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Truly (2012)
by Maria Lux


Truly information

Year of Launch2012
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseMaria Lux
PerfumerAlessandro Gualtieri

About Truly

Truly is a shared / unisex perfume by Maria Lux. The scent was launched in 2012 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri

Reviews of Truly

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United States
I don't understand the pronounced disdain for this fragrance. There's nothing here I find offensive; on the contrary, the pronounced soapiness on the open and the vanilla/amber warmth in the heart and base are perfectly acceptable. Are they groundbreaking or revolutionary? Hardly, but they're not bad. For a niche composition, I expect deeper notes and more creativity. If you feel so inclined, try a sample and see what it does for you. I won't buy a full bottle, but I'll finished my sample and I wouldn't object to another.
27th March, 2016
A pitch-shifted jasmine with synthetic-seeming fruity and ambery accents and a little candyfloss. There’s also a sourish note in the mix which could be an aldehyde as it is quite smooth and soapy, but without the expected effervescence. The one point of interest is a clove-like note in the shadows with a green almost basil aspect which may have given this perfume more personality had it been boosted. Apart from that Truly is pretty ordinary, neither truly awful (it’s quite easy to wear), nor truly exceptional.
15th January, 2015
Another Alessandro Gualtieri's experiment. While I've found quite interesting Maria Lux Deeply (in the quite synthetic range of course) I find far less appealing Truly. In intense floral "miasm" dominates the aroma. All I get is liquid synthetic iris, jasmine, may be lily, (probably tangerine), may be ylang-ylang, a touch of simil-amber, patchouli and finally a really soapy quality of musk (a plain galaxolide accent). All seems pink, plastically aqueous and supremely soapy. The elements are not easily discernible creating a onedimentional fruity/floral/musky balmy amalgam more proper for a cosmetic foam than to a veritable fragrance. Apart a vague but really vague resemblance with the (far more natural and worthy) aqueous Monegal Impossible Iris's texture ....a further fragrance forcefully jumping on mind (may be just mine) is Il Profvmo Cannabis (just the latter slightly more "fat") and for this reason I wonder if some "raw infamous material" (or better, its synthetic reproduction) could be secretly included in the recipe. Anyway not a fragrance I would ever dare to wear in public. Cloying. Not for me, sorry.
13th November, 2014
A synthetic bath soap scented with (synthetic flavours of) iris, white flowers, mint/basil, patchouli, amber, with a vague attempt to reminisce classic floral scents à la early Chanel. It does not stink, actually it smells good, as good as a liquid soap – and not only for the soapy notes, I mean literally, quality-wise too. Shallow and dull to any point of view, plus with a depressing, arrogant tendency to emulate classics with cheap quality materials and no creativity whatsoever. Beware of friendly bloggers and reviewers - friendly to Gualtieri, I mean (any resemblance to persons is entirely accidental), go get the worst Chanel or Guerlain, it will still be better than this nonsense.

03rd August, 2014
Truly is an extremely modern floral-aldehydic which shines like a razor blade. This is no soft and plush fragrance but raw, dissonant, loud, at the edge among fascination and disturbance. Just perfect, in my opinion. It features a cold floral heart (jasmin, rose, muguet?) which, due to the pungent addition of aldehydes gets dryer, sharper and brighter with passing of time. It's pure parfum in concentration, so it lasts quite long, and even not being overly diffusive, radiates noticeably from the skin.
06th May, 2014

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