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Memoirs of a Trespasser (2012)
by Imaginary Authors


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Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseImaginary Authors
PerfumerJosh Meyer

About Memoirs of a Trespasser

Memoirs of a Trespasser is a shared / unisex perfume by Imaginary Authors. The scent was launched in 2012 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Josh Meyer

Memoirs of a Trespasser fragrance notes

Reviews of Memoirs of a Trespasser

First Basenotes review, after reading many...

Memoirs of a Trespasser is a pleasant mix of vanilla and several spices. The anise and myrrh were most noticeable, the latter reminding me of some Catholic occasions.

I found the vanilla more prominent in the opening and less prominent in the dry down than some of the other reviewers. with the spices being pretty consistent throughout. The dry down brings it to a powdery state but still pleasant, similar to Eau des Baux by L'Occitane. I probably prefer Eau des Baux slightly as it's a little more agreeable in its spices, but EDB is still a good comparison for longevity and a vanilla/spice combination. There's a looser similarity to Tobacco Vanille,

Longevity is very good, even bearing in mind that it is an EDP---still detectable from about a foot away after 8 hours and a skin scent through 14+ hours, with a shower about 6 hours in.

This is the first sample I've tried of Imaginary Authors, and it's a very good fall/winter scent, probably more during the day than night. I'm looking forward to trying some of IA's' other fragrances.

And while most of IA's fragrances seemed to be designated unisex, this leans toward the masculine side.

8 out of 10
27th January, 2015 (last edited: 05th February, 2015)
Memoirs of a Trespasser is a very earthy/woody/smoky vanilla and myrrh. At first spray I smelled vanilla right away. Not the usual vanilla cake mix vanilla, but a smoky/woody vanilla. As it dried down I smelled myrrh which I love and a mix of wood. Very nice fragrance that I will treasure.

22nd January, 2015
Memoirs of a Trespasser opens with a really pleasant, radiant, dusty and sweetish accord of amber and incense with vanilla, perhaps aniseed or licorice, and an odd but comfy and mellow breeze of something like sugar – that same kind of dry, dusty and silky sweetness - on a darker base with a tiny animalic hint, almost unperceivable but providing a nice dark shade on the base (it may also be some benzoin, or a dark and dry wood, or also simply a darker note of ambrette). A synthetic and quite simple texture as it seems typical in US contemporary perfumery these days, but nice and pleasant, versatile and inoffensive, quite safer than it may appear – it's basically a woody-amber scent dry and sweet with a really aromatic breeze ranging from green to grey. Not amazing but nice enough to wear, and with also a remarkable persistence.

10th September, 2014
It dries down to a nice woody vanilla, but you have to wade through a bunch of odd notes to get there, and at the end of the day, I am not sure that the payoff is good enough. It opens on a weird pairing of what seems to be an intensely sweet candy note, like candyfloss, the bitter rind of either a grapefruit or an orange, and raw wood. There is also a musky feel to it, from the ambrette seeds, which combines with the raw plank of wood smell to conjure up a sort of ghost note of vetiver (to my nose, at least). The first half of this, therefore, smells like musky, raw woods, with a candied grapefruit rind note. I don't get any vanilla.

Halfway through, there is a truly skanky moment, like smelling a spot on your arm that someone has licked. It is still a predominantly woodsy smell, but there is now a flat, stale note like dried saliva. Not enjoyable, not even to a lover of animalics like me. Also, the ambrette seeds add not only muskiness but also a note of alcohol, like grappa, which I also noticed in Chanel No. 18, where it used to great effect when paired with rose and iris. But here, the high-pitched whirl of alcohol combines with the raw woods to create a type of wood rubbing solvent smell.

The vanilla, once you finally get to it, is nice but quite synthetic in feel. It is quite sheer and diaphanous a vanilla, not heavy or creamy. People describe this one as a smoky vanilla, but I would describe it more as woodsy or boise vanilla. I know it is very popular around here, but I neither like nor understand it. To me, this is not a proper vanilla.
18th August, 2014
On the initial spray I was not such a big fan. Got a slight skankiness the first 5 minutes. After that the fragrance morphed into a great gourmand. A nice woody vanilla which is very unique. 8.5/10
03rd August, 2014
Wow this is gorgeous and complex!

On first application to my skin I'm getting a wonderful smoky woods and dried vanilla. And I have to say it smells absolutely great.

Shortly after a melody of different resins, amber, spices interact with the main smoky vanilla and woods. This slightly changes the smell so every-time you take a sniff your picking up something new.

As it dries down you can smell a resinous Mryhh note mixing in with the dried vanilla. And even at this stage you will be picking up different nuances to the scent.

I have to say I'm so impressed with this wonderful fragrance that I will be buying a full bottle.

Nine out of Ten.
17th June, 2014

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