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Tobacco Oud (2013)
by Tom Ford


Tobacco Oud information

Year of Launch2013
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseTom Ford
PerfumerOlivier Gillotin
Creative DirectorTom Ford
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies

About Tobacco Oud

Tobacco Oud is a shared / unisex perfume by Tom Ford. The scent was launched in 2013 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Olivier Gillotin

Reviews of Tobacco Oud

Of all the TF Private Line fragrances, Tobacco Oud would be the one I would place first in terms of quality and structure of scent. It's just a really pleasant and interesting fragrance top to bottom. I might not find occasion to wear it as often as say Costa Azzurra or Italian Cypress, but TO is much more pleasing to the nose.

TO is a sweet, to very sweet tobacco that while not dominant, is clearly the main note. This is a sweet juicy tobacco leaf, well cured and touched with a slight berry or citrus. It almost has a whiskey type appeal, which is probably the Oud beginning to make it's presence. The oud is much fainter, but gives the scent that middle eastern appeal. There's a musk or incense that is faintly present at intervals in the final stage, but it's still the sweet berry tobacco mostly. It's very well done, with just below average sillage and about 4-5 hours longevity.

Quite a superb scent.
25th September, 2015
A great blend of cherry tobacco and soft oud that unfortunately does not last on my skin.

The opening is a beautiful combination of very natural pipe tobacco with cherry flavour along with some oud and a dirty/naughty kind of smell mixed with it.
I don't know what's the source of this dirty feeling (maybe musk or maybe even some leather!) but it's a very nice add to the scent!
The Oud note here is something like oud in "Oud Wood" also from the brand.
It's dark, a little tart and fruity because of cherry, a little warm and sweet, slightly woody because of soft oud and slightly dirty.
Just an amazing opening.

After just a few seconds that dirty feeling goes away and soft woody oud note disappears and only thing that remains is slightly sweet and at the same time slightly tart cherry pipe tobacco smell with hint of musk all the way through.
I believe this scent does not match with my skin chemistry because I do get a completely skin scent projection and only 2-3 hours longevity. I just wanna cry! :(
16th April, 2015
If you like the tobacco note and scents on the sweet side, you should give this a try.
On me, the tobacco leaf dominates the oud -- no mean feat. I'm not a particular fan of tobacco but I can see that this is a very fine note for its type. The oud is strictly secondary and doesn't last long. The scent is quite sweet, with the coumarin adding its usual honeyed, hay-like note. Hint of wood but nothing substantial.
Not a bad scent. If it could have been less sweet I might have even found it intriguing. And a bit more oud would have given it oomph.
A rather safe, not particularly daring rendering.
12th April, 2015
The tobacco note is not nearly as strong as I expected, but still prominent. Lots of leather, very rich like that of an old leather briefcase. Just after I applied it, I could seriously taste the slightest hint of maple syrup-like sweetness as I inhaled the lovely aroma; that sensation lasts but a moment and is TOTALLY addicting!! --I reapplied a tiny bit throughout the day just to get that sweet sensation again. After dry down, it's very interesting; I didn't notice it at first, but after a couple day's of wearing it, there is a smoky "Nag Champa" type smell to it. ..reminds me of when my wife burns incense, but it is also combined by the lingering leathery tobacco notes, but that addictive sweetness is all but gone.

Longevity for me was fairly low, even when applied lightly 2-3 times throughout a 12-hour day, whereas a friend said it lasted all day for him. Sillage was also low, noone beyond arms length could smell me, which is fine, I enjoyed it all the same. 8/10 for me.
24th March, 2015 (last edited: 28th March, 2015)
Blessed are the sleek...

-Take 100ml of Lagavulin 16 Years Old or any other single malt smoke bomb coming from Scotland.
-Add 25gr of Craven extra dark Virginia aromatic tobacco.
-Hide it inside an Eastern Orthodox church's pulpit for two months.
-Be careful to choose one with a wooden pulpit.
-Shake it vigorously every Sunday morning after the mass.
-In the meanwhile grow a beard.
-Wear it and try to trick the local laity into believing that you're the newly appointed priest of their parish. If they start kissing your divinely smelling hand, then you've done it right.
-Now, enjoy the 200+ bucks you've saved, by buying 4-5 topnotch fragrances that do not reek with "holier-than-thou" pricing.
-Repeat periodically.
27th February, 2015
Tobacco Oud by Tom Ford opens with a smoky, warm and sophisticated woody-tobacco blend, bearing a nice and quite simple juxtaposition between a (so-called) oud note – quite unsubstantial as basically any of these Western ouds, but pleasant enough, and pleasantly “shady” – and a really compelling and good tobacco note: rich, slightly humid, sweet and aromatic, with floral nuances and a sticky, dark boozy heart. Initially Tobacco Oud is discreetly mellow and sweet, then as times passes is progressively becomes darker, denser, unleashing the main tobacco accord which brings Tobacco Oud closer and closer (as weird as it may sound) to some indie niche tobacco scents like Jeke by Slumberhouse and above all, Tabac Aurea by Sonoma Scent Studio – with just a hint of Donna Karan’s Black Cashmere (because of some spices, perhaps). The oud note lasts for really short, leaving only a sort of pale, smoky-rubbery nuance beneath the rest. The central phases of Tobacco Oud are quite mostly centered on tobacco, which as I said is really good and vibrant, and remarkably similar to the names I mentioned – which to some extent, is good in my opinion, as it shows a fresher “indie” side of Tom Ford; but on the other side, well, it’s hard not to think of a bit of a ripoff... anyway, although too expensive and a bit derivative, Tobacco Oud smells undoubtedly good, solid and refined. Great persistence.

18th December, 2014 (last edited: 25th December, 2014)

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