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Horizon (new) (2013)
by Oriza L. Legrand


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Year of Launch2013
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseOriza L. Legrand
PerfumerHugo Lambert

About Horizon (new)

Horizon (new) is a masculine fragrance by Oriza L. Legrand. The scent was launched in 2013 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Hugo Lambert

Reviews of Horizon (new)

rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The opening is comprised of a thickly, slightly terse, fresh mandarine note, but from the beginning two other componenents are evident on my skin: a gentle tobacco, and a deep, earthy peaty one, that makes for a unique and absolutely amazing triad that is of very impressive depth and of a complexity that by far descends the three constituents involved. Overarching is a very light and soft patchouli that remains in the background on my skin. This first part is of nigh O'Driu-like glory.

The drydown adds a toasted almond notes with a benzoin-underlined wood impression. Towards the end a pleasant and well-balanced vanilla with a soft new leather comes to the fore, and is is gradually fading out leaving the echoes of an earthy vanilla in my mind.

The performance is excellent with strong sillage, very good projection and nine hours of longevity. Whilst the second part does not reach the heights the opening reaches, is is overall and excellent creation, beautifully blended of components of the highest quality. A stunner, especially in the opening phase. 4/5
26th October, 2015
Impressive sometimes how much two fragrances can be so mutually resemblant. When I spray on skin Oriza L. Legrand Horizon (New) I get for more than ten minutes the olfactive photocopy of Il Profvmo Patchouli Noir, namely a fresh-humid (hesperidic) accord of dark patchouli, amber, faint frankincense, floral notes, green aromatic (somewhat mentholated elements), cedarwood and hints of soft suede. Another juice jumping more than vaguely on mind is surely Nobile 1942 Patchouli Nobile because of its structural accord of patchouli, resins, dusty spices, aromatic greens and hesperides. The well rounded (darkly chocolatey) patchouli's vibe conjures me as well Lutens Borneo 1834 which I basically find less resinous, less balmy-vanillic and more musky. I get in here a luxurious noir twist created by honey and seasoned (tobacco nuanced) booziness which I catch (in a less prominent way) also in the Il Profvmo's "noir patchouli prominent" concoction. As well as happening in Il Profvmo Patchouli Noir the ambery-vanillic presence is in here featuring and central, providing a sort of powdery decadent/cyprian "elixir vibe" of "Nobiltà Decaduta", a "debauched" feel enhanced in here by frankincense, calibrated cocoa (with its "greedy/gluttonous" touch), smoke (peat) and an aromatic/cedary faint booziness (a touch of cognac close to peaty scotch and a twist of seasoned spicy tobacco). The overall effect is quite saturnine and neo-baroque, an atmosphere of old british castles, steaming waxiness (aromatic candles), precious tapestries, chapiters and bas-reliefs. Sandalwood jumps finally up imprinting a deeper woody-salty feel which is even supported by a wet spicy earthiness coming from humid tobacco and roots, roasted nuts, by leather and by a quite virile/organic "push" somewhat ambery/animalic (synthetic ambergris, honey, may be castoreum). I detect surely floral notes but I'm hardly able to isolate rose. Dry down is darker and more rounded (cocoa/tobacco/vanilla). Frankly I hardly get neither a collapse towards a sort of salty-leather linearity (the juice is finally indeed still earthy, luxurious, floral, sandalwood rounded with a touch of saltiness and averagely articulated) nor an aromachemical-oriented particularly infesting presence. The final outcome is gorgeous, exotic, piquant, salty, sexy, a great oriental fougere mainly based on patchouli, bitter cocoa, leatherish sandalwood and tobacco. A beautiful aristocratic noir patchouli ideally smelling for old aristocracies as an olfactory tribute to the end of their era.
04th October, 2015 (last edited: 05th October, 2015)
I love patchouli in all its manifestations and I adore Borneo but to me and on my skin Horizon is the best and the most rounded. Borneo opens with a blast of camphorus dark patchouli with the bitterest black chocolate whereas Horizon opens with a blast of the darkest patchouli with a beautiful slice of smooth dark chocolate.... and then goes on to slide into a smoothly gorgeous warm amber patchouli. If I spray it onto my clothes it lasts about 3 days and in my skinflint way I like that - its 120 euros for a full bottle and I like to have my money's worth. The drydown is creamy and soft and probably because I'm a lady I like that too - its much more feminine than Borneo although I like that too but wouldn't invest in a FB. Oriza are a brilliant company who specialise in creating high quality slightly old fashioned fragrances (I own FB's of Chypre Mousse and Reve d'Ossian) and I've just ordered samples of the newer ones - will keep you all posted but Horizon is a beauty for all patch lovers....long lasting smooth and me (heh heh)
04th July, 2015
Horizon opens with a nice, earthy and sweet patchouli note, on the Borneo 1834 genre but just more conventional and deprived of charme and complexity, with a dusty cocoa sweetness, rounded by a plain and elegant Iso E note of smoky woods, plus a warm and slightly humid accord of amber and tobacco. Initially pleasant, although not that original and a bit "pale", and from the very first sniff already "losing the battle" against some other more deep, raw or anyway interesting patchouli scents, without anything special to offer as added value. The worst part is however yet to come, far earlier than expected it basically collapses onto a salty, rubbery (leather? Oh...), nondescript sweaty drydown (that beloved synthetic taste of "aromachemicals overdose") with basically almost nothing left of the initial and still decent accords. Dull and clumsily rushed.

03rd July, 2014
What an exquisite blend of roasted, warm, dry, leathery notes – in my mind the pages of an antique tome in a heavy leather binding, fragrant with the dust and sweat of ages, flutter by.
The overriding opening accord of desiccated patchouli with bitter cocoa is quickly supported by myriad sympathetic tones – roast almonds, aged leather, booze, papery tobacco (rather than the sweet cured note most often encountered in perfumery), smoked vanilla. But the most thrilling aspect of all this richly fragrant aged dryness is that it is paired with something damp, mouldy and infectious – most likely the peat note in the base – which makes the whole thing come compellingly alive.
This would have been completely addictive but for the late drydown (we’re talking about 4-5 hours down the line) where this Horizon sadly shrinks to little more than a mildly sweetish patchouli.
24th April, 2014
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Horizon opens with a quick dash of almond before a slight powdery cocoa note emerges, mingling with a subtle dark dulled rose. As the fragrance enters the early heart the cocoa turns less powdery, blooming to full milk chocolate, as it mixes with the primary heart accord of boozy cognac and benzoin-laced semi-sweet amber. Natural woods and a touch of underlying anise join the remnants of the dull rose in support. As the fragrance enters the late dry-down, the cognac and dull rose dissipate while the relatively sweet amber remains dominant, now joined by traces of sanitized patchouli and suede-like leather. Projection is average and longevity is excellent to outstanding at 12-14 hours on skin.

Immediately when I sprayed Horizon on skin I thought "this smells like vintage Yohji Homme." I think it is something to do with the gourmand-like heart accord of the supporting anise mixing with the cocoa, the boozy amber and woods that begs the comparison. The rose was elusive at first, but over time what was thought as plain anise was actually partially derived from a dark dulled rose that compliments it. The heart accord is on the sweet side of neutral, but it never veers to overly sweet. If there is any part of the composition that is weakest veering away from vintage Yohji Homme it probably is the late dry-down, as the amber dominates sending the sweetness level a bit higher than desired without enough of the suede leather in the base for better balance. The bottom line is the 120 Euro per 100ml bottle Horizon is a rare instance of a gourmand that is quite appealing on the whole and definitely purchase-worthy, earning an "excellent" rating of 4 stars out of 5.
16th February, 2014

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