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Opus VII (2013)
by Amouage


Opus VII information

Year of Launch2013
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerAlberto Morillas
PerfumerPierre Negrin

About Opus VII

Opus VII is a shared / unisex perfume by Amouage. The scent was launched in 2013 and the fragrance was created by perfumers Pierre Negrin and Alberto Morillas

Opus VII fragrance notes

Reviews of Opus VII

I enjoyed the initial spicy mix of Opus VII, leading to a mellower amber–patchouli touched with smoldering oud, atop smooth sandalwood.

The sexy black bottle alone is a draw to me! Opus VII, IMO, can be worn by either gender comfortably. Interesting and wearable niche collector fragrance.
14th August, 2018
This one and opus 6 are the best of Amouage 's scent. Remember me M7 ,the Great ,Morillas loves vintage ? Very nice masculin scent ,galbanum,leather ,sintetic oud ,but good.
19th February, 2018
I compared this to FM French Lover for it's use of galbanum, but in Opus VII, galbanum is much more prominent and green. If nothing else, this fragrance is interesting! The cardamom cuts the overpowering green opening and gives it a little edge, to my nose that is. The fenugreek in the notes list might add to that. I also get a mint like quality to the opening as well. Below that I smell the Amouage soup of rich ambers, incense, and woods that I can never quite pick out clearly. Personally, this is not one that I'd buy a full bottle or even a decant. If you like odd super green fragrances then this might be worth a try.
08th June, 2017
Giant green monster with wood! If you are a big fan of green smelling fragrances, this is for you. Co-staring incense and a few woods. 5.5/10
01st April, 2015
The spiced up galbanum opening is indeed arresting but what follows is unfortunately a little too familiar. A densely tarry-smoky-leathery patchouli phase reminiscent of Le Labo Patchouli 24 is quickly followed up by an ubiquitous musky-ambery dry cedary base found in many of current designer masculine releases. Frankly I'm not surprised at finding yet another uninspired entry in what has been a lackluster collection.
02nd June, 2014
Amouage – Opus VII
Well, this one sorts out the same effect as Angel did back in the days. Either you like this or you don't- there is no middle-of-the-road here. It explodes with a mix of pulpy-cardamon, wormwood, red chili-pepper and something like green paprika. Almost at the same time there is hint of lavender and the big fleshy animalic note which smells like a combination of wet goats-fur and beaver-piss with a touch of fatty fish. I imagine myself someone who sits at the table in his sweaty socks with the heater full-on, eating a tuna-salad with capers after a long walk in the rain with his wet-furry dog sitting close by. Its that same damp, wet and warm animalic smell that VII manifests. Later this changes in more of a old cheese/bad yoghurt with the backup of smoky, hot-peppery incense that connects with a ashy-ink, and a waxy, dry cedarwood-note. Together with its 'fleshy' body this makes a real nice and tight accord which dries up in a very nice, 'dried by the sun', hot-spicy, resinous-woody/graphite, slight salty-animalic kind of way. This dryout is a lot more quiet than the loudness of it first words, I must say, and it fades rather quickly, at least on my skin.
VII has a very tightly woven structure, which leaves no room for airiness or a breath of fresh air. Its character is that of a highly placed CEO in a tight suit- it behaves stoical, reserved and humorless with a hint of autism. Nevertheless I like VII for the statement that it makes, that sort of arrogant, recalcitrant, middle-finger in the air feeling that it gives me- it doesn’t care what you think about it. VII is surely not for everyone and I doubt myself even to call this a perfume... But I think its a brilliant example of modern perfumery, of art- and it holds up its own place in the Amouage-line.
01st May, 2014

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