Gold Rose Oudh (2013)
    by Tiziana Terenzi

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    Gold Rose Oudh Fragrance Notes

    Gold Rose Oudh information

    Gold Rose Oudh is a unisex fragrance by Tiziana Terenzi. The scent was launched in 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    Must say I have never been a fan of oud scents, as they all smell pretty much the same to me, and I don't like "that" prominent note. This one instead, together with M7 and a couple by Montale, is one of the very few which instead I admit I quite like. Basically, it's extremely well-made, with extremely high-quality materials. The agar wood note is superb: rich, vibrant, dense, with a lot of natural, raw nuances, finally really "woody" and not only a monotone rubbery smell. Really pleasant and realistic, surely dark and austere, but full of organic richness, mysticism, and elegance. The same for the main counterpart – the rose note, whose darker, carnal side perfectly integrates with oud. Rose here bears many facets as well: it's incredibly aromatic, resinous, fruity and velvety, so tasty it's almost edible. And incredibly vibrant and bright. I also detect pepper and a herbal-mossy note of fir balsam, which adds a balsamic "resinous woodiness" to the blend. Really evocative, charming and full of beauty, it gets more and more irresistible as minutes pass, with a splendid fruity, sensual, captivating, at the same time narcotic and lively floral-woody aroma that emerges with increasing sharpness and brightness. Still with a lot of nuances, which then evolve into some more dark, animalic, musky and carnal notes, with a subtle honey note floating underneath. An incredible harmony rotating around the rose-oudh central bone accord. Still, there is no opulence: it's all about nuances and "breezes", there is no actual richness of materials, so don't expect any Oriental opulence à la Amouage or Duchaufour. All is crisp and surprisingly simple, it's more a matter of materials which are so natural they carry their organic richness – which is precisely an infinite source of nature's flavours and aromas. Sophisticated, dense, somehow luscious and somehow innocent, relaxed but captivating. The drydown unexpectedly gets more ambery and dusty, still woody and somehow narcotic, just softer and extremely velvety. One of the best ouds I've ever tried, and more generally, a great scent, surely worth at least a try.


    11th June, 2014

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    United States United States

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    Gold Rose Oudh opens with a dominant slightly raspberry jammy rose light as air supported by sharp green bergamot citrus. As the composition enters its early heart the airy rose remains the star, now supported by a relatively refined Oud and patchouli tandem with hints of underlying green fir and some of the slightly sweet honey rising from the base. During the late dry-down the rose and Oud slowly recede though never completely disappear as the slightly sweet honey takes over as star with subtle dry amber support remaining through the finish. Projection is excellent to outstanding and longevity excellent at about 12 hours on skin.

    The rose, Oud and patchouli trio is such a classic combination that it is hard not to yawn when yet another rendition is released (no matter how competent). It is all too easy to dismiss Gold Rose Oudh as just that... but there really is more to this composition than its surface classic structure indicates. The first thing notably different than the norm is its sharp green underlying nature immediately noticeable at the open through the deft use of bergamot citrus in an unexpectedly different way, furthered by an infusion of coniferous fir later in the early heart. Just when one may feel the composition has revealed all its secrets the late dry-down comes seemingly out of nowhere, turning it into a dry honey and amber driven affair through the finish. The bottom line is the $145 per 100 ml bottle Gold Rose Oudh does little to plow new ground for the crowded classic rose, patch, Oud genre, but its brilliant execution and subtle nuances throughout distinguish it, earning the composition an "excellent" 4 stars out of 5 and a strong recommendation.

    15 February, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    I'm particularly impressed by the artisanal knowledge and the ancient craftsmanship swirling behind the marvellous Tiziana Terenzi's creations. The quality is utterly genuine and veritable, the vegetable waxes (implemented in the candles appointment), as well as the genuine materials and the olfactory fire power, open new sensorial horizons for our nose. What a magnificent rose/aoud combo this fragrance is!! Really. Gold Rose Oudh is another winner and an "ambiental" new release arousing ultra-sensorial atmosphere and almost somnolent (I mean narcotic) warmth around. I have to say anyway that this versatile and multifaceted aroma is also at once vibrant and temperamental, combining such a sensorial bliss effect, with classic luxuriousness and modern daring (almost brash) dynamism. A fragrance full of diverse "sides" I would say. The ethereal rosey subtleness is finally extreme in a musky, boise and honeyed (really honeyed, almost creamy and anyway ambery) way. The first blast is a more than vague conjuration about the compelling Montale Black Aoud's beginning (aoud, patchouli, citrus, musk, labdanum, rose, may be also saffron in common), so angular, somewhat massive/retro, medicinal, deep and spicy (even more spicy than Black Aoud and soon more aromatic and rosey). This beginning is probably less rooty (less powerful over the rooty patchouli element) but more spicy (really peppery under my nose) than the Black Aoud's introduction which is anyway really so close to this initial Gold Rose Oudh's phase. The cypress presence (combined with musk and labdanum) provides by soon a diffused mossy/boise aura around which is spicy and exotic while the note of bergamot (in its royal classic connection with patchouli) imprints a luxurious (almost vintage/decadent) vibe to olfactory fatigue. I detect by soon a really carnal and intimate deep resinous rosey vibe which is simply irresistible, mild but almost salty/organic (actually ambery/woody) at once. Probably the landmark ember presence (joined with pepper, sand and animalic notes) provides this vibrant, carnal, almost bursting effect which turns immediately this aroma out in a really erotic way. The rosey resinous bold combination keeps on to be penetrating and carnal throughout, becoming anyway gradually smoother and creamier with a final dark rose/honey/amber/sandalwood dry down simply to die for (profound, woody, intimate, daring, exotic, erotic, decadent and mystic). The amber/sandalwood accord in particular provides warmth and intimacy while the Black Aoud's dry down was more properly musky (creamy musky) and less woody/honeyed in my opinion (a tad drier). One of the best rose/aoud combo ever created in my opinion and a terrific new release to recommend around to all those wishing to appear bold and elevated. Compliments Mr. Paolo Terenzi. Unisex. Powerful longevity and really great projection over my italian skin :-).
    I have to say that the more I try this wonderful fragrance on my skin the more I crave for it. Really. Gold Rose Oudh jumped immediately on the top pics of my ouds preferences reflecting (on the olfactory path) the intellectual depth of its creator. The oudh quality is in my opinion one of the best around. Wait the dry down please, It's gorgeous, so organic, intimate and pheromonical. Great.

    06 February, 2014 (Last Edited: 12 February, 2014)

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