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Cape Heartache (2013)
by Imaginary Authors


Cape Heartache information

Year of Launch2013
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseImaginary Authors
PerfumerJosh Meyer

About Cape Heartache

Cape Heartache is a shared / unisex perfume by Imaginary Authors. The scent was launched in 2013 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Josh Meyer

Reviews of Cape Heartache

On me, Cape Heartache is a complicated evergreen forest smell, earthy and woody with the smell of bark and dirt, but very sweet. Actually, someone had to point out the strawberry note to me, though it was obvious once I knew it was there. On my skin, it's more like a fruity sweetness than the star of the show.

All in all, I like this perfume - I'm a sucker for forest scents and Cape Heartache is a fun take on the genre. It's a definite thumbs-up, though I must admit that I find it interesting as a study or a diversion, but not deeply compelling. When I want a compelling mix of pine and fruit, I personally think Lutens' Fille En Aiguilles is a step up from this, though I still think Cape Heartache is definitely worth a sniff.
02nd October, 2015
Dreadful fragrance. It's all strawberry and vanilla with a smothered, powdery wood underneath. The wood is barely detectable. Could easily be worn by a girl, aged 8 to 13. If you want to smell like a jelly donut or strawberry ice cream float, Cape Heartache is for you. Thumbs Down for me.
12th September, 2015
I like this, it is a wonderfully woody scent. Unlike others, I don't really get the strawberry note. Or the vanilla, for that matter.
Here's what I do get.
A very good opening, with lovely resinous and coniferous notes. Dry, woody, calming and energizing at the same time. The scent is in the Slumberhouse style but a bit more accessible. Beautiful, simple, focused. The scent develops a bit of sweetness but not problematic in my opinion. Much of the sweetness comes from a balsamic note -- to be expected in a woody scent.
If you like woody scents, then you need to give this a try.
01st August, 2015
As a fragrance psycho, I expect perfumes to display a certain level of complexity or even intrigue, and typically, the specimens that fail to engage me intellectually are often viewed as inferior. On the other hand, the freaks are not always the easiest to wear—for example, I admire Womanity but, would rather wear Premier Figuier when I’m craving fig. Cape Heartache is definitely not one of the intelligent oddities. In fact, the fragrance is so simple and densely packed, that it never unfurls—I just can’t get in there and explore the 4D architecture because there isn’t one. But, here is the kicker: it smells really good. This is because Josh Meyer tapped into something that I (and other reviewers) attribute to childhood nostalgia. As a child I played in the pine forest, nibbling wild strawberries as I rolled around in the dirt and moss. So, of course, CH just makes me smile.

I have a shampoo that smells quite a bit like CH.
26th July, 2015
Cape Heartache is simple, yet effective. It opens with slight wood smoke, fresh pine needles, and a tangy-sweet strawberry note. I am instantly brought back to various points in my childhood, be it sitting around the christmas tree or visiting a local strawberry patch. It is definitely sweet, but when focusing on the sweetness, the woody notes jump out and catch it just before it becomes candied. As it dries down, the tangy strawberry recedes (remaining present, just sinking into the rest of the blend) while the pine/smoke and vanilla takes over. There is something to this that makes me a bit nostalgic. The way the woodsy, heavy masculine notes balance out the fun, young, bright, fruity note makes me think of growing up. Sort of yearning for the sweet, easier times of childhood, while trying to adjust to being serious. This is the scent of those weird in-between years, when you aren't a teenager, but adulthood just doesn't feel right yet. I have been meaning to purchase this for months..I'm sure I will eventually! Performance is formidable.
26th April, 2015
I agree with most reviews that Cape Heartache is relatively simple. The opening is strong but over time, while the pine resinates, the vanilla takes over slightly. It's slightly reminiscent of the pine in Creed's Epicea, but without the bergamot and with much more sweetness via the vanilla and strawberry notes, though I cannot myself detect the strawberry specifically.

Not surprisingly, this is more on the masculine side, and the pine and other woods automatically creates a strong cold weather association for me, like Christmas.

Great longevity, still present after 12+ hours including a shower in the middle, after which it still exists as a skin scent. Longevity is probably slightly better than Memoirs of a Trespasser, but both last a while with a few sprays.

After trying two of their fragrances, I'm already inclined to agree with others that $85 for a 60ml bottle is a very modest price for a solid EDP. So far, Imaginary Authors is a promising line, and I look forward to trying more of their fragrances.

8 out of 10
29th January, 2015 (last edited: 05th February, 2015)

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