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Mare (2013)
by Slumberhouse


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Year of Launch2013
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerJosh Lobb

About Mare

Mare is a shared / unisex perfume by Slumberhouse. The scent was launched in 2013 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Josh Lobb

Reviews of Mare

Time Machine 19
Wear it as your house crumbles
In time-lapse beauty.
05th November, 2017
Mare is a real trip. It's definitely green, but it's a green that isn't something you would think of as a fragrance to wear on you skin by choice. However, with that said, Mare does have a strange beauty that brings a smile to my face. Mare is a foody smell, which is surprising. LaDomna said it smells like, "cucumber pickles", and I agree with her. But, not like just any pickles, no...this is not quite dill pickle, although more so than it is sweet pickle. It's almost a bread and butter pickle. LOL! Never thought I'd be talking about a fragrance quite like this one. I figured out the perfect setting to wear Mare. I put it on today and went out to work in the yard. It settled in, and fit right in with the smells of the mown grass, the garden vegetation, and the other plants in my yard. Mare is so unique that I would highly recommend finding a sample to try before investing in something bigger. I got a nice 8ml sample, and I'm glad I did. But, get a small sample to test before taking any plunge into the swamp scape that is Mare. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a "Night" Mare if you're not careful.
08th October, 2017
I'm at a loss for words to represent the feeling I get for wearing this memory. So many have already stated much better than I could how it repels and yet beckons. It is so curious in its confusion, and so unnerving in its ability to call to me.

I think about it even when wearing other scents.
20th December, 2015
Superbly shocking opening, a weird combination of antithetical elements (dry-vegetal on one side and edible-fruity-balmy-sweet on the other side) able to disorient also the "Diablo". All the notes seem to be encompassed by a really arcane and sinister atmosphere as well as some unexpected spell had in a flash projected us back in to a prehistoric greenish-watery appalling world. I detect by soon a lymphatic sticky "leaves nectar" combined with fresh (fizzy) balsamic "air of mountain", wet earth, mineral elements, "mastering" pepper, roots, minty fir resins, mold, camphor, forest musks, mushrooms and God knows which other "devilry". All the previous "subterraneous" elements appear by soon "escorted", sweeted, tamed and counteracted by floral patterns and edible (almost yummy) culinary notes like fresh watermelon, something like ripe apricot, vanilla, milk and red fruits from the forest (blackberries, raspberries, apples). The combination is of course compelling and freaky. I detect in the amalgam the spongy iris powder surrounded by leathery (suede like) and seasoned (woods-tobacco) accents. The hellish combination is at once fruity/lacteous, green-mouldy, dusty and suede veined, over all surrounded by an undeniable weirdness which talks us about left back mysterious ages and secret stocks of "brilliant" things. Franky I detect far more the omnipresent mineral (wet earth like) atmosphere and something milky (and unbelievably something vaguely plastic) than actually the ozonic feel is told somewhere about. Mare is the more daring (or better, experimental) Slumberhouse's creation on the side of Sova imo, something at same time somewhat mystic/rural but surprisingly avantgard. Test it inescapably on skin before to order such a masterpiece of natural starkness.
P.S: after a couple of hours the mouldy/greenish dustiness starts to tame down and a fresh (and smoothly fruity/lacteous) tobacco leaves/sandalwood vibe marvellously starts standing out.
12th February, 2015 (last edited: 13th February, 2015)

Mare is probably the ugly duckling of all Slumberhouses. The one fragrance that everybody dismissed at first, to then become on of the most wanted in the house's back catalog.

It's an incredibly evocative mix of dark green vegetal notes (leaning towards algae type of smells) and fruity-melony, kind of watery, elements. The pairing of these ingredients give birth to a bizarre, abyss type of scenario that's sci-fi and primitive at the same time. A place populated by weird aquatic creatures and, possibly, the kraken. There's an overall mentholated vibe going on throughout that slightly drives the fragrance towards balsamic territories while milky facets and loads of iris provide even more craziness to one of the most compelling creatures delivered by the hands of Josh Lobb.

Downline: Crazy, odd and even over the top if you want, but not as *scary* as it might sound.
09th December, 2014
Mare is the most challenging fragrance for me out of all the Slumberhouse scents I have tried thus far.

First of all, it smells completely different from a distance than it does nose to wrist. Up close, there is something vaguely rotting or even vomitous about the smell that truly repels me. But from a safe distance away, you get this beautiful waft of herbs, greenery, and a gentle fruity sweetness. It almost smells innocent, fresh.

Second, the scent is endlessly complex and shifts from one accord to another, so my nose picks up a range of different notes each time I go back for another sniff. Some of the times what I smell repulses me, some of the times, I find myself thinking, "Wow, that's so good!" The experience of wearing Mare is therefore a bit of a see-saw.

In the opening notes, for example, the first thing I smelled was melon, but when I forced my nose back to my wrist a mere few seconds later (I don't like melon, either to eat or to smell), all I was able to smell was either dill or fennel, something frond-y and green anyway. It's a very pleasant, botanical smell, not foody in any way, just natural, like swishing a frond of dill or parsley across your face. For the rest of the scent, half of the times I smelled melon (and maybe some apple too? there was a fruit note there that is considerably fresher and less "rotting garbage" than melon), and the other half I smelled greenery, herbs, some vetiver.

Mare also seemed to me to be washed down with a fresh, salty note that makes you think of the fresh air you get at the seaside, although I hasten to add, there is nothing seaside-ish about this at all. Mind you, in Montenegrin, Mare means Sea, so maybe I am just imagining this briny air note and projecting my own reading of the word "Mare" onto the scent. I never picked up on any orris root, sorry to say. Although it is possible that it is orris that is responsible for me smelling that salty, airy note.

All in all, a weird little scent that I either like a lot or cannot bear, depending on the physical distance between my nose and my skin, and where it is exactly on its little merry-go-round between melon and greenery. It smells quite wild - fruity, dark green, veering off into something rotting and wet, then reigning itself back in again to smell like a gust of salty air. I can see why people either love it or hate it. It is certainly incredibly evocative and original.
20th August, 2014

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