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Plum Japonais (2013)
by Tom Ford


Plum Japonais information

Year of Launch2013
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseTom Ford
PerfumerYann Vasnier
Creative DirectorTom Ford
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Plum Japonais

Tom Ford describes this fragrance as a "lush and unconventional mélange of exotic Asian ingredients. Rich and luxurious, it is a fragrance with irresistible complexity." 

Plum Japonais fragrance notes

Reviews of Plum Japonais

This is quite nice, I agree with all the reviews stating this is quite subtle, however this is a nice change from beast mode.
The Quality in this is in the overall smell. The longevity is Above average.
Nice skin scent from the 2hr mark and stays like a sweet woody smell for quite a while after the 2hr mark, so I think this is bottle worthy for a pleasant lighter change.

Overall Scent 8.5 - 10
Longevity 7 - 10
Sillage 5 - 10
25th April, 2018
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United States
A much better version of Japon Noir, in my opinion
Not something I would wear every day, but I can definitely appreciate it
Decant / split worthy, but not full bottle worthy
For all the people complaining about longevity, I don't get that -- It lasts quite a long time for me, it's just that the bright plum notes you get in the opening die off pretty quick...It's the opening that goes away, but the base stays for a good amount of time.
08th February, 2018
It’s a good fragrance, even if it’s too masculine for me. It’s full of dry spices and incense. There’s a lot of amber as well. I don’t get a lot of plum, except in the first minutes. It could be a bit sweeter for a real unisex fragrance, and smell more like prune. Sillage and longevity are not good enough. Very subtle.
27th December, 2017

In spite of its solidity of structure, Plum Japonais gives the impression of being delicate and even subdued. The combination of plum, saffron, and cinnamon in the opening is eminently sniffable. I have debated with myself as to whether or not I should call it “gourmand”… If it is gourmand, it’s not sticky sweet kind; rather, it’s more like a restrained but very sweet floral note, probably it’s the plum blossom at the heart that makes it so strongly floral. On my first couple of testings I thought the immortelle to be judiciously restrained. With subsequent testings, the immortelle came though quite well… and a beautiful presentation of immortelle it is – it counterbalances the plummy sweetness successfully. The base continues the sweetness with its vanilla and amber, and adds a bit of oud to the accord, but I agree that the oud should exhibit more presence in order to balance the continuing sweetness of the fragrance.

At times in the opening and into the heart, the plum / immortelle accord achieves an almost painful beauty. But as soon as the immortelle fades, the plum delivery no longer holds the interest it once had, and the base, though pleasant, just doesn’t continue the excellence that preceded it. I think that the decline of the drydown might not have happened if the oud had just a touch stronger presence in the base.
19th December, 2016
I might not have given Plum Japonais by Tom Ford a second smell a couple of years ago when I first started becoming seriously interested in fragrances, as I believe I gave away my 4ml sample that came as a gift with Luckyscent. I probably didn't smell it much in the last two years but came back to it the past couple of months and finally saw fit to test it out after receiving a sample.

I initially saw it as marketed towards women, perhaps contributing to my early dislike of it.

The scent has, of course, a substantial presence of plum, along with a host of other sweet notes---vanilla, amber, benzoin---and a couple of woody notes (oud and fir). It opens mainly with the plum with the resinous, sweet aspects coming more to the forefront in the dry down. Multiple YouTube reviewers have commented on the appearance of an incense/smoky note, but I don't get much of this. Rather, I get the amber and benzoin significantly, which provide a muted, complex, semi-sweet aspect that surpasses the often hypersweet vanilla which nonetheless is part

As many have noted, the performance of Plum Japonais is not up to the standard Tom Ford Private Blend, let alone the high-performing entries of the group (i.e. Amber Absolute, Tobacco Vanille, etc.), so it is probably roughly average for an EDP as far as both projection and longevity. Still, in the softer part of the dry down, it is quite pleasant when closer to the skin.

After having acquired a bottle of Amber Absolute to back up my decant, Plum Japonais will be my next Tom Ford Private Blend bottle purchase, even at the creeping up pricing of now $225 for 50ml.

8 out of 10
14th November, 2016
I don't like this one as much as I thought I would. I'd heard comparisons to Fille en Aiguilles by Serge Lutens. I absolutely love Fille en Aiguilles, and I do smell a slight similarity, but it's very slight to me. Where Fille en Aiguilles takes me to the pine forest, then to Christmas and all it's alluring scents, Plum Japonais aptly smells like plum. It has that sharp, tangy bitter edge that a bite from a plum has that I just don't like. When you see a beautiful plum sitting there, you think it looks so delicious. Then, you take a bite, and it ruins the whole effect. That's the way it is for me at least. There is something in this fragrance that I don't enjoy. I did get a little bit of a wood vibe as this dried down, but it's a thinner wood smell than I like, and I guess I was just expecting too much. This isn't a terrible fragrance at all, and I'm sure many would enjoy it. I've just been spoiled by Fille en Aiguilles and don't feel the need to have this fragrance in the rotation too. The longevity was about 8 hours on my skin. The sillage was about 6 hours or so.
12th May, 2016

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