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Mandarina Duck Black Extreme (2014)
by Mandarina Duck


Mandarina Duck Black Extreme information

Year of Launch2014
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
Not enough ratings.

People and companies

HouseMandarina Duck
PerfumerNathalie Lorson
Parent CompanyAngelini > Idesa

About Mandarina Duck Black Extreme

Mandarina Duck Black Extreme is a masculine fragrance by Mandarina Duck. The scent was launched in 2014 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Nathalie Lorson

Mandarina Duck Black Extreme fragrance notes

Reviews of Mandarina Duck Black Extreme

Sweet, dusty tonka and woods, similar to many other modern-compliment garnering frags put out in the past 10-15 years. It's not harsh or overly aggressive, more soft and powdery while still remaining masculine. It's a cuddle scent similar to La Nuit but just softer and more muted.

Performance is okay, projects a decent cloud for 4-5 hours. The skin scent lasts for 7-8 hours. I'd recommend spraying on clothes if you really enjoy.
04th March, 2019
Mandarina Duck Black Extreme is my first try of this house, and allegedly this entry is now discontinued.

It's primarily a dark, sweet, powdery blend that is a semi-gourmand, dominated by notes of tonka, vanilla, pepper, and woods, with citrus in the opening. It's slightly provocative but does not remotely test the boundaries of standard gourmandish designer scents for men.

It reminds me somewhat of Rocawear Evolution in it being a dark, overtly-synthetic but overall well done semi-gourmand fragrance. It's enjoyable and many, especially men, would no doubt find it enjoyable.

Performance is decent, with significant projection for a couple of hours beyond which it gradually descends into being a skin scent.

Most Mandarina Duck fragrances seem inexpensive, including the similar Black, at $20-30 for 100ml, but at potentially exorbitant discontinued pricing, Black Extreme could prove more trouble than its worth, in which case I'd just pivot to the still-cheap Evolution. And if you want to pivot to leather and oud somewhat, Bvglari Man in Black is a solid option that's comparably priced.

7 out of 10
20th August, 2018
While Ms. Lorson did stay close(ish) to the original Black, Black Extreme provides a pumped-up, potent take in this Eau De Parfum. Starting at the top and traveling all the way to the end of the scent, there is tonka. While it varies in presence, I pick it up throughout. I mean it could be listed here in the top, heart, and base and I'd believe it. So, if you don't care for that note, you probably want to look elsewhere. Sweet orange/citrus come to play at the beginning, but fade to the background during its life. I don't pick up very many floral notes. Perhaps some orange blossom, but the burly tonka with base notes of sandalwood and vanilla chow down on said floras because they's hungry. Speaking of the base, our star tonka stays in the game, joining with sandalwood and vanilla, providing hours of a semi-sweet woody mix. Pepper needs to be mentioned as there is a bit of spice present, but not much. While the original Black "can" be worn in the summer heat, Extreme has to hibernate in my collection until the fall. Of course, that would will vary dependent on your climate.

Something that I've noticed when I do wear Extreme is the high compliment factor from women. Men: not so much, in fact none....which I'm okay with.....not that there's anything wrong with that. While I do enjoy this scent, I had no idea it would be so well received. Every time...every-time I wear this in a public area, I get complimented or asked "what I am wearing/ please write the name down". Puzzled looks then ensue as they hear "Mandarina Duck", followed by questions and answers such as: "No, it is not made by nor affiliated with Duck Dynasty. Has to be the highest amount of compliments to number of wearings fragrance in my collection.

Performance is great! Finally found a newer designer Eau de Parfum release that lives up to the name. Lasts more than 10 hours and (as you can see from the previous paragraph) it gets out there. Tom Joad sums it up fairly well: "I'll be all around in the dark. I'll be everywhere. Wherever you can look". Very good projection lasts for about 6 +/- hours then starts to reign itself in.....slowly.

Definitely worth checking out while prices are low/still around. I would blind buy (bearing in mind: this is heavy with tonka and the less concentrated sandalwood/vanilla/sweet orange notes). If you like Black, you should like this: same vein, different part of the body. Hopefully, they will keep this in their lineup, but as they did a poor job (if any) in marketing. Time will tell.
07th May, 2016
Mandarina Duck Black Extreme is a really good designer fragrance that fills all my needs for a winter fragrance. It is sweet relying heavily on Tonka, Vanilla and woods (all perfect notes for the cold). MDBE has a denser vibe but the citrus notes at the top and the white florals in the heart lightens it a bit so while it feels thick it doesn't feel like a blanket like when wearing Amen another sweet Tonka heavy fragrance.

This is a nice under the radar fragrance that will demand people's attention in casual settings. I'd consider it a great date frag in any weather. Orientals in general work well on me to others. Most are warm, inviting and very people friendly. Hard to imagine a guy wearing MDBE to offend those around him if worn the right way...Which leads me to performance.

You can choke people out with this fragrance because while its not a 12+ plus scent, it get's pretty close, while projecting loudly for many hours. It lasted 9 hours on my skin. So be very wise on the amount of sprays. It can walk a fine line between 'just right' and 'too much'. anything over 4 sprays may be pressing your luck...In my opinion this is a less is more frag. But if its really cold and you feel like being obnoxious, go for once in a while I have the urge to do that

This isn't a complicated scent which evolves through its stages in a seamless Guerlain like way...It's more linear and no where near complex...But i'd buy this scent again if for nothing than the fact that most guys won't know about this brand let alone this fragrance and it smells great for hours. The EDT is very similar as others have noted and some may be hard pressed to notice the difference besides the performance aspect.

Simply Put: This is a better, warmer and stronger alternative to POLO Black or even La Nuit and would be a great all around fragrance for lovers of sweet masculine scents.

27th April, 2016
vawallpa Show all reviews
United Kingdom
You can smell the bergamot and pepper in the top notes. It quickly becomes quite fruity and almost smells like Xeryus Rouge but a bit more dark. Nice stuff :)
21st June, 2014

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