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Onsen (2014)
by MiN New York


Onsen information

Year of Launch2014
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production / Limited Edition
Average Rating
Not enough ratings.

People and companies

HouseMiN New York
PerfumerJulien Rasquinet

About Onsen

Part of MiN's "Scent Stories" Collection Volume 1. The collection will feature 11 fragrances, which will be available to members in 2014, before a wider distribution in 2015.

Reviews of Onsen

Upon first spritz, this overwhelmed me with what smelled like Key lime. Citrus, pine, green vetiver, soap are the first impressions. It is wearable, even somewhat likable but as other have said, smells like a department store fragrance. I know others don't take price into consideration, but I do. To pay $240 for a fragrance, it better stand out in the crowd, and this just does not.
14th May, 2017
A decent green fragrance that is not bad in warm (not hot) weather. Gives off a slight licorice vibe after about 30 minutes. Nothing mind blowing IMO,but one that is wearable. 7/10
11th June, 2015
The opening of Onsen is like a blast of green / dark green notes that range from hinoki to astringent artemisia via pine and vetiver. It immediately made me think of Hinoki by CDG but, unfortunately, the biggest portion of this fragrance by MiN NY, is occupied by a massive and exhausting dry / mineral, kind of mossy, woody-amber base that immediately drives it towards cheap grocery-shop style body deodorant territories. It's interesting for the first half an hour, nice for the second hour or so…completely exhausting for the remaining fourteen hours of lasting power.


If you like hinoki-themed / centered fragrances, both CDG Hinoki and Angela Ciampagna Nox are two cheaper and better options.
13th May, 2015
Onsen stands out as unique in this collection, and has somewhat of a crossover feel to appeal to fans of designer or mass market fragrances, I think. It's complex and interesting, but the smell is not really to my liking. This one is a little like Bleu de Chanel and YSL L'Homme Libre; but I think I prefer these designer options.
13th May, 2015
Finally the first MiN scent I like, and aside from my personal taste, that I “objectively” find compelling, solid, “finished” and mature. It smells nice and unlike most of the others among this line, it smells like if someone actually put some care and creativity until the very last try before the final version. Basically for me this is a really interesting sort of contemporary mint-woody-ambery scent with a sweet, slightly creamy but at the same time woody-salty base which I guess contains notes of anise and vetiver. Perfectly blended with a crisp, bracing fresh top accord of mint, sharp balsamic pine notes, citrus, maybe other tart aromatic herbs like basil – “invigorating balsamic greenness”, shortly. So far, it may sound a quite conventional, astringent-balmy green-citrus scent with some added woodiness; the thing I enjoy is that they manage to “fit in” a truly pleasant and extremely sophisticated accord of smoky-musky and “ash-y” amber, with a slight nutty aftertaste. Quite subtle but definitely distinctive, providing a really enjoyable feel of mellow, velvety “grey roundness” to the blend. And it does not clash at all with the overall “transparent” and sharp balsamic-green mood; on the contrary it provides just a subtle shade of refined, slightly dark and dusty warmth – warm yet aloof - which goes just irresistibly good with the rest.

As others have noted Onsen shows quite a meticulous minimalistic work, which doesn’t mean the scent is light; just discreet, simple, yet creative and extremely refined – a whispered, quiet type of refinement. Vaguely reminiscent of some 2000s designers though (and a couple of deodorants too, but I want to skip that for once), but in a positive way; it smells like taking just some of that, well blending it with a “niche” approach. Maybe because I wore it the other day but it reminds me of Paul Smith London for instance; or better say, a “depleted” version of it, taking away basically all the creamy-sweet powderinesss (not entirely though; leaving just a grain here). Onsen smells like the olfactory portrait of some wealthy yuppie’s avantgarde “all-concrete” mansion in the deep woods; greenish and mineral grey, breezy and slightly pretentiously sophisticated, an artificial structure cleverly integrated into a natural ambiance. Or even better, the sculpture “Mirror House” by Altenburger, as Onsen does indeed contain a beautiful slight “metallic-glass” feel. Linear drydown, a bit cheaper than the way more interesting early stages, mostly focused on a citrusy-musky synthetic amber-woody note which may easily become a bit boring... but nonetheless, pretty well done overall for me.

15th April, 2015

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