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RÍve d'Ossian (new) (2012)
by Oriza L. Legrand


RÍve d'Ossian (new) information

Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseOriza L. Legrand

About RÍve d'Ossian (new)

RÍve d'Ossian (new) is a shared / unisex perfume by Oriza L. Legrand. The scent was launched in 2012

RÍve d'Ossian (new) fragrance notes

Reviews of RÍve d'Ossian (new)

Old smelling. Reve d' Ossian smells of old things...nasty old things, like the aldehydes are actually, "formaldehydes." This smells like it was produced somewhere between 1820 and 1840, then left to rot. In fact, Reve d' Ossian brought to mind Miss Havesham's wedding from Dicken's Great Expectations. I had great expectations for this fragrance, but they walked off and left me at the opening notes. Like Miss Havesham, RDO sat there going first stagnant, then fetid, then putrid and I was driven mad over time. A true stew of a missed opportunity. I guess I'll try it one more time to see if I'm being unfair, but at this point I'm not looking forward to it.
27th February, 2018
I wasn't honestly expecting much from Reve D'Ossian but I've to say this has been more than a nice surprise. A bright, modern, aldheydic resins fest built around a nostalgic powdery /ambery base.

For the most part this is all about a candid white incense with piney / dark green notes and soapy aldehydes but the overall brightness and the airy feel are warmed up by a retrÚ and smoothly woody, ambery foundation. The first thing that comes to mind is Maria Candida Gentile's Exultat minus the violet note but also other *clean incenses* such as Cardinal or Sancti. Not exactly groundbreaking but if you're a fan of the main player, this is thoroughly enjoyable.

Great presence.

06th March, 2015
Simply a gorgeous scent, but never an assuming one. For as beautiful as this scent is, it also carries with it a humility and grace that makes it so easy to enjoy. Unlike the related (to me, at least) Relique d'Amour, Reve d'Ossian begins immediately with an approachable incense in place of the floral austerity. It's a casual scent that references hallowed moments past, but trades in the sense of melancholic grandeur. In other words, whereas Relique d'Amour keeps me at a cold armís length, Reve díOssian welcomes me with a warm embrace. Both put incense and the according religious associations into sharp focus, but only Reve d'Ossian does it in a completely relatable and unassuming way.

Having served in the catholic right of mass as an altar server as a child, this fragrance appeals to me directly, and never in the impersonal (but, still lovely in it's own right) way Relique DíAmour goes about it. This is the chapel removed from the fantasy of an ethereal gray lily forest, and brought into the palpable reality of personal memory.
27th January, 2015 (last edited: 18th August, 2016)
Oh boy, the shock of the old! This adorable creation is like a secret unearthed, the fragrance of lotions from oneís grandparentsí time, elegant, balanced, different, not to mention mesmerizing.
A full-on balsamic experience with an aldehydic pine dominating that just swept me off my feet and provoked a dream state that made it fully live up to its name. It has a certain metallic sheen and coolness, but instead of jetting off into a slick techsolved future, RÍve díOssian comes dressed in period costume and makes memory bloom.
I must observe how exquisitely blended the pine is here Ė not the cheap and strident note found in many high street Ďmasculinesí, nor the brutalist death-by-resins-and-the-great-unwashed approximation favoured by some niche purveyors. This is a more abstract pine, with aldehydic sparkle, tanginess from the elemi, and a light touch of smoke behind it. Thereís also a sweet clove-like note lurking in the mix. Gorgeous.
Projection is moderate.

03rd October, 2014
Oriza L. Legrand does Cardinal, just adding their "preset" green-crunchy decadent pot pourri underneath. The incense note is a fizzy, slightly sugary and metallic take on Iso E plus aldehydes, which in my opinion does not blend that good to the greener accord Ė or better say: you can smell they took "the trendy incense thing" and juxtaposed it to "the Legrand's signature thing" to add their "done" mark on the to-do list next to "incense scent". Plus it's a really much linear scent, with basically no evolution Ė which is not a defect itself Ė and quite a pale, thin, a bit transparent density. In other words: not unpleasant, but a bit dull. To be honest I did not really smell half of the notes listed, I smell a big load of generic contemporary (this meaning synthetic) incense with a balsamic-green-sugary base. Cardinal, CdG Kyoto or Exultat by Maria Candida Gentile are way better works on this same theme - the "brighter" and green-balsamic take on incense.

16th July, 2014
Reve d'Ossian discloses by soon its markedly incensey/aldehydic temperament with an immediate (cool/minty) olibanum mastered fist in your face. The blast is immediately radiant/aldehydic, almost salty/dissonant (due the initial olibanum evolution), soapy/fizzy and aromatic with a marvellous (absolutely notable) maritime pine which vaguely conjures me (with all the sheer differences in terms of quality and naturaleness) the ordinary soapy/coniferous Pino Silvestre's central accord. The soapiness (or better a sort of almost cosmetic and aromatic bath foam feel) retains its run for a while as supported by opoponax, mild (slightly powdery) cinnamon/tonka and benzoin while the incensey vibe (still lingering around) starts taming down its influencing power. The aroma becomes more and more musky, soapy and radiant/aromatic along the way but the soapiness smells still coniferous/incensey and almost balsamic. I tend to appreciate such aromatic and "mountainous" interpretation of the olibanum note and enjoy a lot each olibanum/labdanum dominant accord. The latter is the central theme in Reve d'Ossian in the way it was in Heeley Cardinal, as well as complemented (in both cases) by resins, powdery woods, conifers, aldehydes and spices. The (still aromatic) perfume is finally "oriented" by powdery woods and minimal hints of leather (actually suede well combined with soapy olibanum) jumping up after a long long while. The olibanum starts finally to hang out soapier and darker with a less pronounced radiant coniferous woodsiness. The incensey temperament becomes almost creamy, still and musky with a more intense balminess. A really pleasant and modern woodsy olibanum interpretation for us, perfect for silent and spiritual moments spent in loneliness while hiking for old churches and mountain monasteries.
P.S: the "late/deep" dry down conjures me far more than vaguely (in a less resinous way anyway) a fragrance which I genuinely love, namely the mystic Tiziana Terenzi Ecstasy.
09th March, 2014 (last edited: 07th January, 2015)

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