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Choco Musk
by Al Rehab


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GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Choco Musk

Choco Musk is a shared / unisex perfume by Al Rehab.

Reviews of Choco Musk

To me this is the smell of sugar rather than cacao. It smells like opening a swiss-miss hot cocoa packets with those strange little crunchy mini marshmallows. It's synthetic/powdery sugar with a touch of chocolate. There's some sort of dry nuttiness (reminiscent of brazil nuts) as well that I've noticed in other synthetic chocolate scents like Somethin' Special's Chocolate Drizzle. There's definitely musk here as well. Clean, not animalic. A simple scent, but jeez does it last a long time - a swipe from my rollerball will leave a musky sugary scent on my skin for about 2 days. Though it's not a satisfying chocolate scent for me, I still use it occasionally for layering under more complex scents. Layered with cocoa butter after a shower, it's a simple, sweet musky scent that seems to attract men. Hmph.
13th October, 2017
The name Choco Musk says it all: milk chocolate with a touch of musk. This fragrance doesn't change or develop on my skin at all: I had been expecting something more along the lines of Mugler's A*Men, but what I got was Cadbury's Dairy Milk in a bottle!

Not at all unpleasant, but milk chocolate, and very little else.
24th March, 2017
Yum, yum and YUM! Warm, smooth, creamy chocolate. This is an entirely different beast to my other chocolate scents; sweet, but not too sweet, with a lovely kick from the sandalwood and spices and a soft warmth from the amber. I got this last Friday, rolled some on my girlfriend for her to try, and her husband immediately pounced on her and started sniffing and smooching her. I wore it to a party the following night, and the first thing I heard when I walked into the room was oh yum, whats that, it smells delicious! The lady took down the name of this scent and said shed be ordering some as soon as she got home. Similar to Chocolate Greedy, but without that smoky overtone, a bit like The Exact Friction of Stars, but without the sweet blood orange note. Longevity is great I could still smell this, only softer, the next morning. Projection is good too around arms length. My husband reckons this smells more spicy than sweet, which just shows how differently our noses are wired I get some spice, but I mostly get yummy chocolate! Ive been having a lot of fun layering this with different scents. So far the ones Ive layered this with are: Purr (Katy Perry) pretty; Jovan Musk unusual but theres something really quite lovely about they way they work together; Tabu warm, spicy chocolate; Vanille (Reminiscence) look out, vanilla chocolate bomb! Its excellent value too I picked up two 6ml rollerball bottles for less than $15 on ebay, including delivery. A very definite thumbs up from me. Im definitely keen to explore more from the Al-Rehab line.
26th November, 2016
Choco Musk is one of my favourite Al Rehabs and its great for layering. Its a sweet chocolate with huge sillage and good longevity.
27th August, 2016
The scent of an expensive chocolate shop.Choco Musk is a wonderful comfort scent.not very dark chocolate but dusted with cocoa powder,sweet dreamy warm melted milk chocolate that is not sickening is a softer version of Montale Cahocolate Greedey.the quality is very good for the price.a yummy milk chocolate with a hint of vanilla and a really nice cacao bean and vanilla dry down.the milk chocolate is heavier to me than the cocoa.Delicious,Yummy,Sweet, Soft,Luscious,Warm,Vanillic,Scrumptious,Cuddly Irresistible,Gourmand,Pure Linear.

The beginning of choco musk is a mouthwatering ode to delectable creaminess of milk chocolate while the dry down is hot vanilla with a good dose of musk extract liberally sprinkled with marshmallows that is not overly rich or strong in fact stays relatively close to the skin.this lovely mixture is a aphrodisiac of the senses just like chocolate.the versatility of the strength of this chocolate scent is adaptable and user friendly.perfect choice for intimate occasions and lovers of wearable chocolate with a warmth and richness like the chocolate outside of an Oreo cookie.


Longevity?+6 hours on my skin.

10th August, 2016
bigbz Show all reviews
United States
Count me in as having MUCH love for Choco Musk!!!

First off, it's price point is unbelievable for the smell you get. Also I love that it evolves from a dusty/slightly darker cocoa vibe, to a lovely vanilla marshmallow like drydown. Oh, and did I mention that it literately lasts FOREVER on me!(like multiple shower tenacity on my skin!) Fantastic gourmand fragrance!
15th January, 2016

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