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Lavande 44 (2012)
by Rania J


Lavande 44 information

Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseRania J
PerfumerRania Jouaneh

About Lavande 44

Rania J say:

The aromatic intensity and elegance of lavender wrap around the woody notes of oud, vetiver and cedar wood. The Tonka bean and the patchouli give to the accord a dimension of warm and sweet, powerful and delicate

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Reviews of Lavande 44

This is an interesting lavender fragrance. It smells very natural, probably using mostly natural ingredients. The main star is lavender, supported by musk. Thus it is fortunately not a sweet lavender, which I don't like much. It opens with a blast of fresh lavender and progresses to a more subdued lavender with musk, tonka, and a mild patchouli.

Completely unisex I would say. And quite long lasting.
06th October, 2019
At first spray you get a wonderful warm sensual lavender making a good impression straight out of the gate. The patchouli lends a earthy spiciness to the scent which is soon joined by woods and everything is blended just right with the lavender.I have to say this smells good and barbershop like.

If you like lavender scents then this is a must try as its quite special.
21st April, 2016
Interesting..... exactly what Gaultier Le Male would have to smell like in order to deserve a part of its bombastic magnetic attention. As well as the Gaultier's one indeed also this Rania J.'s concoction proposes a bergamot-lavender-woodsy notes-tonka (sparkling-aromatic-balmy) accord and actually also Lavande 44 smells (partially) soapy and synthetic but while the "flat" Le Male is pratically a shower foam (soapy as a cheap deodorant and linear) the more articulated Lavande 44 replaces the (yet present) musk with an interesting earthy/spicy (and more aerial-molecular) vetiver-patchouli, performs a deliciously fresh floral lavender (a touch of powdery iris??) and elicits an almost organic-intimate warm "ambergris dominant" vibe (unlike the balmy Le Male's vanillin) surrounded by a licorice-burnt sugar-tobacco undertone. A touch of oudh (combined with bergamot and musk) provides a vaguely creamy-medicinal resinous woodiness. The base (as in a game of contrasts) is almost bitter-sweet (and dry-balmy), sweet-salty (yes with a more than vaguely rooty saltiness provided by vetiver apparently combined with tonka and with someting weirdly dusty-mineral). This dry down is excellent, something modern, vibrant, velvety-chic, aldehydic, spicy (prickly- cloves, pepper??), fresh-warm, musky, fancy, woody, urban and bold. In this fase I detect several olfactory conjurations for a couple of Andrea Maack's creations and fragrances as Nu_be Oxygen (and partially Helium), Ulrich Lang Lightscape and as the sadly discontinued Lancetti IL. Frankly a pleasant surprise which I totally endorse.
19th November, 2014 (last edited: 23rd February, 2015)
You won’t find Lavande 44 among the more trodden paths followed by lavender perfumes – 1 ‘fresh’ with bracing greens for the ‘gentleman’, 2 ‘fresh’ and sugared, 3 plastic and unending (I still carry the scars of one EldO offering in this mode). Instead this is a dry and salty entry, lavender stored in a wooden box.
Lavender is a note that can’t help but chirp, it’s a sunny disposition on uppers. Here it is checked somewhat by a vetiver that is dry, salty and woody with a touch of dirt about it. There’s also something sourish and puckered in the mix. Gets airier and, yes, fresher in the later stages – maybe a laundry musk making its presence known.
The result, despite the occasional hint of naphthalene balls, is a well-realized lavender with a difference.
03rd October, 2014
Ah, sometimes niche can still hide nice surprises... Lavande 44 by Rania J., which is a brand I did not know until today, is in fact surprisingly good. Even great. A fantastic, solid opening of lavender and patchouli, tasty and earthy, simple yet unique, with a dense and almost gourmand woody-cocoa base (both sides of patchouli), a thin frame of vanilla, and a musky, almost animalic heart – although I don't think there are actually materials or renditions traditionally associated to animalic notes, except perhaps some musk; it's more a feel I get overall, perhaps from how some notes are processed (for example tonka, not sweet at all here, more on the dry-woody, almost sour-musky side). So basically, a sort of dry chypre with a lavender-patchouli twist. The overall smell is great, elegant, versatile, fascinating, powerful. The lavender note is treated with intelligence and respect: you can smell the material is good, but Lavande 44 goes further, managing to enhance its earthy-dark side. I love when noses try to work on less usual sides of materials. Actually I think the "animalic" heart I was referring above is precisely due to the encounter of all notes' "dark sides", from lavender, to patchouli, to tonka and so on, which create this sort of dark breeze floating all around. After a while the vetiver note emerges more clearly, and the fragrance becomes slowly more dry and woody, while the lavender tones down. The vetiver here is good as well: earthy, humid, tasty and salty as it should be. On the drydown, the final twist to a smoky, woody patchouli-vetiver accord: pleasant, bold and long-lasting. Lovely mix between nature and mystery, the notes smell "organic" but enhanced with a sophisticated, slightly decadent dark elegance. Great to wear and intriguing to explore.

02nd August, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Lavande 44 is a modern lavender that is fresh and, on my skin, with a vetiver component. A touch of saltiness is added later. Not very complex but more than just lavender, and not in the tradidional lavender mould, well-balanced and well- blended. Average silage and projection with four hours of longevity - great for spring as a contemporary lavender.
27th January, 2014

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Rania J Rose Ishtar Jasmin Kama Lavande 44 Oud Assam Eau De Parfum Spray - RARE

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