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Year of Launch2013
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseGiorgio Armani
PerfumerChristine Nagel
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > Prestige & Collections

About Sì

Sì is a feminine perfume by Giorgio Armani. The scent was launched in 2013 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Christine Nagel

Reviews of Sì

Sì (2013) is a fruity floriental/chypre hybrid that had me tossing and turning at first sniff. I wanted to give it a negative review, then I wanted to give it a neutral, then a positive, then a neutral again, then finally settled on a positive which is where it stayed. Never has a perfume from any gender marketing point done this to me, but here we have it. On paper, Christine Nagel's work here feels like a lot of creative improvisation over a phone-in base. The synthetic ambergris component here isn't the usual ambroxan or ambrox super that is dumped into most fruity marine ginger ambroxobombs served up on the male side of most designer offerings, but a cut above called orcanox, which is used for a more-accurate imitation of ambergris where called for usually in "prestige" or entry-level niche offerings. The rest of Sì reads like a greatest hits of the last century in women's perfume style: rounded pillowy aldehydes, milky ketone-style musks (which are likely not musk ketone in the 21st century), rose/jasmine tandems for that "liberated women" indolic feeling, and chypre-like bergamot with sharp woods that give the best made-for-television impression of a chypre possible without the bite of real oakmoss. Sì is just freaking exhausting on the nose for this reason, but once you see it through, you might find it worth the wild ride through Wonka's factory to reach that lovely creamy skin scent which is what ultimately won me over after it was all over.

The opening of Sì is very much fruity floral with chypre leanings, and I get the feeling Christine Nagel was dreaming about Guerlain Mitsouko (1919) and Chanel No. 5 (1921) the night before she finalized her idea, as a peach-like note similar to the Guerlain is mimicked with blackcurrant, orange and bergamot over the puffy cloud of Chanel-like aldehydes in the beginning. From this introduction comes the rich indolic floral center of powdery centrefolia rose/rose de mai (dutch hybrid rose), heavy jasmine, orange blossom, and freesia. The usual soapiness of the orange blossom is the only thing keeping the heart from really being all that dirty from the indole, but the fruit blends with it obnoxiously at first, creating the "body wash smell" which is where my initial negative reaction came from, leaning more torwards neutral than positive once it subsided and the flowers could do more of the talking. Once the base arrives, patchouli and the creamy musk show up, offset by some captive synthetic woods accord that substitutes for anything more natural and diffuse like cedar, sandalwood, or pine, since the idea here isn't to be too aromatic. The orcanox comes in at the end, teamed up with good old-fashioned compound amber and vanilla to give a link to the mid 20th century florientals of this type, but kept cleaner and smoother thanks to all the modern science here. Eau de parfum strength means hours of longevity and a nice skin glow, so performance isn't an issue. Sì is an extremely romantic fragrance, which is unsurprising given the listed notes and development of the scent itself. I'd enjoy smelling this on my dating partner for sure, so if that's a selling point for you, there you have it, just don't try this in summer or at work, as you might accidentally choke someone.

CIS guys of any orientation will likely not enjoy this on themselves unless they fancy fruity florientals (and few do outside drag queens) or are just so unbiased and egalitarian with their tastes that they would wear virtually anything. Folks transitioning genders might also see this as too feminine unless they're headed that way, so unisex crossover potential here is extremely low. I wouldn't wear this for myself, not just because the fruit is just a bit too much for me, but because the richness of the musks and patchouli near the base gives me a bit of a breathing spell, although I do adore the skin finish of this scent to pieces. However, the harrowing journey through the halls of perfume history thrashing and screaming along the way is just a bit too much for me to endure in order to reach that pay off at the end, but I'm sure the ladies out there who love their perfume indulgent and multifaceted will get a kick out of the wild ride this presents. There's just so much going on with Sì that it appears deceptively simple and linear on the surface, so this is another test-on-skin fragrance since paper or sniffing the nozzle will do no justice. Applause to Giorgio Armani for managing such a monolithic feminine with modern maligned synthetics, and I dare go so far as to say this might be the Dior Poison (1985) of its era, or at least as close as modern designers can get on the ingredient availability and budgets they have in the 2010's. Thumbs way up! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to step outside and catch my breath...
24th December, 2018
I love the huille. It is a bit deeper and really extends the life. Not as much powder. Very inexpensive on EBay and a solid uplifting daytime fragrance.
27th February, 2018
Of course it’s very similarly to other fragrance. But it’s also gorgeous per se. I love the freshness of the citrus mixed with the sweetness of everything else. Feminine. Soft and powerful.
22nd December, 2017
Very warm, sweet, powdery floral. Very popular oriental floral that you definitely smelled somewhere before. Floral but No fresh floral Detected. Can relate to many Armani fragrance because many are light citrus opening followed by light floral mixed with powdery and vanilla. when top notes fades in few minutes I can smell similarities of M by Mariah Carey and many commonality in other fragrances.

Conclusion: nice soft oriental floral yet very generic.

When I smell this fragrance...
Color I think of: caramel
Words I think of: casual, subtle, warm, sweet-powder-floral-mix.
Age that I think suits: 20-35
I find it similar in: M by Mariah Carey
Will buy it? No

fragrance house I like (if helps to know my above review):
YSL (spring fragrance, cinema) Chloe (I have all) Tom ford (rose cafe, jasmin) Keiko mecheri (jasmin), jo Malone (peony&leather, nectarine), Le Labo (vanilla), annick goutal (vanilla absolute, jasmin tea), Kai, Chanel (chance, coco, coco mademoiselle, allure, allure sensual, #5, #19), Jill Stuart (almost all), Loccitane (bergamot&chasm in), Michael kors (island).

14th December, 2016
Soft, sweet, fruity-floral, that is more floral than fruity (hints in the opening). The freesia creates an almost "aquatic" effect and rose gives a powdery impression. Reminds me of the smell of fresh cut roses that are slightly wet and kept in the fridge at specialty florist shops, but without the cold aspect. The sweetness is soft, just like the entire composition of this perfume, and of a vanilla and amber quality with a hint of earthiness (patchouli) that keeps it from being too cloying.

Sillage is soft to moderate at about 3-4 feet for several hours.
Lasting power is fairly decent at about 7+ hours, soft but still present.

I enjoy this perfume, it's nice. It's well dressed and has good manners. It doesn't make bold statements or challenges, but enjoys it's life of understated grace. It's not boring - just likes the peaceful life.
05th December, 2016
Warm, comforting, sweet and sadly very generic. Really not what I was expecting from this at all. For some reason (marketing I guess), I assumed this would be a grown up, womanly, classy fragrance. Instead it is something that is so easily lost in the crowd. Inoffensive and good for the office perhaps. Lasts maybe 4 hours on my skin and sits close to the skin for much of that. Ideal for autumn/winter.
29th September, 2016

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