jumped into my top 5 favs.
30th May, 2017 (last edited: 09th June, 2017)

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