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Black Vetiver (2013)
by Phaedon


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Year of Launch2013
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyPierre Guillaume Diffusion

About Black Vetiver

Black Vetiver is a masculine fragrance by Phaedon. The scent was launched in 2013

Black Vetiver fragrance notes

Reviews of Black Vetiver

Yes this is good! The tar and pimento, if you want to go by the notes, make it a spicy and rich vetiver, yet not too heavy. It's on the lighter side but has great longevity and solid sillage. In fact, it feels perfectly balanced. It is similar to Tom Ford's and even Givenchy's to some extent so it definitely keeps great company. Recommended.
12th January, 2018
Very nice! Very nice indeed!!

Didn't smell like I though it would. Opens up really fresh with lots of citrus. Almost like an classic Italian men's fragrance. The vetiver comes into play around the hour mark and it's not really Black. Quality ingredients as you would expect for the price!

21st November, 2017 (last edited: 10th April, 2018)
Phaedon Black Vetiver is an interesting style for a vetiver fragrance, not dark or dirty, yet not entirely light and airy either. Lemon leaves cleans up the top and makes it fresh smelling at the outset. As the lemon fades (fairly quickly) the spicier pimento/pepper note comes forward. It's almost a cinnamon or chili like note and you get the drier, salty, grassy vetiver element as in TF Grey Vetiver or The Different Co's Sel de Vetiver. It's on the fresh side of clean vetiver and not dark or dandified as in a classic vetiver composition. It stays pretty linear and it's certainly nothing boring by any stretch, but one that should definitely be sampled before purchase at $160 a bottle. Personally, I liked it a lot. Great longevity and a generous sillage from two sprays. For those that like a slight spicy clean scent, Black Vetiver is worthy.
10th September, 2017 (last edited: 17th January, 2018)
Phaedon Black Vetiver isn't quite as dark as it sounds---a pleasant, agreeable mix of vetiver, black pepper, and lemon.

It's roughly about as dirty as I like vetiver to be (Chanel Sycomore pushes the threshold slightly).

It's slightly more cold weather-friendly but it probably wouldn't be problematic to wear, as in too cloying, in the summer as well, given that the lemon brightens it up and the vetiver is about midway between fresh and dirty, with the pepper not being applied too heavily, either.

In a similar sense, it's slightly masculine but overall a unisex fragrance.

A nice option but for the standard Phaedon EDP pricing of $160 for 100ml, a bit of a stretch, unfortunately, but maybe I'd consider it at discounted pricing.

7 out of 10
05th January, 2017
I am missing the “black” part here, at any stage, but nonetheless... what a compelling smooth and modern vetiver this is. Along the line of Tom Ford’s Grey Vetiver, but noticeably more quality to any extent for me: crisper, more natural, more vibrant, with a more “dimensional” texture, slightly rawer too (or, say, maybe just more “genuine-smelling”). A bit similar to Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier’s Racine as well, mostly for the citrus-vetiver combo, but somehow more transparent, slightly colder and overall more “minimalistic” than that – shortly, more contemporary. The evolution of Black Vetiver is quite simple, basically it starts off with an invigoratingly vivid splash of zesty lemon supported by an initially toned-down elegant accord of smooth, salty vetiver infused with something which smells like a sort of aldehydic musk to me; it’s very subtle, but it gives a peculiar texture to the woody base accord, making it smell as a sort of a greyish, breezy vetiver “mist” sprayed on dry concrete. Well, I’m making it sound more avantgarde than it is, but that’s more or less the effect I get here.

Once most of the greenish top notes of lemon fade away, it’s all about some really great, high quality, vibrant yet pleasantly civilized grassy-salty vetiver still surrounded by that breezy sort of dusty mist I mentioned above – and still lightly infused by some citrus nuances. But most of all it’s vetiver though, and it’s completely, indisputably pleasant as only good vetiver can be. It smells very natural, very woody and grassy-salty (no “inky” nonsense or whatever other ill synthetic rendition of it). And like good vetiver does, it smells also at once very elegant, yet terribly laid-back and easy to wear. As the drydown progresses, some more somber, smokier and slightly sweeter nuances arise, but at no point it will get too “black” – just a bit quieter and moodier, but with a palpable salty-breezy feel underneath. More than “black”, a “grey-yellow vetiver”.

That’s it, it may sound simple and it actually is, but it’s a pure, vibrant kind of simple, something more than pleasant to wear. Thank God none of Guillaume’s trademark mish-mash concepts are here, no weird mojitos and no chubby gourmands gone wrong. This doesn’t smell at all like one of his creations for me, and maybe that’s why it smells so nice. By far my favourite “modern” vetiver, a refined everyday gem and a perfect contemporary companion to the nicest old-school vetivers like Guerlain’s or Carven’s. Still quite overpriced but totally worthy if you can get some discount.

05th May, 2016
As a vetiver lover, I find that Black Vetiver holds up to it's name. At first spray I smell pure vetiver, then gently mixes with the citrus and pepper. I can actually smell the vetiver throughout the day. I have worn it in the hot South Florida days, and it balances out very well. Longevity is very good.
26th February, 2016

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