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White Fire (2012)
by Tiziana Terenzi


White Fire information

Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseTiziana Terenzi
PerfumerPaolo Terenzi

About White Fire

White Fire is a shared / unisex perfume by Tiziana Terenzi. The scent was launched in 2012 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Paolo Terenzi

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Reviews of White Fire

Cool, aquatic, jasmine at the top combined with Nivea, as creamy and denatured as that might suggest. There’s green freshness at the start with light aquatic notes, suggestive of colognes and the projection is similarly mumblecore. Both the green and aquatic notes subside to be replaced by a rise of body lotion creaminess and clean musks which are the core of White Fire with an absolutely glassy and non-indolic jasmine. This last is so far from the real thing, it is a cryptic clue-like suggestion of jasmine rather anything close to the real thing.
Nice in a fabric softener kind of way, but not for me.
12th August, 2016
Geting plays back and forth between jasmine and the fresh, oxygenated note; however, this really does not evoke snow for me. It's more what I would call "Jasmine in a Cold, Well-Aired Room".
05th June, 2016
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United Kingdom
On my skin the ozonic-fresh opening has a herbal undertone, which makes for an interestingly refreshing mix of top notes. Then the piece de resistance in the scent makes an appearance: a nice, pleasant jasmine; not a pretty one but a heavier, woody and soapy variety that is different from many of those soft-light varieties.

The base notes, I must say, drop down in creativity considerable, with the standard troika of woodsy, ambery and musky notes is customary regularity; they are if less impressive quality and quite thin on me.

As far as longevity goes, I get soft sillage, less than impressive projection; it is close to my skin but the longevity is a very good seven hours. The bottle design is lovely.

It is always exciting to see a small, outsider niche house taking on the biochemical mass-laboratory-based profit-obsessed mega-corporations by being novel, different and exciting, but overall this creation does not hit the top mark. Very promising, though.
29th July, 2015
The opening of this fragrance is like you just spilled water on your skin! almost smells like nothing!
It's just an extremely watery and transparent floral note that if you put your arm up to your elbow into your nose, you may catch some aroma!!

The mid is exactly the same smell but now just a bit stronger with touch of sweetness in the background. that's it. the show is over.
There is a simple way that you can make this fragrance by yourself. 2-3 drops of a flower's fragrance oil in a gallon of water .... booyah, you just made a $150 fragrance!
Projection is below crap and longevity is around 2-3 hours.
12th October, 2014
Right from the opening, this is a smooth white floral with no sharp edges to be found. The initial phase has an almost minty coolness, while the heart is soft & creamy. Apparently the white floral accord here is mostly composed of jasmine, but l get a distinct impression of gardenia, & l agree with Foustie's review that mentions lily & lilac. lt reminds me most of all of VC&A's Gardenia Petale, but where that fragrance has a moist, humid feel, this one is much more dry. The projection is quite low, & it dries down to a white musk after around four hours.
The overall impression here is soft, dreamy & romantic. lt's a gorgeous gardenia fragrance, but l must admit to a smidgeon of disappointment with this one. l expected more of a "white floral bomb", (the stuff my dreams are made of) but this is rather quiet & lacking in longevity for me, & l generally prefer my white florals more dense & indolic. You could say that White Fire left me cold, but l'm giving it a positive rating because it is really a lovely scent, it just needs to pack more of a punch for me to love it.
01st August, 2014
White Fire came as a surprise to me, and what a lovely surprise it is. White Fire is not a hot fragrance, on the contrary, it is a cold one. An icy, steely, airy, fragrance. White Fire is actually a White Floral. So cool that it will make you feel that you are breathing in fragranced oxygen. Smell it on paper and it will make you feel that your nose is cold!

Take a traditional white floral, take away the density, strip away most of the indoles and anything else that you don't need or want, open it up, expose it to the air, and chill it, and what you will have left is White Fire.

White Fire opens with a lovely bergamot, then very quickly a cool green jasmine, (only a little indolic), and some dry, airy and cool synthetic woody notes already coming through. The heart is white floral. The listed notes include "Chinese Jasmine", which as far as I am aware is common star jasmine. The jasmine note in this fragrance is not heady or heavy, it is very fresh, like garden jasmine on a cool evening breeze. In fact most of the time the dominant accord in the heart of this fragrance doesn't suggest jasmine to me, it suggests lilac. Lilac with jasmine and perhaps a little orange flower and maybe even lily. All the cool aspects of these flowers. It is a lean fragrance, white, silvery, incandescent. There is a little gentle soapiness at one point, it's slight, but it's there. I like it. In time the floral heart recedes and a woody musk which retains a little of the floral notes, settles onto the skin. It's an easy drydown, the least interesting part of the fragrance to me.

A word, just in case you think that any of this suggests that this fragrance is "pretty". It's not pretty in my view. It is too cold for that. It's beautiful, and striking, not pretty.

White Fire is crisp, clear, crystalline, lean, a little magical. Suitable for both the Ice Queen and Jack Frost.
08th April, 2014

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