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Special for Gentlemen (1947)
by Le Galion


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Year of Launch1947
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseLe Galion
PerfumerPaul Vacher

About Special for Gentlemen

Relaunched in 2014 when Le Galion was revived

Special for Gentlemen fragrance notes

Reviews of Special for Gentlemen

A dinosaur.
Heavy on the vanilla amber cinnamon and tonka. So much so that it actually made me cough and was ready to pounce on me if I breathed in too deeply close to where I sprayed it.
Don't know what kind of man would wear this. Certainly not anyone interested in classy masculinity either formal or informal.
Perhaps as a joke to put off a reluctant date. And if it did not put her off be even more worried.

Fragrance: 3.5/10
Projection: 8.5/10
Longevity: 8/10
07th August, 2018
Guerlain Jicky (1889),
Le Galion Special for Gentlemen (1947),
Guerlain Habit Rouge (1965).
Maybe it doesn't do complete justice to the beauty of this perfume to say that it's the link between two of Guerlain's most celebrated perfumes but it's the shortest way to explain in which field it plays.
From Jicky we have the best lavender opening in a scent ever (OK, one of the best), and also that little civety heart beating underneath. And (years before Habit Rouge) that amazing amber/powdery vanilla and resins combo in the dry-down.
Special for Gentlemen is refined, well blended, made with very good ingredients, never overpowering and always well behaved, so any animalic tendency is kept under firm control by a pleasing soft spiciness.
The leather that rounds so well Habit Rouge, here is just a whisper and the overall impression is that of a quiet, self assured nature.
Special for Gentleman is not a show-off, but that doesn't mean it's shy, unlike other fragrances that wear their boldness on their sleeve it prefers to hint at possible developments rather than just throw them in your face, and that is kind of sexy.
10th March, 2018 (last edited: 12th March, 2018)
I finally smelled the reformulation, it is nothing like the vintage with a very strong aniseed top note that is completely absent from the original. In that respect he new one is closer to what Livejazz is describing. I can't really speak about the new one qualities since i didn't wear it.
The old one which is a top 5 vintage for me is just as Le Vagabon describes and is a delight.
09th September, 2017
Surprising evolution. It starts out smelling intensely herbal and medicinal, almost like Sambuca. This lasts about 20 minutes, then it does an about face and becomes a more typical powdery-spice traditional masculine oriental/leather.

It smells very nice and the quality is high, so it gets a thumbs up, but it competes with some massive greats in this category, which can be had be had at a much better price - such as Eau d'Hermes and Habit Rouge. To my nose, Special for Gentlemen falls somewhere between those two.
11th August, 2017
JBS1 Show all reviews
United States
Classic Appeal

Very nice lavender with a soft patchouli.

Sweet cream dry depth.

A confident natural smile.

A unisex barbershop delight.
27th January, 2017
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
Le Galion’s Special for Gentlemen is just that—special and very gentlemanly. Fresh and tonic, with a spicy, ambery, woody base, Special for Gentlemen evokes a sophisticated, international man of the world who does not drift with the vagaries of fashion or trends; when you smell as good as he does, you stick with what is working. This has a sophistication and gravitas similar to Guerlain’s Heritage, with which it shares some notes--interestingly, this shares even more notes with Shalimar (minus the feminizing Jasmine, Rose and Iris) yet seems resolutely masculine to me. The fresh and citric opening has a brief note of powder that is quickly whisked away by the barber’s brush. The aromatic heart has spices that suggest anise although in fact are cinnamon, amber, cistus labdanum and patchouli. The warm woody base has a slightly animalic note creating that fresh yet dirty accord that the French do so well. Special for Gentlemen is just the thing to wear to a diplomatic reception or to the private box at a race meeting; to lunch with your lover in a Michelin starred restaurant or just when strolling the grand boulevards. This is right at home with a bespoke morning suit, a Breguet watch and custom shirts from Charvet; if you do not have any of those things, just wear Special for Gentlemen and leave everything else to the imagination.
05th July, 2016

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