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Sugi (2013)
by Comme des Garçons


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Year of Launch2013
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseComme des Garçons
PerfumerAntoine Maisondieu

About Sugi

Sugi is a shared / unisex perfume by Comme des Garçons. The scent was launched in 2013 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Antoine Maisondieu

Sugi fragrance notes

Reviews of Sugi

I must be anosmic to this one? Tried it on paper and skin several times. I get a pleasant whiff of peppery wood at the beginning, so light that I can't smell it over anything else that comes wafting on down the street even when I cram my nose into it, and after about twenty minutes I can no longer smell anything at all.

Edit: Maybe there was something wrong with the store testers I'd used before, because I subsequently managed to get it to stick to a scent strip. Nice but my least favorite of the Monocle series and so quiet it has to be oversprayed to be detectable.
30th June, 2016 (last edited: 01st July, 2016)
I've tried this several times in a store. Each time I get a somewhat different take on it -- yet it never seems bottle-worthy to me.
First of all -- don't be distracted by the lemon-yellow colour. No citrus notes listed or to be found.
My beef is this: no coniferous notes. Where are the cypress and pine?
It mostly focuses on a peppery, mineral, rubbery note. Now, this isn't bad, and it is consistent with some other CdG forays into the industrial realm.
Longevity is poor.
Nothing remarkable here.
30th June, 2015
I really think Colin and alfarom's reviews nail this scent. Industrial, natural, geometric.
I think it might be the pepper that gives an almost concrete like aroma at the beginning.

As alarm says, simple but not simplistic. All of the notes are laid out there and easy to see, but there's something about the interplay of what are really very familiar notes working together in a way I've never come across before. The cypress/grapefruit lasts from the opening throughout most of the scent's life, and its interplay with the iris and other notes teases, giving hints of something more floral that I can't quite put my finger on, leaving me fascinated and frequently coming back for more.
I get good longevity from this by CdG standards. Definitely a unisex scent that can be comfortably worn by anyone. I love Hinoki, but I think this is the best of the Monocle series.
10th April, 2014
Frosty, green & black geometric scent. Extremely aromatic and linear, balsamic at some point, really elegant and definitely, in a word, "contemporary" in its visual, architectural meaning (I keep recalling those concrete post-modern houses in the middle of natural nowhere - which is exactly how this smells to me). Incredibly simple yet much evocative. A microscopic hint of insecticide at some point, which however is acceptable given the "chemical", industrial feeling of this scent. And, highly "wearable" and safe - surely not "daring". Superb fragrance!

31st January, 2014 (last edited: 06th May, 2014)
It didn't take long for me to draw some sort of connection. This has a very similar vibe to Molecule 01. I know, there isn't any Iso E Super in Sugi. However, the aroma is so distinctively similar. I don't detect individual notes as standouts. The pine is so far underneath that it only lends a bracing facet to the composition. The pine is blended well with the cyprus and vetiver. I don't get pepper to speak of, but may need to sample more to get it. This is so far unique and ahead of other woody compositions that I can think of. Like Hinoki, it feels so natural and ethereal; too perfect for this world. In essence, it is Heavenly!
19th January, 2014
Antoine Maisondieu at his best. It's absolutely incredible how little elements it takes to create something special when you have a solid concept and an incredible artistic direction. Sugi is minimalism at its best as opposed to the plethora of simplistic pranks we are too often asked to buy as minimalistic and modern forms of *art*.

Sugi is an entire composition based around the most fascinating synergies amongst otherwise pretty common notes. What comes out is something unique, novel and totally plausible at the same time. Something that doesn't need to try so hard to be unique. Something that is refreshing for its natural simplicity. No make up, no gimmick, no special effects and no hype.

The fragrance opens with freezing dark green notes (cypress) paired to pepper. The pepper here is not of the most usual quality but, instead, it verges towards the aromatic spiciness of Long Pepper which is a lot hotter than the more common Piper Nigurm. The opening is quite something for anyone into CDG's quirkiness as the pairing of these two notes, give birth to something extremely novel. Sharp, freezing and nose tingling. A rooty orris note breaks in right away and together with vetiver and smooth woody notes, start fascinating synergies between all the elements that strike for being both gentle and sophisticated as well as abstract, futuristic and rough-ish. There's an overall earthiness going on that brings to mind of wet concrete as well as an outdoorsy vibe that feels both naturalistic and industrial at the same time. Sort of a futuristic urban agglomeration surrounded by a forest. The fragrance is simple yet anything but simplistic. A gem of minimalism from people who know their stuff.

Longevity is extremely good (yes) while projection is a bit tricky. Definitely not a projection monster but sort of like you think it's gone and then BAM.

One of my favorite fragrances of 2013 and the best in the Monocle Series.

16th January, 2014

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