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Moon Bloom (2013)
by Hiram Green


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Year of Launch2013
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseHiram Green
PerfumerHiram Green

About Moon Bloom

Moon Bloom is a shared / unisex perfume by Hiram Green. The scent was launched in 2013 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Hiram Green

Reviews of Moon Bloom

I cannot be an impartial reviewer here since tuberose is one of my least favorite notes. So far, I am only able to tolerate it in Vero Profumo's Rozy. Here it is, unfortunately, paired with jasmine and something I'm assuming is coconut and/or fig. Regardless, the entire thing makes me feel slightly queasy and claustrophobic. This is much too sweet and overpowering and tropically FLORAL. I'm guessing, however, that if tuberose and a strong-arming jasmine are your thing, this one will be also.
02nd November, 2018
This is my perfect tuberose. Full stop. I ordered a sample to round out a sample deal, not expecting much at all, and was completely bowled over by this scent. I am not a tuberose or white floral fan in general, but this fragrance has converted me.

It goes on VERY strong, which had me scared for just a few seconds, but the scent is so good that it actually becomes a plus. This is definitely a tuberose-centric perfume, and the flower is presented in all its heady, indolic, tropical glory. There is a touch of pissiness (in a good way), and a touch of humid swampiness (again, in a good way). It has tropical sweetness that reminds me of coconut, but it's certainly not of the sickly sweet, synthetic variety, and it blends perfectly with a golden ylang note to play a supporting role to the glorious tuberose. There is also some green in this scent, which intensifies the lush, tropical forest impression Moon Bloom conjures up.

Despite its potent opening, Moon Bloom is not a loud or overbearing scent at all. It wears quite linear, which I don't mind at all, and it's very, very long lasting.

The first few times I tried this it was still freezing cold and wearing this instantly transported me to a hot, humid summer nights. I can't wait to try this in the summer heat, I expect it will be fantastic.
14th April, 2018
An invitation to look at the beauty of the moon with a starry sky.this one has sexiness,beauty and warmth, captures the essence of the charming woman, mysterious with a sultry romantic of those fragrances that you will probably wear for your own pleasure rather than for crowd pleasing.sweet tuberose and a little ylang ylang with a splash of coconut and green notes.Bewitching,Floral,Feminine, Sublime,Pleasurable,Smooth,Sensuous and Absolutely Gorgeous.

The Flowers make up the core of the scent with tuberose,jasmine and ylang ylang weaving their alchemic spell,with lighter notes of coconut,resin and spices layered above to add hints of light to the heart of the dark revealing the secrets of after-dark,night blooming and reflecting the smoldering sensuality like the moon reflecting on the water on a late summer fact the tuberose dries down,jasmine takes over.great in every woman's closet bewitching.


Longevity?Satisfactory on my skin.

04th September, 2016
I can appreciate this scent even though it is not my style. The floral notes are rich and opulent, and the resins and spices are very well done and add complexity and intrigue.
I find that ylang-ylang dominates in the early going, and then buttery/fleshy tuberose takes over. I think the jasmine is overpowered by these more aggressive floral notes and thus I don't get much of it. Coconut + green notes suggest fig to me. The spices and resins remind me of MPG's Eau des Iles. And overall, this is clearly a tropical sort of scent -- something in the style that Comptoir Sud Pacifique used to do, before they sold out to the vanilla-crazed mass market.
17th May, 2016 (last edited: 16th May, 2016)
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United Kingdom
The top notes are absolutely delicious, consisting mainly of an unadulterated jasmine and, in the foreground, a gorgeous tuberose of rare exquisite distinction. This is a light, fresh and pure tuberose, of natural purity and without any waxy heaviness, just stunning. The drydown has a lovely ylang-ylang added, and a gentle spicy peach impression dominates the latter stages.

Overall this is a tuberose-centred light and slightly spicy brightly floral composition, with moderate sillage and eight hours of longevity on my skin. The most impressive feature is the natural beauty and outstanding quality of the exquisite ingredients - no fake tricks here! Who says natural ingredients can't have good staying power? 3.5/5
02nd January, 2016
A mildly camphoraceous jasmine came out flying like a bat out of hell. As minutes passed, I understood why the jasmine was so eager to leave the party. What got left behind was a boring, mildly sweet floral that smelled somewhat greasy, like a coconut oil-based tanning lotion.

And then it hit me. MOON BLOOM describes a scene on a crowded tropical beach where rows after rows of exposed butt cheeks can be seen baking in the sun, gleaming with tanning oil.
27th November, 2015

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