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PerfumerDelphine Thierry

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Montecristo is a shared / unisex perfume by Masque. The fragrance was created by perfumer Delphine Thierry

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Stardate 20171109:

Dirty Cuminy leather balanced very well with amber.
It is animalic (not the ass kind, more of the BO kind).
I prefer the ass and so probably can't pull this off. But this is a good composition.
People who like vintage Eau d'Hermes should try this one.

09th November, 2017
Dirty old leather paired with zingy aromatic herbals, Montecristo is a butch little number that is firmly in the territory of some of the more square-jawed mainstream ‘masculines’ but with the more extreme elements cranked up a little to establish niche credentials. The backing is firmly trad for this kind of perfume – a woody, ambery, spicy richness familiar to the more hirsute Orientals. The throw is much fresher, quite green and herbal – which is only part of what the wearer themselves will perceive. A fine, well-balanced example of its kind, but I’m not terribly interested in what it has to say.
10th April, 2017
Now we're talking! Right up top, a leather that's both smooth and rough at the same time -- how is that possible? Smokey and mossy... is there such a thing as burning moss? Booze, tobacco, and a bit of the delicious scent of very old paper -- vanillic lignin? About an hour in, the leather morphs into mostly smoke. And then, right where you want it, a blanket of spice and cedar that feels like I'm lying on a pile of wood chips underneath a deliciously sweaty man. (Like teardrop, I too detect cumin here even though it's not listed as an ingredient; possibly a combined effect from ambrette seed and the fossilized rodent poop.) Deadidol's review gives a very thorough dissection of all the elements and effects at work here.

May all the gods rain blessings on the lovely DuNezDeBuzier for introducing me to this delight.

Sillage: Moderate but definitely noticeable
Longevity: 10-12 hours

Note: Several blogs and BN reviews mention that, although not listed in the pyramid here, Montecristo contains hyraceum. This is, as far as I know, my first experience of that material. For any other newcomers to it, here's the rundown:
Hyraceum is the petrified and rock-like excrement composed of both urine and feces excreted by the Cape Hyrax/Rock Hyrax, (Procavia capensis), commonly referred to as the Dassie. After aging and petrifying over hundreds if not thousands of years, it is a sought-after material that has been used in both traditional South African medicine and perfumery....(also referred to as "Africa Stone") that contains compounds giving it an animal, deeply complex fermented scent that combines the elements of musk, castoreum, civet, tobacco and agarwood. The material is harvested without disturbing the animals by digging strata of the brittle, resinous, irregular, blackish-brown stone; because animals are not harmed in its harvesting, it is often an ethical substitute for deer musk and civet, which require killing or inflicting pain on the animal. [Wikipedia]
04th November, 2016
I have tried various 'animalic' fragrances, and found this to be the best. Peau de Bete is a bit 'plastic' like and synthetic, and Salome appears too powdery for me. Montecristo though has none of these annoying other notes that may draw the attention away from the core, an animalic scent presented in a sophisticated manner.

It has spicy notes and musky notes that feel real and not like white clean musk. On my skin the fragrance is not too challenging, but just right. The projection is quite good and so is its longetivity.
10th September, 2016 (last edited: 11th September, 2016)
This is a challenging fragrance for me to wear. On paper, it’s pyramid looks to be a home run for me, but on my skin. it is overshadowed by a B.O. stink. I like a fragrance that dares to be dirty, but this is a persistent note that to me that is hard to overlook, which isn’t cool because I can tell there’s wonderful work underneath.
28th November, 2015
Various artists may create or develop specific parts of a work of art, but it is the charge of a sole art director to supervise and unify the vision. Many craftsmen can work in an art project well defined, but without being an artist. The artist will only drive them knowing exactly the whole project and knowing its implementation. In the case of Masque I still have to figure out who plays the role of the artist! Because the mood of their perfume is often a bit 'pimp and little artistic, while fragrances seem all lead to a different Nose, with different signature. In this perfume I can find a lot of aspect very similar to Tendre est la Nuit (2013) by Majda Bekkali, and both perfumes are relate to the same creator, who is playing her own style rather than the artistic direction of some aliens! So I want to talk about this perfumer, who in my opinion has great visions of perfumery. A little 'unoriginal, but certainly in these olfactory colors the Nose has found her way. Too bad that the name of this fragrance shift people's attention more on the preciousness of Havana cigars (and a silly olfactory relationship) rather than on the novel of Alexandre Dumas. But probably this perfume tells smells of homonymous island of Montecristo. We do not know, do the two art directors know? I propose another name for this fragrance: “Peter Pan is now a man.”
Bel lavoro Delphine!

This reviewer may have conflicts of interest

17th May, 2015

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