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Maremma (2013)
by Tiziana Terenzi


Maremma information

Year of Launch2013
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseTiziana Terenzi
PerfumerPaolo Terenzi

About Maremma

Maremma is a shared / unisex perfume by Tiziana Terenzi. The scent was launched in 2013 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Paolo Terenzi

Reviews of Maremma

Dark, linear fragrance with excellent quality of ingredients, especially for that price. Very persistent, you got a have patience with this one.

At first it seemed to me a bit more on the female side but has a certain charm that makes him acceptable to men (or just me).

Could be good alternative for someone bored with all that cherry, tobacco and honey mixes on the market.

Works best in cold, late autumn or winter days outside. Maybe an afternoon walks through the city, drinking coffee or mulled wine and eating chestnuts.

A lot of different ingredients, cocoa, amber, orris and lotus are the ones I smell the most, but many others pop up during the day.

Definitely try before buying.
17th November, 2017
Maremma is a dusky creature smeared in unguents. The main theme, which is a blend of fruity ylang, waxy orris and a dense combo of earthy patchouli and dark chocolate makes clear this is a perfume not to be worn lightly. It’s serious, heavy, one needs to be in the mood. And that mood can be best described as languid and sultry, wearing a silk turban and lolling on a chaise longue, perhaps waiting for a muscular attendant to come up and fan the humid air with a palm frond. OK, maybe that last bit is just me in tacky deep fantasy mode.
All this sounds lovely and lush, but the main problem is in how the blend comes across after a short while of wear – some have described it as ‘creamy’, I’d prefer ‘doughy’, dough that’s risen at the start and then fallen in upon itself. So: intriguing notes, interesting accords, but the feel of it falls short.
25th August, 2016
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A fruity opening with a sweet core - the latter remains its hallmark until the end. The heart notes add a woodsy impression, with a honeyed cinnamon combining with a soft, light patchouli and a fairly innocuous ambery undertone.

Closer to the end, the wood - still a nonspecific wood without and species-characteristic or enticing characteristicsis - and the amber blend in together with the core sweetness remaining until the end. Bi cnr

The sillage I get is moderate, the projection good, and I get eight hours of longevity on my skin.

The sonewhat overly cluttered pyramid is mostly valuable for entertainment purposes. The real scnet is pleasant, but neither the concept in it inception as well as in its execution reaches the ambitious goal it set out to reach initially. Overall this is decent spring creation, but the somewhat colourless notes used make this second choice only. 2.75/5
13th March, 2016
If "Tom Ford Black Orchid" had a younger sister that talks nicer to people and wears usually bright color dresses that would be this one!
The opening of this fragrance is a creamy sweet and soft chocolaty smell with noticeable amount of floral notes in the background. the floral notes are quite feminine and they do have kind of white floral feeling but not in a smooth way. it's very loud and slightly powdery!

In the mid the scent didn't change that much. I'm getting exactly the same creamy sweet dark chocolaty smell and those white floral notes plus a little bit of sandalwood in the background to just add a small woody kick to the scent. almost no changes in the base,

Even though the scent has a creamy and white, bright floral feeling the sillage and projection is enormous and it gets stronger and stronger in the mid and base! longevity is 24h at least! you can't get rid of the smell that easy!
Overall if you want a fragrance with the same vibe of "TF Black Orchid" which smells brighter and nicer but still very loud, give this one a try. also the scent is suitable for women not men! it's completely feminine to my nose. even more than "Black Orchid"
05th August, 2014
Maremma opens with a sweet, powdery accord of ylang's creaminess, white musks, the round, waxy lipstick note of orris root, a tiny and bright fruity touch, and a slight undertone of mossy-earthy notes of patchouli and cocoa beans, quite discreet and subtly silky. Not far from Parfum d'Empire's Equistrius, just less dark, less earthy/hay, and without the leather notes. A breezy and lively floral accord slowly emerges brightening and enlightening the scent, which progressively "opens" losing a bit of dense powdery dustiness, and becoming more aerial, fruity-floral, also letting a discreet, cozy base note of aromatic, resinous amber emerge with more clarity, finally disclosing a really delicate and impalpable suede note. The drydown is equally cozy, elegant and pleasant, more on the talcum side, still on the same floral-mossy-powdery global path. Not the most original around, but a well-made, enjoyable, relaxed, elegant and versatile fragrance for sure.

11th June, 2014
I enjoyed discovering this fragrance. It arouses my interest and it's unlike anything else that I have tried. I looked at the notes before I tried it and I wasn't sure that I would like it at all, but it just goes to show.......never judge a fragrance by it's cover. So to speak.

Maremma opens with a bruised fruit accord, which may actually be more to do with the flowers (ylang for example) than fruit. It doesn't smell like blackcurrant (a listed note) at all to me. It doesn't smell at all floral either. It has a bruised fruit peachy papaya type accord. I'm still not sure of the meaning of this opening accord in this fragrance. It is a very dominant accord, and clearly important. But anyway it is transformed when it is joined by soflty balsamic notes coming up from the rear. When the star of the show appears you will know all about it! A dry woody accord takes over. It is a bit like cedar but more deeply pitched, as if aged, matured. It is oak. It smells like it should, powerful, strong, stalwart. Also important to this woody accord is a dry woody Iris. This fabulous woody accord is the heart of this fragrance. On paper there is a very pronouned varnish note like mastic or shellac, and also pepper, but this is not apparent on skin, not on my skin anyway. On skin it is softer while still very suggestive of strength.

Little accords and pairings come and go. One time there was a little passing accord quite well into the development which reminded me of Habit Rouge, and another was reminiscent of Laboratorio Olfattivo Cozumel, but in the end Maremma is very much it's own creature. The heart of wood continues till it is rounded out and softened by the balsamic amber notes.

Maremma intrigues me greatly. I do love the woody heart of this fragrance, but overall it is just too complex and unfathomable for me.

It's a personal neutral for me but I strongly recommend that you try this fascinating fragrance.
19th March, 2014

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