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Lampblack (2013)
by Bruno Fazzolari


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Year of Launch2013
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseBruno Fazzolari
PerfumerBruno Fazzolari

About Lampblack

Smoky notes that recall ink or tar are balanced by fresh bitter grapefruit, nagarmotha, vetiver and spice. Lampblack is at once luminous and dark.

Bruno Fazzolari says "Lampblack is named for the pigment in India ink, formerly made from the soot of oil-burning lamps. My goal with this scent was to enhance the ink-like notes of nagarmotha in a way that would create a transparent, colorful darkness. "

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Reviews of Lampblack

Ominous orange and grapefruit. Warm and cool at the same time, this scent is - which of course, makes no sense. Perhaps the pepper has something to do with it. Lampblack turns earthy, like the smell of the coal region here in Pennsylvania, after some serious rainfall. The cypriol may be adding to this vibe. This is a pretty interesting fragrance as it develops.

It is definitely more masculine than femme. I'd wear it if I had more of it. I digress.

Benzoin and vetiver add some charm later on. The sum of its parts remind me of something overly industrial. A 55 gallon drum full of discarded amounts of petrol, creosote, carburetor cleaner, rubber cement, and heating oil. I dig it.
20th September, 2018
Genre: Woods

Lampblack smells quite simple to me: a dry, transparent accord of cypriol and vetiver – perhaps a bit like Timbuktu, but without the weird. I find it pleasant, but not terribly interesting. I keep feeling that it wants to be more than it is, that it requires another layer of complexity or intrigue to complete itself. Not bad at all, but a bit of a disappointment coming from the author of Au Dela Narcisse, Montserrat, and Ummagumma. I realize I am an outlier here, but hopefully there’s still some room left in today’s world for (mild) dissent.
30th June, 2018
Having worked my way through the Fazzolari line, I think the two big winners are Au Dela Narcisse (an unexpected old-school honeysuckle) and this one, Lampblack. Lampblack seems like an easy sell, being the kind of dark niche that's popular with the sort of perfume aficionado who would enjoy Fazzolari's art-meets-perfume aesthetic.

So what does it smell like? It kicks off with a charred meat note that reminds me of Lonestar Memories, but played against tomato leaf. The meaty quality fades quickly, leaving as the primary smell a complex interplay of burnt charcoal and that tomato leaf. It's a clever mix - the charred wood (which hints at leather as well) does a good job masking the inevitable vomit undertone of the tomato leaf. Meanwhile, there's some fruit hiding in plain sight, acting as a brightening element, as well as a dark, mossy green galbanum base that cleverly ties together the green of the tomato and the woodiness of the charcoal. This should appeal to fans of dark niche like Nasomato's Black Afgano or Byredo's M/Mink, but the leafy greens are enough to make it unique.
02nd November, 2017
Lampblack seems to be Bruno Fazzolari's most celebrated release, and so in purchasing the Portfolio sample set, I was most looking forward to trying out.

It lives up to the darkness of its name, perhaps best summarized as an "inky vetiver." I get a damp, earthy quality from it, but admittedly something also seemingly synthetic in the inky vein. I don't detect too many of the listed notes---citrus at the onset, sure, and maybe some pepper, but not benzoin or any of the other items; granted, some of the notes are probably imaginary as with Imaginary Authors.

Certainly geared more toward cold weather but not prohibitively dense for warm weather wearing, especially at night, Lampblack is strong but not overwhelming, consistent with what I'm sensing is a trend of good projection but great longevity from Bruno Fazzolari's line.

I'm not in love with it but I do like it more than I generally like vetiver-dominant fragrances, and it makes for an intriguing entry in the line.

7 out of 10
06th April, 2017
I don't get much vetiver in this fragrance - only present in supporting cast. There is a prominent grapefruit note in the beginning, with some smokiness. Sure, there is an allusion to an 'ink note', somewhat in the manner of the CdG Odeur perfumes. The smokiness subsides after about an hour, leaving behind a dry down of grapefruit-ink-nagarmotha. It wears with a subtle and deceptive sillage, and endures about 6-7 hours on skin.

Lampblack does quite poorly on the Guy Robert test for me. The 'sweaty' aspect of the dry down comes from the combination of grapefruit and nagarmotha notes. This ajwain sweatiness is a little hideous (unlike cumin, which has a warmth). Eventually, the fragrance comes across as a genre exercise in quirkiness rather than being innovative, and is also somewhat unpolished.

This is like one of those modern art paintings. It's there on exhibit, and everyone is in admiration - largely because everyone else is in, too. Nobody wishes to buy it privately, but wouldn't admit so in public.

Pros - intriguing, not a top-note con job.

20th February, 2017
Sort of similar to CDG black, but a bit less powerful to me. I get a very faint citrus smell and to me, that's all it needs to balance out the darkness of the tar/ink in it. I do love the creativeness of Lampblack, and I can see it as full bottle worthy down the line sometime!

I finally put my finger on another comparison that I had smelled before but couldn't remember/figure out up until now.....Bowmakers! Not that the notes are exactly a match or anything, but the aura around both, with that "waxy/rubbery/tar/shop" type vibe in both. Lampblack though has just a touch of sweetness that I don't find in Bowmakers. Both are great though!
13th February, 2017 (last edited: 15th February, 2017)

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