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Gold Leather (2013)
by Atelier Cologne


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Year of Launch2013
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseAtelier Cologne

About Gold Leather

Gold Leather is a shared / unisex perfume by Atelier Cologne. The scent was launched in 2013

Gold Leather fragrance notes

Reviews of Gold Leather

I also get the fermented fruit, rum and leather in the opening and it's all very loud. It's more of the same in the drydown but you do get some nice woody smells mixed in.

I get big projection with Gold Leather.
15th January, 2018
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
I do not know why a fruit note is so often paired with leather--it seems an odd combination to me. That said, when it is done well--as it is here--it can result in a dynamic scent. Gold Leather opens with fruit and booze with the base of woods and leather not too far behind. The fruit here is an initial orange note that smells to me like chocolate Jaffa Cakes, giving way to an almost fermented plum note. A eucalyptus note keeps the fruit dry and pairs well with the boozy rum. While this is definitely a leather scent, there are lots of woods in the base, with the Gaiac, Cedar and Oud. Gold Leather has all of the quality that Atelier Cologne scents are known for and smells very rich and natural. While I like my leather a little less fruity, this is a great example of the genre, well done and very nice.
07th November, 2017 (last edited: 08th November, 2017)
Was not a fan of GL. Started out with a fermented fruit smell mixed with a boozy accord. These notes seem to overthrow the expected leather note that never showed up to work.
27th September, 2017
What a nice scent!
A smooth fresh, fruity scent from the Bitter Orange, Jamaican rum, Plum, Cedarwood, and Leather wonderfully submerged together. There are more notes to be discovered, however, these are the ones that stand out. The Plum and Cedarwood and Leather are the dominant players, together giving off that fruity boozy fragrant. The Plum note stays around for the duration of the dry down, however the leather sits underneath to give balance so as to not cross over into feminine territory. That does not suggest this is not for a female, just expressing that this fragrance stays in the middle.

If you have ever smelled Mure et Musc by L'artisan this is very similar. Very different than Santal Carmin;

The array of notes blended together gives off this sweet berry/musk aroma that's quite captivating. Stays in the middle as for gender, unisex.
27th February, 2017
Atelier Cologne Gold Leather is the first somewhat animalistic fragrance by the house that I've tried, and it does not disappoint in uniqueness or creativity. Certainly a leather-intensive fragrance, it nonetheless has a variety of influences. It's fruity and boozy due to the plum note (which factors in so prominently in my boozy enjoyment of By Kilian Single Malt, for one), woody and dark due to the oud and some other wood notes, and there are some green notes.

True leather fans (which I can't claim to be) might not like it because, while the leather is omnipresent in the fragrance, it doesn't dominate the experience of it. The opening is very citrus-dominant, and the dry down is much sweeter and woodier. It's unisex to me--not strikingly masculine or feminine, and probably is better for cold weather than warm weather, but like Vanille Insensee and Rose Anonyme, the cologne backing of it does seem to make it friendly enough for summer.

Still, bolder performer than most of the line, Gold Leather projects pretty well for a couple of hours before settling down but the longevity is solid, as it remains

Its pricing is higher than the Atelier norm: $215 for 100ml retail, but discounted at FragranceX to $140. It's a "like" not a "love" for me, as I'm pretty picky with leathers, though there's certainly a lot more going on here.

7 out of 10
08th June, 2016
Gold Leather has a crude and loud opening of fruit and leather. The fruitiness subsides a bit as a subtle rum note becomes discernible. There is a slight relief along with a hint of greenness. The subsequent dry down is mostly a woody leather accord.

Gold Leather comes across as chintzy, derivative and even hideous and vulgar. It's hard to imagine it being an Atelier Cologne creation. While I'm not generally a fan of this style of leathers, Paco Rabanne's $1 Million and Tuscan Leather are superior alternatives for being more well defined and/or distinctive.

Good sillage and longevity on skin.

17th April, 2016

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