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Terrasse à St Germain (2012)
by Jul et Mad


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Year of Launch2012
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseJul et Mad

About Terrasse à St Germain

Terrasse à St Germain is a feminine perfume by Jul et Mad. The scent was launched in 2012

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Reviews of Terrasse à St Germain

If the cool, somewhat soapy aldehyde-influenced florals (citrusy, limpid freesia, a drop of tender rose) at the opening suggest a chic classicism and carefree bounce, the beautifully realized musky woody backdrop adds just the right amount of friendliness and warmth. There’s complexity here but delivered in a way that seems natural, unforced and breathing. The woods are sheer, soft and sweet; the musk rounding them and making them coming alive. There’s even some enticingly golden muscat wine lurking in its depths.
Speaking of depths, I do find that Terrasse à St Germain suffers a bit from the Jul & Mad tendency of restrained projection, which is a shame as something with such personality really needs to express it a bit more.

19th July, 2017
Vibrant, sharp, bright opening of flowers (freesia is listed but I get some others too perhaps, notably jasmine and iris) with a luminous, slightly aquatic heart. The high concentration of the perfume gives an unmistakable depth and boldness to the scent, all the notes sound clear, bright and vibrant, with a palpable, charming brightness, elegant but lively, cozy and aerial like, in fact, a Parisian après-midi in a terraced garden. Extremely sophisticated and spring-y, with a beautiful soapy feel and just the right amount of "classic" aldehydes notes. On the base, white musks, vanillin, perhaps sandalwood or however a solid base of aromatic, balmy and cozy woods, a side accord of iris or violet (I get a sort of "lipstick" feel too), a light bag of spices (cardamom, perhaps cloves), and the heart note of rhubarb, with its trademark, superb sort of fruity-earthy-rooty "animalic" carnality. The mood is however quite much clean and rarefied, which is that sort of restrained class aldehydes can give when used discreetly. The materials sound at the same time natural and vibrant, but also linear, "aerial" and contemporary, almost geometrical, like a modern lounge with contemporary furniture. The rhubarb and the patchouli notes are both there giving a darker, earthier counterpart to the "liveliness", but they're both restrained too - not in a bad meaning, they perfectly fit the blend. Although the bouquet of notes is not that "original" or peculiar, the scent manages to smell quite like nothing else, it's lighter and brighter than a classic, self-confident feminine French chypre, but it's also more sensual, carnal, rich and erotic than any "spring-y" lively floral scent. It kind of manages to create perhaps a "new" standard for classic and refined scents à la Guerlain/Chanel, it has that same kind of contemporary and "metropolitan" cleanliness without any natural/earthy "imperfections", and brilliantly manages to blend the brightness with the darker carnality. Graceful and refined, but dense and self-confidently erotic. Not my favourite among the line, but a great and truly contemporary scent indeed.

04th June, 2014
Terrasse a St. Germain, enjoyed after Amour de Palazzo and Stilettos on Lex, confirms me that Jul et Mad is a really promising and talented brand deserving by now all the respect also in order to put soon under the radar the upcoming issues. This fragrance is immensely likeable and charming, the quality is remarkable for sure, the sensuality extreme. It conjures me vaguely (at least at the beginning) Mark Buxton Devil in Disguise because of the initial fresh rhubarb presence (a note I crave for) and its extremely sophisticated accord of "light-fluidy" floral notes, resins and sparkling spices (probably pepper and further). Anyway while the Buxton's one (probably sharper) is finally more musky, fruity and gingery, the Jul et Mad's olfactory fatigue pushes the accelerator over the sparkling spicy/floral side with its remarkable "aquatic flowers" presence, a touch of "dust" (dry spices plus floral nectar/pollen) and the almost fizzy and crisp rhubarb/grapefruit/citrus introduction. The floral presence is incredibly wet but realistic and finally denser almost slightly "greasy" by a real pollen presence (at least in effect). The rose/aquatic flowers/sandalwood accord is absolutely notable since dry woods, patchouli and sharp spices are here more influencing than musk (the latter is on the contrary more remarkable in the Devil in Disguise's dry down). The woodiness is light, sharp for long, "deeply floral", influencing the floral intensity (sandalwood in particular) and in conclusion slightly soapy. The floral intensity is changeful, waving from a "lily type" (intense, woody/seasoned and almost berrish) and penetrating grapefruit/lotus/freesia/sandalwood connection to a more neutral, light and almost soapy rose presence. The woodiness is finally almost balmy and it tends to compenetrate the floral bouquet in a way the floral aroma is influenced in intensity by woods and patchouli. I'm almost sure something like a really minimal touch of benzoin, frankincense/myrrh or amber is included in the recipe. The sharpness is not extreme but partially preserved, the aroma is extremely sophisticated and erotic, a young indipendent and sensual french woman in career comes to mind. She is elusive, engaged, silent, by the white skin, with an hellish attractiveness barely unveiled. Just a God Superior could latch onto her in-human sensuality. Summery, joyful, intense and sexy little work of art.
15th April, 2014 (last edited: 10th January, 2016)

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