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Rozy Eau de Parfum (2014)
by Vero Profumo


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Year of Launch2014
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseVero Profumo
PerfumerVero Kern

About Rozy Eau de Parfum

Rozy Eau de Parfum is a feminine perfume by Vero Profumo. The scent was launched in 2014 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Vero Kern

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Reviews of Rozy Eau de Parfum

If you have Nahema of Guerlain, ( or its easier/cheaper to purchase) then you can skip this one. It has the same bright sparkly opening and the drydown is very similar too. The same tone so to speak. I find Nahema a bit nuttier and more buttery in the drydown, but they are so similar that I dont find the need to own them both.
19th October, 2017
When a perfume opens with the kind of concentrated greasiness that marks Rozy it is a statement of intent (and confidence). It says, bear with me, I have gifts to bestow, treasures to unfold.
Rozy, in its first act, is to my nose a grand perfume in the manner of Amouage’s Gold offerings: rich, opulent, giving the impression of tremendous detail, and definitely not for everyone. The layering of three notes – passionfruit, rose and honey – is dizzying, effulgent even, and yet composed with the deep soundness of classic perfumery.
The passionfruit with its joyous tartness makes the dense sweetness of the rest more palatable; the note isn’t light, instead it’s as if passionfruit curd had been translated into an olfactory instead of a gustatory delight. The rose is jammy with a touch of heady hyacinth for support. And the honey is unctuous, with a pronounced warm beeswax aspect bringing an animalic buzz. They join together into something that is full on and exuberant.
However, the second act sees the balance significantly altered, with the honey still blazing away but the passionfruit and rosy florals greatly dimmed. Much of the texture of the scent is lost, and we end up somewhere between Minya’s Hedonist and Xerjoff’s Al-Khat. Not a bad place to be but somewhat monotonous in its syrupiness after the dazzle of the first half.

06th February, 2017
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United States
Rozy EdP opens with a rose, peach and passion fruit accord with hints of lilac peeping though. As the composition shifts to its early heart the lilac quickly fades, leaving the starring fruity-floral trio to instead meld with animalic relatively dry honey. The heart accord florals exhibit an initially subtle powdery sheen that slowly increases in intensity through its remainder. During the late dry-down the animalic honey deepens, adding just a touch of sweetness as it co-stars with the now dulled remaining rose through the finish with dry natural smelling woody support late. Projection is average and longevity outstanding at well over 15 hours on skin.

When one of the best current noses in the world, Vero Kern, releases a composition called Rozy it is near-mandatory for any rose lover to take note, and of course this one certainly did... Having now worn the EdP composition on skin multiple times it is not quite what I expected, or indeed hoped for. I envisioned a big rose-centric composition, but Rozy EdP really utilizes the rose for most of its development as a co-star, sometimes in support. The composition is just as much about peach, passion fruit and mostly honey. In truth it is the honey that really glues the composition together, with the rose more as an added dimension. It should be mentioned that while maybe not as much of the focus as one might expect, rose is much more prominent in this EdP version of Rozy than in the VdE (reviewed separately as it smells significantly different). In the end the most important thing is whether the composition smells good, and indeed it does. That said, the combination of the slightly odd fruity floral mix with the animalic honey makes the composition a bit unsettling and not as easy to wear as one might expect. The bottom line is the $235 per 50ml Rozy EdP is another successful outing on the whole for the great Vero Kern, but the name is slightly misleading and the combination of fruity florals with animalic honey may not appeal to some, earning it a "very good" 3.5 stars out of 5. Recommended with some reservation, especially at its relatively lofty price point.
20th July, 2014
Upon application, the first thing that immediately catched my attention was how easy to like and very approachable Rozy EDP is. It opens with a sparkling combo of old-school fruity notes (mainly peach) paired to a minty and cold-ish geranium which served as an introduction to the main player of the whole composition: rose. Passionfruit is there as well and while confirming Vero's signature when it comes to her EDPs, it also provide a super green / unripe quality that will make of Rozy a fantastic candidate for summer wearings.

Rose takes over in the middle phase and is joined by a subtle honey note to warm-up up and slightly sweeten the overall fresh vibe. Just like in basically every other fragrance by Vero Profumo, there's a solid classicism inherent to Rozy but, Vero's mastery and incredible perfume-culture, preserve the whole composition from resulting a stereotypical old-fashioned rose. Yes, it's classic yet somewhat modern at the same time and definitely suitable for both younger crowds and grown-up audiences. The rose note is in complete harmony with the rest of the composition and while definitely being the main player, it never dominates or overwhelms the rest. Instead, it completely merges with other accords giving birth to amazing synergies one can only experience in the most accomplished works by unforgettable perfumers such as, say Kerleo. In this context, Rozy feels like a rose based fragrance, not a soliflore.

There's not much more to say about the evolution of this gem if not that a cedarwood note makes its appearance during the drydown to reinforce the bone-structure and provide an overall dryness. With that said, what really matters to make of yet another rose fragrance a standout, it's there. Solidity, honesty, culture end personality.

Downline: Definitely the most easily approachable fragrance by Vero Kern and a terrific candidate to become her best-seller.
15th April, 2014

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