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Uomo (2014)
by Valentino


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Year of Launch2014
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerOlivier Polge
Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group > Puig Prestige Beauty Brands

About Uomo

Uomo is a masculine fragrance by Valentino. The scent was launched in 2014 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Olivier Polge

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Reviews of Uomo

A very nice alternative between Dior Homme and those hypersexual gourmand fragrances.
13th August, 2016
I get the references to DHI but, this is totally different. It is much more subdued. Upon first spray, I get a very earthy fruit smell. 15-20 minutes later you definitely smell the coffee/chocolate notes, and the hazelnut cuts the harshness of the coffee. An hour or so and the leather and sandalwood give is an amazing earthiness. I get great village and projection, and it lasts 6-7 hours. This really pulls people into your space, wanting to smell you ask what you're wearing, etc. A winner in my book.
04th May, 2016
Tested from a 2ml sample over 24 hours, 3 separate applications.
Sweet and nutty throughout. The opening is a bit strange as you get this mixed with a fresh herby smell, which I have to say I don't like, but this wears off quickly. Then it's an appealing, warm, nutty gourmand scent, becoming gradually more powdery and talcy. I wouldn't wear it myself, it's too sweet, it doesn't have my notes, apart from the cedar, which to be honest I hardly detect. But I like it, it's sexy., particularly in the dry down. It's one of those I'd probably buy for someone else....
I was complimented on it too, by a woman. I'm also a bit surprised this is marketed only at men ; I would have said at least unisex.
Sillage and longevity (3 hours) moderate.
The bottle is cool, although for me it's "prickly" look doesn't match this sweet, sexy fragrance.
As I'm writing this and experiencing the end of the dry down of the last of my sample, I keep imagining a woman wearing this. Women should definitely not rule this out.
March 2016
20th March, 2016
A sweeter version of DHI, with less lipstick. Really enjoy wearing this one as it is one of those that makes me feel like I've got an edge because the scent is so interesting, fun and refined. Performance is good for a day and the sweet notes come through more as hours go by.
29th February, 2016
Another homage to the mighty Dior Homme. No surprise here as Oliver Polge is the perfumer of both VU & DH. VU dials down DH’s Iris and cardamom but ramps up the powdery cocoa and roasted vanilla. Not as good as DH but the flacon is a work of art and much nicer that DH, especially the matte black version. Since DH has been reformulated and the majesty tarnished, VU has moved closer to DH.

22nd October, 2015
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United States
The opening of this fragrance is extremely cloying. It is extremely strong and sickly sweet. Although I can understand the comparisons to DH/DHI, It much more closely resembled Lolita Lempicka au masculin. Although, there is no anise listed, I detect a very strong licorice accord. This composition has more depth and is less powdery than au masculin. The drydown is much more pleasant and reminds me very much of YSL's La Nuit. I do detect leather, coffee bean, and hazelnut but I do not detect any chocolate whatsoever. I am not a fan of this fragrance but I can understand why other's may like it. I don't particularly care for this fragrance and it feels like a mash up of a variety of different well known previously released fragrances but as stated before, I can see it's appeal. 6/10
24th August, 2015

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