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Pharrell Williams GIRL (2014)
by Comme des Garçons


Pharrell Williams GIRL information

Year of Launch2014
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseComme des Garçons
PerfumerAntoine Lie

About Pharrell Williams GIRL

The fragrance was conceived by Williams, and created by Christian Astuguevieille, creative director of Comme des Garçons Parfums, with Antoine Lie of Takasago. The bottle, logo and packaging have been designed by House + Holme, featuring bold, cartoonish artwork by the artist Kaws. The fragrance will launch at CDG's Dover Street Market, London on 1st September 2014, before rolling out to global DSM stores and Sephora on 5th September.

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Reviews of Pharrell Williams GIRL

This scent suffers from a sad dead-girl bottle, and a lot of cranky reviews (especially on other sites). Despite all that, I find myself reaching for it whenever the air's a little coolish -- it's got the iris and violet that gives it a mildly powdery quality at the core, but all roughed up by an earthy, woody, peppery edge. This girl likes it.
27th August, 2015
woody and spicy with good duration and low projection, surely not worth its price tag....
21st February, 2015
Ew, seriously? The big star of Girl is definitely that generic aquatic "woody amber" smell that's in every cheap men's scent. There's just a minute at the top where it's flanked with interesting sage and vetiver and smells kind of like something Comme Des Garcons might do in their serious line, but then that fake grape smell that's in every mall masculine comes in and cements Girl as commonplace junk.

In a way, if you've somehow managed to avoid every Axe body spray and discount-site men's scent for the last fifteen years, you MAY find Girl appealing as a sort of dumbed-down Black Afgano or as a mediocre entry path into mass-market "niche". But you can smell like this with very little effort for way less money.
08th February, 2015
mgrz Show all reviews
United States
I bought this blind upon hearing of Pharrell's involvement with CdG on this, and never having a CdG before, I thought this might be a good intro. It was expensive, the KAWS bottle only in the 3.3oz. of course(!), but the first blast to the neck hooked me! It's a fragrance that appears/disappears over time, and really loving only a scent that I can smell on myself throughout the day, I'm into it! I was dismayed at other BNer's bashing the name 'Girl', but after some fact-checking, apparently 'Girl' is also the title of Pharrell's new album, so maybe this was designed as a kind-of partner-product to the new album? Anyway, another bold step from a true original.
08th December, 2014 (last edited: 09th December, 2014)
Girl has a peculiar opening which smells at the same time conventional and unusual: a compelling blend of clean-powdery flowers (violet), slightly creamy-soapy too (ylang?), something similar to musk ketones providing their signature sort of sweet milky-fruity creaminess (something quite close to fig, although it’s not listed), a really fresh and zesty mix of green, minty, aromatic herbs (I get basil and mint) and citrus-neroli notes, a pleasant, soft woody-mossy accord, vanilla and – here comes the slightly more “unusual” part – a well-executed spicy-resinous dry accord which I can not dissect but that manages to “break” an otherwise fairly conventional blend (green-fruity-woody-milky), making it become a somehow more creative, playful, colourful collage. I read these spicy-pungent notes may be pepper and styrax but I also smell something heavily synthetic that makes them slightly more pungent and rubbery. Anyway, the final result is a really pleasant and funny sort of “colourful white” scent, meaning it’s white, clean, green, but with a lot of nuances which go just great together – a pink silky-vanillic floral breeze, crunchy woody-green tips, a mossy base, a culinary-Oriental touch of spices, a hyper-fake fruity note which however here works somehow, and an overall contemporary feel (and also a bit “mainstream” to be honest... norlimbanol?) which is restrained and well-blended enough not to ruin the look. The drydown is a bit disappointing as it’s mostly about rubbery-spicy stuff, but for some 2-3 hours it’s a nice scent to wear. Shortly, not the most original fragrance around for sure, but it’s Pharrell in the end, and as far as I know him, I think it quite reflects his approach to music business: half mainstream, half creative, a bit “teenish”, but careful enough to put together a decent product. Too expensive for its value in my opinion and surely incomparable to several other Comme des Garçons, but still nice!

08th November, 2014
Being myself a Comme Des Garcons aficionado, I don't deny that the news about this collaboration with Pharrell Williams left me a bit surprised. Yes, CDG delivered a bunch of *fancy* streetwear-inspired collections in the past (especially in their *Play* line) but, for the most part, I think their aesthetic is very distant from diamond rings / earrings and revised ranger's hats. I'm surely missing something here because there must be something else beside, um, mere commercial purposes that links these two entities but, when I think about Comme Des Garcons, what immediately comes to mind is their unmistakeable drop-crotch pants or their most avant-garde / punk-ish designs. I can't help it. Bascially because that's what I always liked about the brand. I can honestly live without their doodle-style red-hearts logos.

With that said, the fragrance is nothing more than a decent spicy woody concoction with floral facets. It opens with a leafy / green violet note paired to pepper. A smooth and kind of milky accord provide a fig-like vibe and some entertaining juxtapositions between transparent notes and opaque ones. The fragrance then turns into a darker synth woody / incensey drydown that dangerously borders into plastic-y woodyamber territories. That's it.

It's nice and, depending on your tolerance to woodyambers, it's also pleasant to wear but, while feeling *smarter* than most celebuscents available on the market, it really adds NOTHING to the Comme Des Garcons roster.

All in all I would suggest this to either Comme Des Garcons novices or to the brand's completists. People who don't have a special fondness towards the brand and are simply into *interesting* fragrances, might want to look somewhere else.

Given Kaws' involvement in the design of the bottle, this might become a collector's item pretty soon.

30th October, 2014

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