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Armani Eau d'Arômes (2014)
by Giorgio Armani


Armani Eau d'Arômes information

Year of Launch2014
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseGiorgio Armani
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > Prestige & Collections

About Armani Eau d'Arômes

Armani Eau d'Arômes was launched in February 2014. The fragrance has citrus top notes (mandarin, bergamot), followed by spices (ginger, chill, cardamom) over a base of vetiver, patchouli and ambergris.

The fragrance is a follow up to 1984's Armani Eau pour Homme, and more recently – 2013's Armani Eau de Nuit.

Giorgio Armani say:

An effortless and richly textured spicy-woody fragrance for a luxurious evasion. Fresh, citrus top notes of bergamot and mandarin orange are brightened with ginger. At its heart, cardamom, sage and hot chili pepper collide with the dry crispness of vetiver, over a sensual patchouli and rare ambergris accord

Armani Eau d'Arômes fragrance notes

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Reviews of Armani Eau d'Arômes

This is a nice spring and summer fragrance that may lend itself to the fall as well. Nothing offensive to the nose and does start with a solid citrus mix with vetiver and ginger in the drydown. I do get a slight patchouli wave here and there in the dry down as well. Overall I do like it... Not sure that I love it... For the price it's ok to blind buy if you are in need of a warm weather scent. Otherwise TRY BEFORE YOU BUY. Enjoy!
12th June, 2017
I really like it...if you can sample this def do it. I had been travelling for about 12 hours and I got to test this at duty stuck well with me for the rest of the journey. I will be buying this.

Composition is unique. Longevity is mid level, but you can fix it by overspray. There is something masculine and dirty about this...this is what you wear for a NSA discreet encounter for sure. Lusty...
18th August, 2015
Wow! Eau D'Aromes is a blast of delicious citrus. At first spray I smell the citrus (mandarin orange, bergamot) mixed with the ginger. Dries down to a very nice sweet vetiver, patchouli. I still detect the citrus in the dry down. Perfect for the hot summer months and nights. I love it!

11th August, 2015
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The bergamot is pleasantly mixed with mandarin in the opening, with cardamom and vetiver in the drydown. The base is deeper and a bit darker with its patchouli and ambergris components. Alas the base is very generic and dull. I get moderate sillage, limited projection and three hours of longevity. 2/5
26th March, 2015
The Armani Eau d'Aromes's opening is incredibly pleasant, all the "sparkling" elements smell fresh-aromatic, the note of vetiver is by soon heady and is perfectly combined with a blast of citrus and fluidy-aromatic spices (cardamom and ginger). Really exotic, orangy and classically appointed (Eau Sauvage classic and several 4711's jump on mind). In a few time unfortunately the vetiver's presence recedes, the general aroma becomes less fresh, warmer, more resinous, almost one-dimensional and far less appealing. I detect some "piquancy" in the air, the peppery presence is undeniably heady and in my opinion "over-charged". The resinous orangy vibe starts becoming mastering (an intensely orangy amber-orange accord as surrounded by a sharp spicy aura) and (in this final phase) scents a la Bvlgari Aqua Amara and Eau Sauvage Extreme New/Intense (namely scarcely interesting scents) jump up in the "lounges" of the olfactory memory. A dark patchouli provides a more somber aura, the note of mandarine "over stresses" the orangy feel while the resinous vibe turns out really intense (the note of amber seems being combined with a touch of spicy-orangy frankincense). In this final phase a weird "plastic-synthetically woody" undertone comes up in the background. A pity but is hard to expect much more by a mass market new juice (which is not in this case beyong the limit of the decency anyway). Another "pleasant-mediocre" fragrance in the olfactory "ocean".
13th March, 2015
This is a nice, summery scent. Light, translucent, dry, smooth, classy.
Doesn't have a big profile or make an original statement but it is much better than many of the current offerings.
Opens with tangy bergamot and crisp citrus notes. Followed by peppery spice notes. The mid and base notes are well blended and satisfying. The dry-down is a bit spicy, soapy, with hints of vetiver and an earthy-leather note.
13th December, 2014

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