by Bond No. 9

    • Launched: 2013
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
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    The inspiration for Bond No. 9's latest location-themed scent is the digital village, 'the world's most populated neighborhood'. Only available online.

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    Nice & Fruity.

    Thumbs up!

    08th February, 2014 (Last Edited: 03rd October, 2014)

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    United States United States

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    Chartreuse Nectar is a very potent green fragrance that dries from a screecher to a very pleasant to wear leafy green scent. Is it an Aventus clone? No, definitely not. Should it be a flanker to Chez Bond? No, it starts out similarly but ends up very different from Chez Bond too. HTTPBno9 may have been inspired by the success of these two pineapple green fragrances but the differences are clear and this fragrance takes a different path towards its eventual redemption.

    The opening is very green and also very fruity pineapple yellow. I don't know what new synthetic has this pinneapple freshness seen in Aventus, Chez Bond too but this odor is well deployed in this fragrance as well. I think of this opening phase as the bright green chartreuse segment which goes for awhile depending on strength of application. I recomend a light spray for best effect. The harshness of the opening bright yellow green wears down a bit and reveals heart notes that remind me of freshly cut wild brush or weeds. If you've ever followed a big brush cutter that is clearing wild weeds off the side of a country road you will recognize the scent. It is very green, liquid and alive smelling. It smells of country grasslands in the middle of summer. As this wears down the green scent becomes drier and smells a little like the freshness is tempered with a little patchouli or moss notes of some type.

    There is an overall synthetic aspect to the scent here that just doesn't want to go away. But, I think I like the green smell of it. If there were not the high mark set by Aventus this fragrance would probably have many fans. I continue to enjoy it whenever I catch a whiff.

    Opening: pineapple green and harsh - best to not encourage this part

    Middle: green saplings and fresh cut greens

    Base: dry green leaves turning to hay

    From Bond's website this is how they describe the notes: "The starter notes are a high-energy mix of bright yellow bergamot, pineapple oozing with flavor, and juniper berry—evoking the outdoors. Then come the heart notes: not a traditional floral bouquet, but rather apple and blackcurrant, which usually appear as top-notes, along with fresh, clean cedarwood, which combine to underscore HTTP://’s lightness, and which also suggest a new approach to fragrance architecture. By contrast, the base notes—a blend of forest-y patchouli and moss with warm and sensual musk and amber—add seduction, durability, and depth."

    I agree with this selection and description of notes and Bond has done a good job of fragrance crafting here. Following a proven pathway, yes, but the fragrance design and results have substance.

    Pros: Green, potent, unique
    Cons: too potent?"

    20th August, 2013

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    Candy Extraordinaire

    Got a sample of this out of curiosity...

    The knee jerk comparisons between this and Aventus are totally misplaced, they have almost nothing in common besides the pineapple note, and even that is played out quite differently here. This stuff is purely synthetic, fresh, crisp, and fruity, with no smokey undertones whatsoever.

    The major player in this scent is green apple, of the artificial/candy sort. I do get hints of other fruit notes sitting behind it (yes, including pineapple) but if you sprayed this on your hand and asked people at random what it smelled like, you can be assured they would all just say it smells like green apple.

    Things start out rather sharp and tart and take on a somewhat creamier and smoother quality with time, but overall stay pretty linear. actually smells a lot like a strong fruity candy along the lines of Airheads or Jolly Ranchers; sweet and fruity in a chemicaly way... Really not a bad scent, but not one I'd want to spray on myself.

    I would consider this very feminine, and to me it actually smells way more similar to DKNY Be Delicious than it does Aventus.

    Pros: Unique, intensely fruity.
    Cons: Expensive, ugliest bottle design Bond No. 9 has ever used."

    29th July, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Really nice fragrance, but too similar to Aventus.

    I purchased an official sample of (aka HTTP) from the Bond website. Overall, I really like this scent. The pineapple note stays throughout the fragrance - from top to bottom. It also has good projection and longevity.

    What I dislike about the fragrance, are two things:

    1. This is too similar to Creed's Aventus. Bond already has a track record of ripping off other fragrances, especially from Creed. This just further adds to that. HTTP is basically Aventus, but with an amped up pineapple note and no smokey note. Since HTTP's price is around the same price as Aventus, to me it's a no brainer to just go with Aventus (which IMO is the better fragrance).

    2. After about 10 hours, HTTP's base notes were okay, but nothing impressive. I much prefer the dry down of Aventus.

    I'm still giving this fragrance 4 out of 5 stars, just because it overall smells nice and I'm rating it independent of other fragrances (such as Aventus).

    Pros: Nice pineapple note that stays throughout.
    Cons: Possibly another Bond ripoff of Creed, base notes not nearly as good as Aventus"

    28th July, 2013

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    Finally another Pineapple fragrance

    We don't compare every oud fragrance with Montale Black Aoud. We don't compare every Aldehyde with Chanel no. 5. BUT I fear that every fragrance with a Pineapple theme will be compared to Aventus. This fragrance opens with a sharp brisk Bergamot that almost smells like grapefruit. Pineapple then makes a grand entrance. There is a slight melted plastic note that often comes up in some Bn9s, but not much. It is fairly linear, some amber a lot of pineapple. Longevity and projection are typical above average like most Bn9 fragrances. If you judge this by Aventus, you are missing the point. There is no smoke/ash note here. It isn't a 'clone' or 'wanna-be' It stands or falls on its own.

    Pros: Nice Pineapple fragrance, better than average longevity
    Cons: Will forever be hidden in the Aventus shadow"

    17th July, 2013

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    Shame on Bond. This is a blatant copy of Aventus.

    HTTP opens with a very bright pineapple that borders on being sharp, but isn't. Bond has used this pineapple before. If you've smelled Riverside Drive, you'll know what I mean. The opening is the only unique thing about HTTP, other than its hideously tacky bottle. HTTP quickly settles into a bright almost-pineapple citrus with an almost dusty (rather than smokey) base. It's a very simple scent that you will very quickly recognize. It is indeed a copy of Aventus. It is a copy created with such crystal clarity in its intention to be nothing more than a copy that I'd struggle to discuss it as anything else.

    [B]HTTP is...[/B] Bondentus!

    I sprayed HTTP twice to the chest and once on my left arm. I also sprayed one light spray of Aventus on my right for comparison. Initially, I wasn't going to compare HTTP to Aventus until I gave it a full wearing by itself, but after about a half hour, it was brutally obvious that this truly is nothing more than an Aventus copy, and the only way to properly judge it would be to compare it to the scent it is a shameless copy of. I didn't want to believe this was a copy, but it unquestionably is. I kept searching for uniqueness but there is none, and I find that to be very surprising given that Bond has such an easily identifiable house smell: loud, flamboyant, perhaps even brash, and unisex in a way that can make men who aren't secure in their masculinity feel uncomfortable. HTTP could have been all of those things. Instead, it is none of them. Sure, HTTP is unisex, but it is unidentifiably unisex rather than flamboyantly unisex. I really believed Bond would use their house smell as a base to put a unique spin on pineapple, and there are so many ways they could have, but they didn't. I'm not getting any of their house smell here. I cannot emphasize that enough. I'm getting an Aventus clone that is a bit hollow and higher pitched by comparison. It might wear better than Aventus on a hot summer day, but otherwise, this is not an improvement on the original, which makes me wonder why they bothered making this in the first place. The QR code on the bottle might as well take you to the Aventus page on Creed's website.

    I don't understand the point of this release. I can think of many ways to take the rich pineapple heart from Aventus and create something amazingly new from it. Take that pineapple and lay it over a bed of amber, not ambergris, and add some spice. That would be really unique and fun to wear. Or, take that pineapple and swirl it in musk with a hint of patchouli... maybe some cinnamon too. Or use it to sweeten up an incense concoction as if to put a new spin on Andy Warhol Silver. There are so many options. That pineapple really is a versatile element that I expect to smell more of in years to come.

    I could understand HTTP as a vanity release if Bond had found a way to improve on Aventus. But I smell no improvement here. In fact, HTTP smells like a lesser copy. It is a less rich Aventus at Aventus prices. Why bother?

    If I worked for Bond no 9, I would be embarrassed by this release. It's good, but it isn't as good as the fragrance it is a blatant copy of. So, I ask again: Why bother?

    Pros: I guess if you hate Creed, you could buy this and still smell like Aventus?
    Cons: It's a blatant ripoff that is as expensive as the real thing."

    12th July, 2013

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