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Salt Caramel (2014)
by Shay & Blue


Salt Caramel information

Year of Launch2014
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseShay & Blue
PerfumerJulie Massé

About Salt Caramel

Salt Caramel is Shay & Blue's  second fragrance launch of 2014 (the first being Blacks Club Leather). The fragrance was created by Mane's Julie Massé in collaboration with Shay & Blue founder, Dom de Vetta. 

The gourmand fragrance was inspired by the Sea Salt Caramels made by Charbonnel et Walker, who have a Royal Warrant as Chocolate Manufacturers to the Queen of England.

The fragrance launches in September 2014.

Shay & Blue say:

Glossy caramel beckons you in. Then give in to temptation as sea salt, tonka bean and sandalwood take you to a deeper, darker edge. 

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Reviews of Salt Caramel

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United States
this is actually salted caramel on your and full bodied...after a few hours it can get annoying.spray this very lightly...thumbs up for salted caramel in a bottle...
27th November, 2017
Butterkist toffee popcorn. It's very creative, but I'm trying to think of a time that I would actually wear this.
24th October, 2017
Salted caramel is possibly my favorite flavor in the world, so when I saw this fragrance existed I knew I had to try it. That being said: I really don't like gourmand fragrances, nor anything overly sweet (tobacco vanilla had me running for the hills, for instance), so I was about 90% sure that this would be completely unwearable.

Surprisingly, it is, and it isn't.

Like others have said, this fragrance offers a ridiculously accurate interpretation of salted caramel; thick, oozing, buttery, deep golden brown goodness. It's caramel taken right to the edge of bitterness, with a hefty dose of salt that just keeps the rich sweetness from teetering over the nauseating edge. The salt is really what makes this fragrance; I've never smelled a salt note like this before.

Real salted caramel is so glorious that I tend to dip my spoon in for "tasting" a few too many times when making it, but I've learned that more is not more with this stuff. The same is true for this fragrance. It's quite potent, so don't overspray, or you'll run the risk of feeling queasy all day.

After an hour or so the straight up foodiness turns a little more perfume like. There's a hint of sandalwood underneath the luxurious layer of liquid gold, but I also seem to detect something floral that reminds me of Tom Ford's Orchid scents. There are no florals in the note pyramid, so perhaps I'm imagining things, or the vanilla is playing tricks on me.

So, could I wear this? Technically yes. The photorealistic caramel makes me smile, and, when applied judiciously, it's not too overwhelmingly sweet. Would I wear this? Probably not very often. It's so realistic that it doesn't quite feel like a fragrance, and I would probably be a bit self-conscious wearing this around other people. However, I plan on trying to layer this with something dry and smokey (a sort of campfire-caramel experience), which could make this more wearable for me.

If you love caramel, or if gourmands are your jam, this is certainly worth a try!

14th February, 2017 (last edited: 15th February, 2017)
Salty & Sweet...

I didn't know what to expect from this one before I tried it. Would it be too much for me? Would it be overwhelmingly sweet or cloying? Would I have to scrub it off?

Thankfully, none of those things happened because it's a wonderful fragrance and one I appreciate a lot. It's true there is a degree of linearity to this one but it is simple and has such a nice smell that I don't dislike it at all, in fact it's really quite nice!

I think the best thing about it is the addition of salt to the mix, because without that, it would just have smelled nauseatingly sweet (ie just pure caramel). So to be able to balance the sweet and sour (yin-yang) aspects of this was a really good step to take when composing this one.

I do see where the vanilla and sandalwood come in, as the dry-down starts to happen. The smell of salted caramel stays throughout, turning into a caramel biscuit/cookie feel by the end. For me it's something I really like. As a gourmand lover I would recommend it if you are into these kinds of fragrances. It's worth a try.
02nd February, 2017
Whatever were they thinking?
Would definitely suit anyone wanting to claim he or she works in confectionery.
It made me laugh. I used the spritz sample card in my car air vent. Invariably, people ask what I've been eating and why did I have to eat so much of it.
Having loathed so many anodyne offerings, I applaud the bloody mindedness of this fragrance design as gourmand gungho. Can't wait to discover more mundane things elevated to fragrant excess.
24th May, 2016
I know that my review will attract the thumbs down from those who think that this is the epitome of fragrance perfection but its premise is one on resembling the scent of chocolates, in particular Charbonnel et Walker Salted Caramel Truffles.

To me however, it has an overly sweet, over burnt with a bitter tinge to the aroma scent of vanilla cake that your teenage daughter has been making and has forgotten about whilst chatting online or on her mobile phone about making a fantastic cake and how she's going to blog it.

The fragrance has been advertised and hyped by journalists and the fashion set, but nothing prepares you for the smell as you open that oven to retrieve the burnt mess and then desperately run it under cold water in order to get rid of the overpowering stench.

This is not a subtle soft skin scent, it's full on, trumpeting every variant of vanilla and vanillin substitute, bringing in a few cannonballs of Tonka bean and sandalwood to assault an unwary olfactory bulb further.

The worst aspect of this fragrance for me is that the wearer develops an olfactory blindness to it and then insists that it has worn off - it's an eau de parfum - and psst, a cloud is emitted from the blue atomiser enveloping the wearer and several others in the fog of traumatic teenage homebaking.

Its sillage is quite sizeable, it doesn't quite knock on doors before entering and its longevity is several hours but as stated the wearer often doesn't believe this...

Some will insist that I am wrong, but that's OK, there will be fragrances I love that you will not understand.

Those of you who are looking for an alternative to Mugler's Angel or Demeter fragrance library's Saltwater Taffy may see this as a variation on a theme and enjoy it; those around you may think otherwise...

I really don't know what Shay and Blue were attempting with this gourmand but I can assure you it will be like those little brown pots of Marmite with the yellow and red labels - you'll either love it or hate it.
05th January, 2016

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