Lillipur (2013)
    by Tiziana Terenzi

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    Lillipur Fragrance Notes

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    Lillipur is a unisex fragrance by Tiziana Terenzi. The scent was launched in 2013

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    Iran Iran

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    I've tested 5 of their fragrances and they do have one thing in common. the bottles are pretty damn ugly! xD
    This fragrance opens up with semi sweet, creamy woody smell mixed with soft spices in the background.
    The "Cashmere Wood" note doesn't smell something new or unique. it's a soft woody note that kind of smells like sandalwood. very smooth woody smell.

    In the mid I'm getting a little stronger sweetness but still creamy with stronger woods and now very soft floral aroma in the background. it's a very pleasant smell and perfectly balanced for both genders. creamy sweetness and soft floral notes for women and woods plus soft spices for men!

    In the base unfortunately the woody smell almost disappears and you will left with a simple creamy sweetness and very smooth floral notes.
    The note breakdown looks very interesting but the scent is much simpler than how it looks.
    Projection is moderate and longevity is around 10 hours on the skin.
    I like it but there is nothing exiting about it because I've smelled this before many times.

    29 July, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    Lillipur takes the name of the ancient mythical Nepal's capital of the spirituality (probably Patan nowadays, located at south of Katmandu) and it is aimed to represent the mystical fire of the soul and and deep, profound spiritual knowledge of the continuosly unfolding human soul. This Tiziana Terenzi's fragrance, as performed by the talented Mr. Paolo Terenzi, is enveloping and penetrating, namely a resinous mélange of dense (almost sticky) elements as forest resins, amber, honey, galbanum, star anice, frankincense, benzoin and sticky sweet spices all combined in order to surround your senses teleporting the soul in to a spiritual oriental ambience full of temples and monasteries equipped with huge brazers burning resins and incenses in order to support and aid the meditation. A wonderful combination of tonka and tobacco rounds the incensey/creamy aroma with an irresistible seasoned flavour a la Piguet Casbah (which is in a similar way spicy/incensey/resinous/aromatic and tobacco flavoured), turning the aroma out in an almost tasty way (involving your palate with its carnal attractiveness). Hints of patchouli and woods provide balance and support the spices which are yummy and prickly throughout, a combination of aromatic herbs and star anise affords a touch of balsamic vibe while some floral patterns imprint a sophisticated undertone making aureate and subtle the resinous tornado (providing a touch of modernity and glamour in a game of olfactory contrasts). The latter holds on ambery, steamy, spiritual and spicy/incensey till the end, unveiling finally hints of muskiness and woodiness with burnt resins undertones. Unisex. As usual for the brand longevity and projection are great and the raw materials quality is extreme.

    09 February, 2014 (Last Edited: 11th February, 2014)

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