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Hard Leather (2013)
by LM Parfums


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Year of Launch2013
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About Hard Leather

Hard Leather is a masculine fragrance by LM Parfums. The scent was launched in 2013

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Reviews of Hard Leather

The trend toward dense, smoky-woody perfumes is not particularly new. Nasomatto Black Afgano was an early example and many perfumes followed its blueprint closely. The trend has been given new life by the abundance of synth-oud accords. Hard Leather smells like a hopped-up version of the oud accords I’ve smelled many recent perfumes. Imbalance and the extrait concentration suggest that quantity was used to define quality. Early niche models of the smoky, tarry, vanillic perfumes such as Lonestar Memories or Patchouli 24 are as strong as Hard Leather but are rich and nuanced.

The durable, dry, woody aromachems that I assume form the shape of Hard Leather are forceful and need a judicious hand to prevent them from becoming the bull in the perfume shop. It’s fair to say that while Hard Leather is as potent as it claims, it is also unbalanced. Heavy synthetics overpower any other materials that don’t shout and the perfume’s chief characteristic is disproportion.

The name says it all. Not about the perfume but about the fantasy the LM Parfums wants you to buy into. Hard Leather strikes a butch pose similar to the spectacle of masculinity you’d see in professional wrestling. The difference is that professional wrestling has a campiness that allows it to be melodrama and comedy at the same time. Hard Leather has the gravity but lacks the irony.
20th June, 2016
It is hard to be calm and cold-blooded when it comes to this perfume because it produces tingles and excitement. But excatly that is the idea of a perfume, its raison d'etre. Therefore, I regard perfumes as a piece of art because the same idea is in other artistic forms, especially in the paintings of famous autors. Opening of the Hard Leather is spectacular because your nose is bombarded with various dry notes of earth, dust, smoke and warmness. The note in the fore is boozy leather but most fellow fragrance writers didn't mention patchouli since it is very important inside. Patchouli provides earthy and rooty smell of minerals and dust, it is in very beautiful herbal form. The opening later transforms to the smell of beautful, gorgeus sandalwood and oud. It is a complete sex in this phase. It is smoky, earthy, dry and warm - something incredible. It is like a predator that sits in the dark corner in the living room of a Villa in which are all the paintings, wine bar and where the fire crackles. You can find beautiful sandalwood in Lorenzo Villoresi's Sandalo but in here is much more drier. In the dry down is warm, completely animal oud with resinous galbanum with the leftovers of soft sandalwood and leather.
15th June, 2016
Im not quite sure about this whole "lust in a bottle" thing. All I can say is this one took my by surprise. I thought it would be too masculine - its not, I thought it would be too heavy - its not [after the first 20min. lol], I thought I would be unaffected - Its borderline addicting. To me this is a silky smooth blend of honey, leather and rum. So, is this signature potential? I think not - I'd only wear this scent occasionally, when I'm in the mood for it - BUT - I would tho-rough-ly enjoy it.

This is definitely a "one spray" type of scent, also, the opening minutes (especially up close) are animalics overload - wait it out, it's worth it.
17th May, 2015
I'm a fan of both LM Parfums (Ambre Muscadin was a tremendous take on french-classicism) and hard (core) leathers but I can't say Hard Leather impressed me the way I expected.

I read it's brutal, strongly animalic, luxurious and rich but, honestly, not in a way I like. I'll make it pretty short here. This is basically a modern synth-oud that could easily be a Nasomatto or an Orto Parisi (the latest line by Gualtieri). Dry, intensely woody, incensey ,(kind of) leathery and ultimately boring.

It smells overall nice but it's nowhere close to the striking and challenging power of similarly themed fragrances such as Rancè L'Aigle De La Victoire (now that's an *hard leather*).

10th November, 2014
The opening of Hard Leather is a powerful slap of indolic and stale notes, almost fecal, quite similar to civet but with a palpable undertone of syntethicness – rubbery, slightly petrol-tar like, without the richness and the texture of a proper real civet/musk note. Still it's quite fascinating how it manages to smell incredibly close to it at first, I admire the work on recreating that material. If the words "indolic" and "stale" sound obscure to you, what I mean is "stink of poo". A martial, straightforward and quite powerful smell of cow crap, which is in turn quite close to the actual smell of raw leather in a tannery. So don't expect any fancy, polished leather à la Tuscan Leather: here is all about harsh cow leather yet to be even cleaned from poo and pee. Part of this probably comes also from the oud note, which is the other main note here, synthetic as well but woody enough to provide a feel of "organic" nature. So, overall, apparently for a while this works quite fine, if you don't mind the synthetic nuances that tame down the alleged "animalicness" and "hardness" of this fragrance. The problems are basically two in my opinion: it is so straightforward, simple and raw that it soon starts to be quite boring, and you ask yourself what's the point of smelling like having just been excreted from a cow's derrière. There is practically nothing else than this, which is usually only *the base* for a further development of a proper fragrance. It's fun at first, but after a while, it starts to smell a bit like a tacky and clumsy slap of dark stink which won't evolve and won't change, this meaning it won't really "say" anything to you after the first "sensation". Quite naive too, if you ask me, as the fact it's synthetic makes it smell quite inoffensive and plain – similar to the real thing, but plain and "empty", without any richness. I may sound contradictory but basically the problem is that this is at the same time too raw and therefore soon boring, but from another point of view, not really "raw" enough to make a statement or to smell challenging or whatever (to get what I mean, just purchase a civet tincture and apply that...). Finally, this first and somehow "catchy" phase lasts for not even a couple of hours before turning into a fairly generic dark and dry leather-spicy scent with a slightly sweet undertone, quite close to skin and quite close to dozens of other leathers (say, Montecristo?). Shortly, pretty useless whatever use you might want to do with this. Meh...

01st November, 2014
The opening is pretty brutal. The oud, leather, and rum combine to create a kind of unpleasant, sulfurous accord that is deeply off-putting. It smells like someone Cool Hand Luke-d a hundred hard boiled eggs the night before and is now farting gently into a black leather glove. The effect is thick, cloying, and claustrophobic. There is nothing to provide a shot of illumination in the dark - all is black night, no stars, no sparkle. I suppose, if I were to be kind, it is the type of opening that is ultra male and I can see why some men would find that reassuring. The opening matches the image in the marketing copy, though. Hats off to whoever designed the copy for this. It is very BDSM.

I am giving this one a neutral because I fell asleep with this on (I think my nose fainted) and when I woke up, I was surrounded by the most gorgeous and delicious scent of nutty leather and dark, bone-dry woods. The dry-down on this is just spectacular, animalic, rich, and roasted in flavor without hitting you over the head with it. This stuff lasts forever and a day, too, therefore, it is excellent value for money (if that is a factor in your decision-making process). But, for me, the opening is so ugly that it is simply not worth my while waiting around for the admittedly amazing dry-down to show up. No-one can hold their breath for that long.
09th June, 2014

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