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Jimmy (2013)
by Bruno Fazzolari


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Year of Launch2013
GenderShared / Unisex
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HouseBruno Fazzolari
PerfumerBruno Fazzolari

About Jimmy

"Jimmy is inspired by the work of the New York School poet, James Schuyler, friend to painters and lover of violets. This is my lightest and most carefree scent" — Bruno Fazzolari.

Reviews of Jimmy

This has a beautiful, refreshing, I think very unisex, floral opening that to my nose is fairly unique and I could easily see this being my go-to spring scent. As it progresses I get the perfect amount of sillage, pleasant wafts that dance in and out but are never overbearing. Just a beautiful scent and as much as I love "Au Dela" I will probably go for this one as it seems more versatile/unisex on me. My only issue is I've noticed late in it's development I get that sweet, light boozy skin scent that reminds me of the day after when one has been drinking the night before. Not the pungent beer and whisky sweat more like you went to bed after a bottle or two of Chardonnay. It's still wonderful juice though so it goes to the near top of my wish list and I probably won't wait until spring to get a bottle.
28th September, 2016
I am somewhat torn, and could change my mind, but I am giving Jimmy a neutral rating instead of thumbs up. I like the smell, and I like the development, and I consider the perfumer clever, with tricks up his sleeve, but I cannot realistically envision buying a bottle to wear it routinely.
23rd June, 2016
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The opening blast has an air of flowery freshness. A combination of florals, including rose, geranium, a very green violet, hints of oleander and a lovely jasmin combine beautifully. It owes its fresh component to a good lashing of ylang-ylang, which is especially prominent for the first half hour on my skin, before the floral potpourri moves into the foreground.

Later in the drydown softer and slightly sweeter notes are added, including heliotropes - the white garden variety mainly. In the base a gentle and soft wood note combines with whiffs of tonka, but this scent never sheds the dominance of the floral heart notes and always remains well-balanced.

The performance is solid, with moderate sillage, adequate projection and six hours longevity on me.
The quality of the ingredients is sublime, the blending exquisite and, although the performance is more on the average side, this is a delightful composition that is beautiful on a bright and sunny spring day. 3.5/5

17th November, 2015 (last edited: 08th December, 2015)
One of the best floral scents (jasmine in particular) I've stumbled over in my life. Trust me guys, rarely I've tested on skin something so realistic, so "fragrant" and natural, it seems to feel the flowers under the nose in the middle of a field (you can catch floral pollen, grass, leaves, the wet earth, the bees hums). Jimmy is a balmy ethereal take on the floral theme and is the unique Bruno Fazzolari's uncompromisingly feminine accord. Violet leaves are in my opinion the dominant floral presence in the opening phase (providing initially their typical sense of languid and vaguely sinister romanticism) immediately followed by jasmine (the floral backbone) and rose (the latter more prominent along the soapy rose-jasmine dominant dry down). There is a spectacular peachy-orangy-eliotropic sort of "lacteous" balminess encompassing the floral elements (which is finally soapy and rosey). The atmosphere is dreamy and languid like a "pale sun" afternoon for the tracks of a Victorian garden. Ylang-ylang (marvellously joined with eliotrope, soft balsams and musk) provides sweet spiciness and an evocative, "far in the memory" and exotic childish twist. There is a light (never aggressive) natural greenness all around. The texture is not extremely articulated but the elements quality is extreme and the floral rendition is superb (something soapy-fruity-edible and irresistibly comforting and sensual). I detect (not just conceptually) a resemblance with La Via del Profumo's Tawaf (a slightly more honeyed, "moody" and "dirty-resinous" one) with its floral poetic central botanic accord. The dry down is really balmy-musky, vaguely vanillic, indolic (floral pollen veined) and superbly smooth (a creamy and vaguely honeyed jasmine is heady in this phase). Pure heaven.
22nd February, 2015 (last edited: 28th April, 2015)

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