Black (2013)
    by Puredistance

    • Launched: 2013
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Antoine Lie
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

    Average Rating: 4

    Based on 17 ratings
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    Black information

    Black is a unisex fragrance by Puredistance. The scent was launched in 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    disappointing in sillage.. saffron pepper incense opening and woody drydown, an extremely expensive skin scent!

    02nd December, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    The opening of Black throws you into a luxurious velvety pouch quilted in high quality suede leather. The notes are basically suede, patchouli, aldehydes, the cozy smell of a mint new sports car, pretty much a sort of Tuscan Leather just more refined and with a deeper concentration – so that it smells just more "stereo", sharper and crisper. A boozy feel and a salty note which emerges better as minutes pass, that introduces a "human" part in the scent, as it's not an ozonic/iodine note but rather the saltiness of a drop of sweat on a lady's peach-velvety skin. A subtle fruity/floral breeze, more in the sillage than actually on skin. Pretty much it: perfect, sharp, contemporary, super clean, aerial, glossy and sophisticated as the cover of a men's fashion/luxury magazine... therefore frankly a bit plain and boring, exuding more luxury and trendiness than elegance, and I am a fan of the latter more. The leather note is perfectly executed, crisp and soft like a freshly-quilted seat in an airport vip lounge. The salty note adds a touch of "spa" and thermal feel, so the realm is definitely that - in the '90s, all WASPs and yuppies would have gone mad for this one. Linear and persistent. A really good scent, crisp and versatile, a bit similar to M, slightly pretentious and insanely overpriced.


    28th May, 2014

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    Spain Spain

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    you can clearly note Antoine Lie's hand in this work. Black keeps the style of his others hits:Tom of Finland and Rien and that game of contrasts between dark and bright, between the tarry leather and the metallic floral so typical of their Eldos´ works. Very good but in the same vein as several of his works ..

    20th February, 2014

    sjg3839's avatar

    United States United States

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    Great fragrance. Sampled at MINNY a few days ago. Light Oud and incense make this one I could see myself wearing often. Slightly sweet with a touch of rose and a few spices make this a pleasure to sample. 8/10

    24th January, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    I'm a big fan of both Antoine Lie and Puredistance but this time, I can't say I'm impressed. Lie is responsible of some of my favorite *contemporary* fragrances. His work for brands such as Comme Des Garcons, Etat Libre D'Orange and, lately, Nu_Be is the most blatant example of his talent and his ability to create subtly twisted fragrances that are wearable and at the same time anything but dull. On the other hand, Puredistance is pretty popular for targeting the upscale audience with their luxurious / plush deliveries. The pairing of these two polar opposites, sounded extremely interesting on paper but, as a matter of fact, Black doesn't convince me one bit.

    The fragrance opens with a citrusy-peppery-saffrony accord that is definitely well executed and promising. There's a dusty, sort of sharpish vibe that brings to mind of modern masculine fragrances while speaking at the same time of quality and artistry. Unfortunately things fall apart right away with the composition taking a sweetish, red fruity, trajectory during the middle phase. This part is completely boring and, if you want, *cheap* smelling. Overly safe and somewhat generic, even a tad *sporty*. Things get a little better during the drydown when a sweetish oudy-incense base takes over but it's still not enough to save the whole fragrance from precipice. The deja-vu vibe is so strong to drive me mad. It goes from Clive Christian V to something more generically Amouageish (thinking about Epic Man but also Interlude Man and more in general their latest masculines) via Monegal's Agar Musk, Piguet's Casbah and the plethora of other oudy-peppery fragrances released in the past 5 years or so.

    I think they tried to target the more mainstreamish upmarket crowd here but, as a matter of fact, while not being completely bad, Black is far from justifying the hefty price-tag. For those who care, the fragrance is pretty restrained but with an exceptional longevity.

    16th January, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    Puredistance Black is a luxurious and velvety obscure potion perfectly encompassing the wearer when he roams at night for the down town venues darkly clothed (better if by a black leather trench coat despite this fragrance is not properly a straight forward leathery one). The perfume conjures me by soon a bunch of diverse aromas so familiar and lingering day by day around my life of perfumes hunter. The spicy aroma evolves along the trip towards something finally smooth, soft (un-dense) and classy, so urban/chic and western despite the natural oriental/exotic agarwood's temperament. Well, actually some spicy/woody fragrances in particular jump in a while on mind since i detect facets of Epic Man (because of the high quality combination of resins, spices, aoud and incense), Dior Leather Oud (with a far less developed leather feel in P. Black), partially Pure Oud (with its resins and boots polish patterns), than barely Piguet Casbah (in its incensey spiciness plus hints of tobacco) Nasomatto Pardon ( floral notes, spicy aoud), Clive Christian C For Men ( spicy tea, red fruits, leather and resins) and Acqua di Parma Colonia Intensa Oud Concentree (leather, hesperides, oud, musk). Is like this fragrance performs a perfect soft synthesis of the best the aforementioned scents can offer. Black is a spicy dark incense/oud aroma with suede nuances that evolves and re-interprets some Puredistance's M suede types of olfactory prerogatives in a smokier, balmier and darker way. Black opens with hints of floral notes (rose/jasmine i suppose), hesperides (a touch of bergamot oil for instance i suppose), with probably a spicy dark tea subtle note, a touch of lingering smoky incense plus a tobacco whiff, a notable hint of saffron (probably combined with cinnamon, cardamom, may be nutmeg) and with a spark of subtle suede (yet rising from the back). Is there a touch of rhum included in the secret recipe? There is by soon (ten minutes over the first spray) as "minimally prepared" a drop of boot polish (or probably the effect is just provided by woodsy resins plus suede) laced with agarwood resin as part of the velvety evolution embracing all the elements in a few time. The spices are softly aromatic and never pungent, just oriented to flavour the balsams and the soft resins while some arcane red fruits joined with dark patchouli, smooth leather, probably tolu balsam and moss enhance the general velvet noir aura. The final olfactory performance is so balanced and delicate, almost close to skin, this feel may be provided by the high quality aoud and may be labelled as a positive effect despite I perfectly agree who with underlines the Black's disappointing projection. I find Black a great take on oud/spices/resins with a solid level of silkiness and refinement that frankly few ouds around finally reach (despite the idea behind it is not utterly original in my opinion). The sweetness is absolutely well calibrated (with a final burnt sugar minimal effect) while the general "fluidity" is superb. Nothing to add about the "huge" price confinating the perfume at the boundaries of the common affordability.
    P.S: the dry down, after 5-6 hours loses its silky suede fluidy effect (I mean its defined, airy, almost dry feel) becoming warmer and unfortunately with a plain powdery (almost talky) substance.

    25th December, 2013 (Last Edited: 17th August, 2014)

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