Dior Homme Cologne (2013) (2013)
    by Christian Dior

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    Dior Homme Cologne (2013) Fragrance Notes

    Dior Homme Cologne (2013) information

    Dior Homme Cologne (2013) is a men's fragrance by Christian Dior. The scent was launched in 2013

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    Ultra clean fragrance. Adama hit the nail right on the head with the portrait of the clean kitchen he painted. When I got this and first sprayed it, it induced an immediate flashback of being a child sipping 7-up in the cleanliness of the family room. This was a blind buy, I orginally intended to buy the original Homme with cacao, but recieved this one instead and could not be happier with it. Should be a great summertime scent. Wonderful longevity. Nothing super intricate in it, but it has sophistication in its simplicity and elegance in its straightforward nature. Good thing I got the 4.2oz because I feel like one could breeze thru this cologne in a hurry. Overall a great, sharp, crisp scent, One of the finest citrus ones available imo. Give it a try, I'm glad I did. Safe smelling everyone.

    02nd March, 2014

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    Croatia Croatia

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    A lighter version of Dior Homme Sport. Not bad, but, I mean really? A lighter, more airy flanker? This is just marketing and for the masses. Btw. Chanel already did it with their sport version and I don't mean the Allure Homme Sport Extreme, but the cologne version of the original Allure Homme Sport. This is nothing but a trend.

    (tried 15.03.2013.)

    23rd February, 2014

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    Canada Canada

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    Dior Homme Cologne is a fantastic, well crafted scent.

    Despite it's simplicity, Cologne is able to pay homage to it's lineage while distinguishing itself from the previous Dior offerings, providing a light, fresh alternative to Dior's other fragrances.

    Imagine a spotless, bright kitchen of mainly stainless steel. On the counter is a white cutting board, a sharp knife, and a lemon. Cut the lemon, immediately hold it to your nose. You get the scent of the juice, the rind, and the skin all at once.

    This opening is reminiscent of Dior Homme Sport '08, which I felt had a fair opening of lemon that was squandered with the addition of overly sweet ginger. Cologne removes the ginger, leaving the pleasant lemon.

    After that, Cologne progresses into a very clean laundry scent- I assume the grapefruit blossom interacting with the white musk. It evokes in me the image of leaving that bright kitchen, lemon juice still on hands, and going outside to the yard where sheets are hanging on the line, grabbing hold of one, and taking a deep whiff of it.

    It's a very well done, clean smell.

    After that, Cologne becomes a weak white musk, without any lemon present. Still a very nice dry down.

    I should note that when I first worse this my girlfriend, without any prompting on my part, asked me if I was wearing "the stuff she likes", aka... Mugler Cologne.

    Though I don't get too much of a comparison myself, I thought it worth noting, especially given that a lot of people online seem to draw the comparison.

    To summarize, Cologne is a great scent that should be more popular around here than it seems to be. I'm looking forward to wearing this in the summer, and suspect that my 2.5oz bottle won't last nearly as long as others in my collection!


    Having spent some time with DHC'13, I've grown to enjoy it more and more. I find that there is a metallic background to it that I hadn't detected before despite it seeming so obvious now. Ive modified my imagery to reflect as such.

    I've also made DHC'13 my signature scent, enjoying it immensely this summer, and I'm picking up extra bottles whenever they pop up for a reasonable price on eBay. I understand that this is a hard fragrance to market to Dior fans, since it's a very light and cheerful addition rather than the dark, heavier offerings that make up most of their male line up, and it's a shame it doesn't receive more recognition.

    Thumbs Up, highly recommended.

    09th February, 2014 (Last Edited: 08th August, 2014)

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