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Amour de Palazzo (2012)
by Jul et Mad


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Year of Launch2012
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseJul et Mad

About Amour de Palazzo

Amour de Palazzo is a feminine perfume by Jul et Mad. The scent was launched in 2012

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Reviews of Amour de Palazzo

Amour de Palazzo has a wonderful enveloping feel – it rises effortlessly from the wearer’s skin and get airborne, it seems bursting with impressions and accents, and fresh powders. That kind of classy finish deserves notice, no matter what the perfume smells like. But the smell doesn’t disappoint and is remarkably complete – one can’t imagine taking away or adding anything to it.
For a sweet ambery leather, I am surprised how much I like it – it has to be that burst of confidence about its entirety and its diffusive nature that does it. There’s nothing heavy about this perfume – not the spices, not the amber, not the oudy accents in the mid-phase – it’s all about soothing balsamic radiance. And with a well-judged cedar note in the mix soaking up all the sweetness and making it its own, there’s also a natural unforced quality about it. One of those wear-and-go perfumes that one doesn’t have to think too much about and which would suit almost any kind of day.
10th April, 2017
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United States
Amour de Palazzo opens with a slightly sweet clove, aromatic ginger, cinnamon-like nutmeg and gentle pink pepper quartet. Moving to the early heart, the spice quartet remains, now in support of a leathery labdanum and deep patchouli duo that takes the fore, with an emerging incense-like cedar as key co-star. During the late dry-down the spice and labdanum vacate while the cedar remains, eschewing its incense-like facet as it joins natural woody papyrus in support of the emerging modestly sweet amber and slightly animalic musk focal base note pair through the finish. Projection is average, but longevity outstanding at well over 15 hours on skin.

Amour de Palazzo is a bit of a dark horse. One can immediately tell it smells exceptional from the get-go, but it appears more simplistic in structure and progression than it really is. It took a few wearings to really "crack the code" so to speak, but once one begins to notice the subtle shifts in its apparent linear progression you can't miss them going forward, and the perfume's charms become all the more apparent. The first thing one notices on application is the perfumer's deft use of mixing several spices that complement each other perfectly with just a taste of the leathery incense heart accord to come. Speaking of that leathery, woody incense, it really represents the soul of Amour de Palazzo, and to say it smells sublime is an understatement. The cedar and labdanum really drive the heart accord, but aromatic earthy patchouli really holds the two together. Then seamlessly and frequently unnoticed, the composition shifts to the fine amber, wood and musk laden late dry-down that smells completely natural. It goes without saying I am a big fan of Amour de Palazzo, but the highest compliment I can give is despite its relatively lofty price tag; I reached for my wallet and bought a bottle for my collection. The bottom line is the $260 per 50ml bottle Amour de Palazzo appears as an excellent but linear woody incense composition on first glance, but there is much more than meets the eye (or nose, if you will) to this "excellent" to "outstanding" 4 to 4.5 stars out of 5 rated composition and it is all good.
28th March, 2016
The opening is superb, similar to Roja Dove's style and that "new wave"of classics, with an overwhelming cloud of talcum, labdanum, incense and an elusive, irresistible accord of beautifully-crafted plushy leathers. Quite a significant dose of Iso E and ambroxan, the same dusty, silky, crisp "aeriality" of some other contemporary scents (Dove, Tauer), with a lot of nuances, from balsamic to flowers (violet), from woody to green, with perhaps some tobacco too (I though of Miller Harris' Fleurs de Tabac for a while). Everything is perfectly shaped, controlled and balanced, with a lot of harmonic variations depending on what you "focus" on when smelling. As Darvant brilliantly and passionately described below, an utterly sophisticated depiction of a shady, delicate, elusive, luscious, decadent aristocracy, the breeze of a Luchino Visconti movie, but with the post-modern oniric "nowhereness" of Russian Ark by Sokurov – the ball scene, notably. A perfectly balanced and complex symphony, where everything brilliantly and effortlessly blends with the rest. The significant amount of synthetics gives it a definitely contemporary "look", it's nostalgic but in a more figurative, metaphorical and modern way. Cozy, elegant base comprising mellow cashmeran-like woody notes. A dry, spacious, even transparent opulence, romantic but avant-garde, linear and restrained. On the drydown the leather-suede base emerges better, a rare beauty: soft but bold, plushy and delicate but sharp and dense, really pleasant and again, much sophisticated. It also arises an anisic-aldehydes feel, halfway between soapy and metallic, another "contemporary" feature (it reminded me of Invasion Barbare). An interesting, contemporary scent, with an utterly sophisticated and versatile elegance. Quite overpriced, though.

19th May, 2014 (last edited: 20th May, 2014)
I'm honoured to be the first one here on Basenotes to throughly review the wonderful creations of this niche parisian artisanal brand represented and ideated (in style and concept) by the creatives Julien Blanchard e Madalina Stoica as supported (in this case and further) by the talented nose Dorothée Piot. Jul et Mad Amour de Palazzo is probably at moment the most renowned and appreciated fragrance of the house and I have to say immediately to find the artistic creation absolutely amazing, one of the most refined leather/oud's rendition of the worldwide olfactory panorama. This sumptuous, impalpable and almost indecipherable fragrance has struck in each sense my heart, my passion, has encompassed my senses jumping in a while among the ones of my absolute top three wish list. I'm by soon delighted. This is an extremely aristocratic and decadent concoction conjuring the images of a mysterious venetian "Palazzo" populated by sinister disguised characters during the Carnival-week. I figure on mind dark rooms faintly enlighted by waxy candelabrums, ghostly dames in white masks (sort of eyes without a face), endless lobbies, massive carved frames, affected mirrors, frescoes, crystal chandeliers, old pictures, bas-reliefs, bronze armours and marmoreal statues. I feel the lasciviousness filtering out from the secret rooms. Dark and baroque but paradoxically at same time modern, radiant (gradually it indeed unfolds a starry magic spicy/incensey molecular-dusty soft radiancy) and "advanced" the Amour de Palazzo's unisex aroma is centered over an aoud/musk/violet/suede-laced dusty-powdery (almost impenetrable) main accord. The first approach is marvellously spicy and by soon delicately leathery, humid, soft and mysteriously floral. There is a damp almost soapy (strictly calibrated) spicy/floral vibe in the air (supported by a touch of camphor, woody and leathery accents) reverberated by secret ambery echoes rising from the background. Nutmeg and cloves are perfectly modulated while ginger and cardamom provide a marvellous twist of initial spicy-exotic freshness. I detect anyway by soon pepper, agarwood-resins from the back as linked with faint leather and a touch of frankincense. There is by soon a sort of almost mystic undertone in the general noble shadow. All is extremely balanced and delicately spicy/floral. A dusty/cedary/leathery (somewhat ostensibly cherry/plum-veined in perception) absolute de Violet starts jumping on the stage in a while with its subtle spiciness, projecting a sort of blackberries/patchouli/musk-oriented undertone with a sheer woody-boise spark (vaguely a la Feminite du Bois). This feel is modern (a modern spark over an aristocratic olfactory basement) and absolutely unisex in my humble opinion. The aoud's touch is magistrally appointed taking part to the orchestra as just a single one of the diverse elements composing the entire congeries. The aroma finally features hints of amber and animalic leather which emerge as a dark/velvety trail so silky, airy and refined (profoundly subtle and dark), overall encompassed by a general muskiness absolutely sensual, dusty and ghostly. Really, I can't probably find the fair worlds to describe this feel, to describe the Amour de Palazzo's extremely sinister and anxious shadowy olfactory aristocrazy. Leave me orgiastically diving in to a disappeared world of dames and witches.
05th April, 2014 (last edited: 25th December, 2017)

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