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Patou Pour Homme (new) (2013)
by Jean Patou


Patou Pour Homme (new) information

Year of Launch2013
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
Not enough ratings.

People and companies

HouseJean Patou
PerfumerThomas Fontaine
Parent CompanyShaneel Enterprises Ltd > Designer Parfums

About Patou Pour Homme (new)

Part of the Collection Héritage

Patou Pour Homme (new) fragrance notes

Reviews of Patou Pour Homme (new)

The main problem with this EDT is what they called it. If it was named "Jean Patou Et Maintenant, Quelque Chose de Different," everything would have been OK. It is actually a very nice patchouli-Vetiver-pepper, with a bit of some spicier wood.

I don't smell any sandalwood. I'd say that the Mysore-oak moss creamy earthiness emphasized in that other (dramatically different) JP release, has been (necessarily!) forsaken in favor of emphasis on the raspy-pencil-ly accord in the old, given some oomph with something rubbery-ozone-IsoE(?) I get a little fruit which I think of as calone-fruit rather than indole-fruit. The result is a thinner, much more modern feel, pleasant and interesting but not lush like that other stuff.

Definitely a thumbs-up on its own merits. Less harsh, more mature and more well-dressed than many modern masculines. Easily wearable. Similar to the old stuff in certain ways, but imagine Mila Kunis with an ordinarily pretty face instead of her own gorgeous one: you'd be happy to date her, but you'd be disappointed if you were expecting Mila Kunis.
09th January, 2015
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United States
A perfect example of reformulation gone dreadful. The initial resemblance to the original on first sniff lifts one's hopes in anticipation - the old beast returns! - but hope disappears within seconds as the initial top notes give way to the weird, ersatz accord of this dreadful reformulation. I'm not a fan of the word "synthetic" as an adjective but if there was any place where it really fits, this mess is it. And it only gets worse with time. The drydown is revolting. Put this into a generic bottle and you wouldn't give it shelf room in Walgreen's Nice going Proctor and Gamble. Here's a thought: Get out of the fragrance business.
10th November, 2014
A initial vibe of old times' masculine EdTs gives room to a sweet patchouli mainly. It is pleasant, but (too) little ambitious. Not worth the price tag!
05th April, 2014
citrusy and wood...YSL Pour Homme vintage watered down..unoriginal and pretentious
08th March, 2014 (last edited: 14th March, 2014)
It bears no resemblance to original PPH except in name only. There is an unpleasant vibe to the dry down and is not worth purchasing.
02nd February, 2014 (last edited: 06th May, 2014)

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