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Encre Noire Sport (2013)
by Lalique


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Year of Launch2013
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerNathalie Lorson
Parent CompanyDenz > Art & Fragrance

About Encre Noire Sport

Encre Noire Sport is a masculine fragrance by Lalique. The scent was launched in 2013 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Nathalie Lorson

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Reviews of Encre Noire Sport

The fragrance in itself is very good. It is a nice take on the original Encre Noire, retaining the earthy and smoky character but in a lighter version that is more suitable to be worn in warm weather.
Why the thumbs down, then? The problem is that this fragrance does not seem to last more than a couple of hours. I have even tried deliberately over-applying, almost dousing in it, but to no avail. I am totally sure that my bottle is original and fresh, so I cannot figure out what could possibly be wrong here. I tried Terre d'Hermes once and could still smell it on my skin the day after, it's a pity that I didn't like it half as much as Encre Noire.
I am really disappointed because I love this fragrance and it would be great if people around me could actually smell it.
Sillage: none. Projection: none. Longevity: maybe three hours if you pour half a bottle on yourself.
03rd October, 2017
Fantastic, somewhat complex vetiver, that doesn't stray far from the original.

Personally, I prefer the original, because of the dark, inky, gothic vibe.. not many like it, especially at this price.

Encre Noire Sport is no slouch though. It opens up similar to Grey Vetiver, with the more citrusy take on vetiver. After it settles in, it completely changes into a dominant lavender, which can't go unnoticed. It smells like dryer sheets. By the 3-4 hour mark it warps back into the original Encre Noire DNA, a bit lighter, without the heavy dark vibe.

I think I actually get better longevity with this version too. I wasn't really set on such a blast of lavender in the mid, especially to the point where it completely changed the fragrance to me, but it's nice. Still, I prefer the original, but for the price, you might as well own both.

Once the newer version drops down in price some more, I will get that one as well.
27th December, 2016
I got this as a blind buy, having no idea what the original Encre Noire smelled like. This has a lot of watery/aquatic notes, but you will get hit with more of the Haitian vetiver and Cashmere wood on the dry down.

I could see some women pulling this off thanks in part to the Musk and Lavender. So yes, there is a slight feminine edge to this not so much that a guy would feel that this isn't for him.

This works great in the long hot days of summer.
17th October, 2016
A fresh,aromatic fragrance with tonic notes and a strong personality.ENS is a great alternative of freshness to the original version and nice alternative to a citrus based summer cologne or aquatic that delivers the thrill of a rough freshness.a pure fresh/warm scent perfect for lovers of vetiver.the scent is not too sporty that do not continue being marketed is mood is both natural and elegant.Woody,Elegant,Exciting,Smooth, Versatile,Charismatic,Clean and Ultra Masculine.

A fresh aromatic tonic notes of citrus and nutmeg combined with soft lavender which merge into a heart of cypress.warm woody base notes wrap and balance the top and middle and impart a clean,grounded energy.the output is almost an energizing shock,rich in vetiver and refreshing citrusy aromas,ideal for the modern man not for teenagers.the vetiver is dominates but clean and inoffensive.if you are looking for a more fresh and less strong scent of the original version with an emphasis on citrus and vetiver,you would like this one.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

30th June, 2016
I struggle a bit with the concept of an Encre Noire "sport". The original is so inherently dark, gloomy and unwholesome that you wonder if this should have been attempted in the first place. If the original is a solemn vampiric creature haunting an autumnal moonlight churchyard, then this is The Count himself having been kicked out into the sunshine in a smart, clean new summer suit, and told to make friends with the nice people in the park....
It's a very pleasant, light vetiver, starting with citrus, and quickly developing a distinct "green" aquatic note (what is that? Cucumber? Melon ?). I love vetiver with a passion, and I will wear this gladly, I suppose in hot weather, to the office. There are more striking, in my humble opinion accomplished, vetivers that you can wear in the summer though: Tom Ford Grey Vetiver, Sel de Vetiver, of course Guerlain Vetiver, etc. I think someone else mentioned that this scent has a tendency to come and go during the day; I also experienced that.
It's good, pleasant, elegant, a nice daytime vetiver-based, light summer scent, but not it's cold, dark and dangerous older brother. It's not inky, it's not black or dark; I think Lalique should have called this one something else.
June 2016
27th June, 2016
bejahu Show all reviews
United States
An excellent flanker of the often difficult to wear Encre Noire. The inky, rooty-vetiver DNA is still there, but it is tamer and much easier to wear than the original. I don't find myself often reaching for Encre Noire; well maybe when I'm in a tuxedo or going to a gala, but that is pretty much it. It is just too formal a scent for me, however, Encre Noire Sport is a different story. It is flexible and very wearable. And it smells great. Lalique did a great job with this one. The fact a fragrance of this high quality can be had for less than $30 US, is amazing to me. I am very happy to heartily recommend this fragrance.
14th April, 2016

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