Bel Ami Vetiver (2013)
    by Hermès

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    This is better than I dared hope. Take the bitter orange note from Terre d'Hermes, the nutty vetiver from Vetiver Tonka (with the sweetness level mercifully dialled down to 4), add a subdued leather note, akin to that from the original Bel Ami, and you pretty much have it. As expected, the citrus notes fade quite rapidly; the vetiver keeps delivering for most of the day, until a late-stage drydown dominated by the very tenacious but soft leather note. It has all day longevity from 4 sprays and moderate sillage. In style it is a fairly conservative, traditionally-masculine type of scent, but lighter and less dated than the original Bel Ami. Suitable for year-round use.

    06 March, 2014

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    Italy Italy

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    Bel Ami Vetiver is a winner. The original bone structure of the popular masculine fragrance by Hermes, is there but not as much as one would think. Now, that's a good news for me because while I absolutely ADORE vintage BA, I don't think I needed a replica. Also, I don't think BAV should really smell like Bel Ami, for that, one has to check directly Bel Ami. BAV striked more as a sweetish suedey thing with an unripe green citrusy (almost fruity) vibe. There are the usual JCE's spices while the leather note seems definitely more vegetal than animalic. The vetiver is extremely old-school, green, soapy and a tad angular and provides great balance turning the fragrance into something unquestionably masculine (at least theme-wise) while its slight rubbery facet, perfectly pairs with the overall leathery-suedey vibe.

    I'd say BAV feels like a very smart move from JC. Smells like a modern remix of something very classic. Sort of a tribute to barbershop / soapy leather-vetivers of the past. In this context, the first fragrance that comes to mind is Tuscany Per Uomo by Aramis. Don't get me wrong, these fragrances don't share many objective similarities but they move in very similar territories. The best part though, comes with the Ellena's *treatment* which turns a somewhat dated theme into something that's surely old-fashioned but at the same time contemporary and even modern. That's basically why I think about *classic-remixed* as opposed to merely *old fashioned*. It's like a modern fragrance that continuely quotes *the bigs* of the past. In this context, Bel mi Vetiver feels cultured as opposed to trendy but also cultured as opposed to nostalgic, If that makes any sense. All of the Ellena's hallmarks are there: transparency, weightless character, spices, clean vibe, watercolor tones but this time, they're supported by a more traditionally robust bone structure to create what, in my opinion, is a contemporary classic.

    Now, my final question is this? What this beauty has to envy to whatever Hermessence? Absolutely nothing.

    The fragrance is probably not groundbreaking and original Bel Ami (especially the vintage formulation) was completely on another level, but I can totally see myself wearing the hell out of this stuff. Very good and absolutely full bottle worthy.

    16 January, 2014

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    Ireland Ireland

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    One word can make such a difference...

    Been sampling this side by side with Bel Ami (current) they are poles apart. Where BA is soft tan leather with sparkling citrus and cinnamon/cumin spices, BAV is all about, bitter citrus (at opening) with dark musky smokey leather paired with a dominant lush rootsy vetiver. As the fragrance progresses towards drydown things soften up you are left with a gentler smokey vetiver. Projection/longevity seem around par with BA and things get fairly quiet by drydown.

    I was ready for this to be a disappointment, but it's actually bloody nice, and deserved is own name rather than have flanker status. JCE did well, it's got whole lot more attitude than you might expect (one may even say butch at least for the opening and heart) and has a vintish feel that makes it instantly comfortable. My admittedly poor nose likes it alot. Should you enjoy leather/vetiver, by all means check this out.

    04 January, 2014

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