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Allegradonna (2012)
by O'Drił


Allegradonna information

Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerAngelo Orazio Pregoni

About Allegradonna

Allegradonna is a shared / unisex perfume by O'Drił. The scent was launched in 2012 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Angelo Orazio Pregoni

Allegradonna fragrance notes

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Reviews of Allegradonna

Allegradonna opens with a balsamic-menthol note, green and spicy, with cloves and edible herbs (perhaps even sage or bay leaf). The structure is recognizable as for other O'Drił's, with quite a number of signature notes – notably the herbs and the medicinal spices. The nostalgic, "auntie' drugs & medicine closet" of Pregoni is here again. The "plus" here is a beautiful dusty base comprising perhaps tobacco and cocoa beans, patchouli, a powdery accord, and a green-woody note which may be bamboo or vetiver or however some slightly humid and green wood note. The texture is really compact and tight, elusive and alchemical, you have basically this thick "smell" which smells like nothing else – or at least, outside Pregoni's world. As minutes pass it gets drier and harsher focusing on a medicinal pungent accord of cloves and hard woods, getting more gloomy and severe, the transition is peculiar because it looks "inverted" – meaning that usually fragrances tend to evolve becoming softer/sweeter, or drier but lighter. Here instead it goes darker and gloomier, but also even more bold and clear, like a shadow "growing" behind your back, like in a German Expressionist movie manifesto. After some two/three hours, another surprise twist, like a dead hand shaking for the last time due to some nerves contractions: the scent turns into a black, ash-y, campfire super dark woody accord, with cloves still but darker and harsher, almost sulphurish, like a quick and unpredictable descent to hell. Evolving then on a velvety drydown, like if that was just a quick nightmare, and you turn your head on the other side of the pillow. The evolution is just breathtaking, halfway a ritual and a gloomy fairytale. Nothing more to add, just a great (and versatile, don't think this is "challenging") scent again, worth at least a try as almost any other O'Drił scents, one of the very few, real, honest, talented, intelligent and genuinely, positively provocative innovators in nowadays' perfumery.

29th May, 2014
Finally an O'Driu fragrance that most people can wear because smell very pleasant and it's kind of sexy!
At the opening I can smell a bitter herbal scent with semi sweet ice cream like vanilla and some cinnamon and black pepper.
I can smell a little jasmine too but it's very soft.
I can feel that exotic herbal note in the background but the main herbal note is basil which give the scent a bitter and herbal aroma but in a very good way.
While I was testing it, without take a look at the notes I've thought it's tarragon because the scent was very familiar to my nose, but after seeing the note breakdown I saw that's basil. they do have almost the same feeling though.
In the mid that bitter herbal basil note goes to the background and cinnamon become stronger.
The cinnamon note smell very intense and dry and while it has a bitter feeling, give the scent a beautiful sexy smell too.
There is a little black pepper here too that give the scent more spicy edge and now mix these with soft floral notes and semi sweet ice cream vanilla, you have the mid and base of this fragrance.
It's definitely unisex and both gender can enjoy this quality and beautiful fragrance.
Projection is above average and longevity is around 5-6 hours on my skin.
05th April, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The top notes of jasmine is soon joined by a touch of basil, but in the drydown it is cinnamon with black tea and galbanum that take over soon. The overall result, especially with wormwood joining in later, is that of a beautifully balanced incense note, and incense that has a touch of lightness. Is is never very dark, heavy or cloying.  Decent silage and projection with a good longevity of seven hours, the last three close to my skin.  For those who want to try a cinnamon-based incense but dislike heavy and cloying scents, this might be worth a try as an autumn fragrance.  Incense without heaviness.
28th January, 2014
Allegradonna unveils by soon for us its main theme, namely an heady absinthe/cinnamon combo (by soon orangy, peppery, barely herbal and almost gasseous) which emerges in a couple of minutes from the chaos of a traditional spicy/herbal O'Driu's beginning. I neither "see" the jasmine around in this phase nor "unfortunately" later, neither the jasmine nor effectively the mimosa tea. The main vibe is basically boozy/orangy and somewhat anisic. This spicy/herbal aromatic cinnamon seems to last longly and to retain along the time its almost one-dimensional pungent intensity. The first (probably unique) change i detect half an hour later the first dab is a spicy prickliness faint subsidence and a progressive boise silkier (almost balmy) fluidy advancement. This fluid is effectively slightly resinous and barely balmy. The mossy/herbal wormwood centered spiciness is anyway at all mastering, it projects a sort of pungent, really intense and penetrating vibe till the final expiration and i suppose some hints of cumin enjance the feel. The powerful spicy cinnamon subsides any further element (floral in primis) and the aroma keeps on to be an orangy/anisic linear and simplistic cinnamon till the final breath. Frankly a pleasant but un-sophisticated and un-classy juice which anyway discloses a certain dose of temperamental optimism and dynamism around. Tasty and lingering, could it be enough? Not for sure in my opinion since is like the top does not evolve towards something less boisterous but more subtle and articulated, is like the aroma remains incomplete and almost crude (I would say...wild). Great longevity and more than decent projection.
17th January, 2014

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