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Black No. 1 / Blackbird (2012)
by House of Matriarch


Black No. 1 / Blackbird information

Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseHouse of Matriarch
PerfumerChristi Meshell

About Black No. 1 / Blackbird

Black No. 1 is a shared perfume by House of Matriarch. The scent was launched in 2012 (under the previous name Blackbird) and the fragrance was created by perfumer Christi Meshell

Black No. 1 / Blackbird fragrance notes

Reviews of Black No. 1 / Blackbird


Take some Black Afgano, Puredistance M, Bulgari Black, Interlude, and L'air d'Marocain. Mix together and give a good shake. Would it approximate the smell of Blackbird? Dunno, but I've thought about it.

Blackbird has its ashy, amber, and oily aspects (e.g. think small machine lubricant... hair clippers, sewing machine, dremel tool, etc.) all coming together to form a long lasting, simple, linear leather that is downright appealing. Slumberhouse-esque, I think.
21st March, 2018
Green, dirty and earthy. There's nothing sweet, fresh or mass-appealing about this. Hung around for about 5-6 hours and did not project much during that time.
27th February, 2017
I really, really like this one – for a manly fragrance, this is one I could easily wear again and again. The most prominent thing in this on me is the agarwood – a big fragrant blast, touched with leather, quickly followed by the pine and a sharp green note, which is probably the cannabis (it’s been many moons since I’ve smelled a green, unburnt leaf ;)). It’s fresh and spicy, but not too spicy. Maybe it’s the agarwood, but after a couple of hours wear, I get an almost spiced caramel smell that is quite lovely and quite addictive. I can’t help thinking of a log cabin, in the middle of a pine forest, with a nice, warm fire burning in a big old stone fireplace with all of the smells you might expect after you’d spent the day exploring the forest: wood smoke from the fire, crushed pine needles, warm leather, with a touch of sweetness and something cool thrown in. Six notes, beautifully blended in just the right amounts. Thanks to purecaramel for the sample – it’s lovely!
21st September, 2016
This elegant, beautifully constructed fragrance is often compared to Anubis by Papillon (with Blackbird - now renamed Black No. 1 - coming out on top); I agree, they smell quite similar, especially in Anubis' dry-down. Black No. 1 also resembles Avignon (by Comme des Garcons), with its wonderful cedar smokiness.

Black No. 1 was created to celebrate the pine forests of the northwest coast of the US, and to that end it is a masterfully blended symphony of notes including conifer, seaweed, cannabis resin and many others. Its smoke wafts a glorious seaside accord, simultaneously unfurling a sweetness that is neither honeyed nor gourmand. Black No. 1 is simply stunning, and it has enormous longevity and depth.
09th April, 2016
My understanding is that this has been renamed Black No.1.
That is what I am tasting.
This has a Conifer accord reminiscent of Olympic Orchids "Woodcut". I am not able to pickup the Seaweed or Cannibis note, however the Leather note is dry in flavour, dark black in colour and linear in delivery. Any Oud is in the background and used with whisper to provide a little lift from the linearity.
None of the florals of CDR or Knize.
This is an outstanding Masculine, Straight up Rugged Leather Delight.
No "Lonestar" spooky
here though. This is closer to buffed Cordovans.
I have, from a trusted nose, that this is closely related to the original Blackbird and is a little different architectural.
If it differs, it still remains a worthy buy.
Prepare to bruise your Credit rating though.

Nice colouring, design bottlewise except the Caps are faulty. Has me pause on making a larger purchase as the HOM accountant tries to reach into my pocket.
05th March, 2016 (last edited: 08th January, 2017)
I was disappointed by this one. The listed notes sounded very interesting and everyone seems to love it. To me it smells like incense. That's all. I get no seaweed, I get no regular weed, I just get churchy incense. It's fine but it is nothing special to me.
04th March, 2016

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