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Bel Ami Vetiver (2013)
by Hermès


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Year of Launch2013
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerJean-Claude Ellena

About Bel Ami Vetiver

Bel Ami Vetiver is a masculine fragrance by Hermès. The scent was launched in 2013 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena

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Reviews of Bel Ami Vetiver

This is an excellent update of the Bel Ami formula, probably closest to the second edition of Bel Ami. It smells "classic" in a good way... The vetiver gives it a bit of lift and a modern twist but it still comes across as very well put-together and buttoned-down. I am a big fan of the originals - but I am wearing the Vetiver version as part of my regular rotation now. Nicely done, Mr. Elena.
31st May, 2017
JCE's re-imagination of Bel Ami. It is exactly what it says. The modern version Bel Ami, with vetiver. At first, it smells a little bit like bubble gum because of the combination. You can easily pick out the original bel ami. Dry down turns it into a smokier Bel Ami. It is exceptional and potent.

For those who are familiar with Le Labo, this is the Cade 26 candle and the original Bel Ami is Santal 26 candle. Cade is everything santal is, just smokier and more "baroque."
28th April, 2017
By all accounts, Jean-Claude Ellena has pulled off a very simple trick in designing Bel Ami Vetiver. In an attempt to update the original Bel Ami to give it a more contemporary feel, the patchouli base note is replaced with the eponymous vetiver wood. As far as I am concerned, it works like a dream. There is the same glow of a small handful of notes brought together with care and craft. In actual fact BAV doesn't develop much and has at best average performance - those things we normally look for as criteria in judging a fragrance - but for me it's a bit like Puskas' left foot. When the one trick it pulls is this good, you don't end up wishing for anything else. Leather, smoky vetiver, and a touch of citrus in one elegant, understated, and highly sophisticated package. In my book, this has got all the makings of a modern classic. Now, I wonder how Guerlain feel about putting some vetiver in L'Instant pour homme?
02nd February, 2017
Is this a nice quality scent? Yes. Is it the end all be all scent? No. That's the issue I have with this juice. I suppose I expected to much. The longevity and projection IMO are lacking. I find that it does smell of quality construction just doesn't have enough umph to get it over the top. For a leather scent, it is nice... if you can find it in your price range, then go for it. Enjoy!

Update: After a few more wearings I would say this is an exceptional leathery scent. Longevity is in the 6 to 7 hour range for me with 2 sprays. FULL BOTTLE WORTHY!
12th January, 2017 (last edited: 06th February, 2017)
Smells a lot like the 2nd version of Bel Ami. Nice idea, but I think a stronger vetiver note should have been added. Just to similar to the 2nd version IMO. Overall a nice fragrance indeed but if you own the original, I don't feel the need to own the vetiver version. 7.5/10
11th May, 2016

Like the original Bel Ami, Bel Ami Vetiver is leather heavy. To my nose that means that I don’t smell the citrus in the opening and I don’t smell the vetiver – all I smell is leather. It’s a decent leather and I’m sure that true leather lovers will enjoy this scent. I can tell that it is a scent that is constructed beautifully and has excellent quality components. But to me it is rather boring.
07th February, 2016

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