Dirty Flower Factory (2014)
    by Kerosene

    • Launched: 2014
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: John Pegg
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

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    Dirty Flower Factory Fragrance notes

    Rose, Jasmine, Orange blossom, Peppercorn, Chili pepper, Sandalwood, Ambergris, Musk

    Dirty Flower Factory information

    Dirty Flower Factory was launched by Kerosene in Summer 2014

    Perfumer, John Pegg says:

    Flowers spiked with grit, laying next to a disheveled bed and a pair of black Doc Martins. This is the Dirty Flower Factory machine, made up of roses, jasmine, orange blossom, spiced with pepper and grounded with musk and ambergris. A scent for those that don't want to smell pretty all the time.

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    Quite right that this is not a shy, nuanced, gone in a flash, can barely smell beyond 2 hr perfume. However it does not arise to a loud perfume, 'screamer', for raves, 'party girls' & tweens. Apply lightly to enjoy the fragrance, not bathe in it and chase everyone out of the room! That said, the opening notes are a jumble. Kerosene himself has said in describing this edp: "Flowers spiked with grit, laying next to a disheveled bed" (he meant flower bed), and that is exactly what the scent of the opening notes evoke. The drydown is lasting, with ambergris and bright musk with the jasmine & rose lingering a bit. A fragrance for daywear. For those who simply do not care what others think about it, wear it for themselves just because they enjoy it and don't want to smell like every 'popular' scent that everyone else coming and going is wearing. This fragrance is different, interesting and unusual as are all of Kerosene's offerings. If you are mostly a mainstream perfume wearer or tend to gravitate to the big name perfume houses that are on overkill with flanker # 42 of the original edp, you probably won't enjoy or even understand the direction this perfume house takes.

    01st February, 2015

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    United States United States

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    Well, the note that it is, is pretty - lots of jasmine, less rose and some orange blossom - but this fragrance is a screamer. It has one volume - loud. It's not a diva, histrionic, or pretentious. It's just partying full blast, without subtlety, at the top of its lungs. Rave-worthy. And probably appreciated there. But not so much in any place with less amplitude. This fragrance has that high clear bright jasmine that can't help but be too loud. It's amped up a bit by ambergris and musk that don't really stand out except to intensify the florals. It's sparked by pepper, which makes its party personae complete. Yet it's sweet (in the old sense, non-gourmand) and pretty. I have a weakness for fragrances with a hot floral bouquet like this, but I honestly can't think of anywhere I'd wear this except in bed. This is for serious party girls who aren't looking for subtlety. Dirty Flower Factory would be very pretty on them.

    03rd September, 2014

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