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Violet Chocolatier (2012)
by PK Perfumes


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Year of Launch2012
AvailabilityIn Production
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HousePK Perfumes
PerfumerPaul Kiler

About Violet Chocolatier

Violet Chocolatier is a feminine perfume by PK Perfumes. The scent was launched in 2012 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Paul Kiler

Reviews of Violet Chocolatier

Stardate 20190812:

It is very hard to get chocolate right in fragrances. Coffee is easier but chocolate has never been done right in my opinion. It just overpowers and throws the balance off. The trick is to use it disparagingly. I think Sarah from 4160 got close in one of hers and so did Paul in this.
Again top is off balance like his other stuff but it does settle down fast and you get soft chocolate in background with jolly rancher blue raspberry and violet in the foreground, indoles and hazelnut balancing the composition.
A nice fragrance and a good study in use of chocolate.
I am still searching for a good chocolate fragrance.
12th August, 2019
The fourteen or so ingredients that go into this gourmand scent take a while to settle down into a light floral pastry accord, which reminds me of L'Heure Bleue or Farnesiana.

I am unable to detect the violet at all. It opens with cocao, which becomes to my nose, not powdery, but chalky. There is a sharp faint wood note, could it be the Pemou Root?, that is unpleasant. It goes through a period of settling down that is faintly reminiscent of Angel.

Finally, fifteen minutes into the experience, there is the linear heart, for me the floral pastry scent, which, although devoid of either chocolate or violet at this point, is nonetheless, very pleasant.

Worth a try, but be patient until this develops fully, before you judge.
17th January, 2015
Like all of Paul Kiler's perfumes thus far, Violet Chocolatier is strong stuff. And I love it for that. I like strong perfumes, as long as they are not pungent, or otherwise unpleasant.

One of the great things about this perfume is that when you put it on the violet and the chocolate are in perfect counterpoint. In other words, I shows both balance and abstraction. The "abstraction" part means that you will not end up smelling like a chocolate factory. This balance goes on for quite a while.

And it is the violet that does the trick here. Violet and chocolate come across as a perfect pair. Made for each other.

Eventually the violet and the chocolate separate a little bit. Mostly because violet is a middle, not a bottom note. Still enough of it (good fixatives?) survives to still keep being chocolate's companion for a looong while.

Smelling this all all day should be no hardship at all. Though you may end up wanting some chocolate by the end of the day - If only because you are constantly reminded of its existence.

If you are going to find anything off-putting about this scent, it is this: some clear sourness at the top. Not nasty-sour, but sour none the less. Personally I do not mind it, but I know some people could. It is fair to warn potential buyers about that- So they may find something that really suits them in this perfume collection. (Over ten perfumes - and all different. - No flankers, except, maybe, the two Dirty Roses)

To me, my favorite moment in this perfume's evolution is when the violet STARTS to recede (and becomes more violet - hence a lot less sour) and more of the chocolate comes across. I would freeze it there.

Eventually violet and chocolate simply walk hand-in-hand for the rest of the day.

Mr. Kiler's perfumes may not be "Pharmacy" cheap. But they are not cheaply made. They are strong, durable, (thus far) rich and very distinctive.

For all the above, Mr. Kiler's perfumes should be considered to be modestly priced. And he deserves all the success he can possibly get in the perfume business.

In a world where you usually get what you pay for, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that you just hit the jackpot with just about any of the perfumes in this collection.

10th August, 2014 (last edited: 06th September, 2014)

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