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Flo´d (1932)
by Flo´d


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Year of Launch1932
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyColomer Group

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Flo´d is a masculine fragrance by Flo´d. The scent was launched in 1932

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A gentlemanly legend.
07th October, 2017 (last edited: 08th October, 2017)
Floid has a bit of a name among the wet shaving aficionado community as one of the classic 'barbershop' preparations. Every country has its traditional classic and this is one of Spain's. It has the provenance: history going back to the 1930s, which is always mesmerising for traditionalists, the glass bottle, a well-groomed gentleman on the label...but what about the fragrance itself?

Well, like many other classics it has been through the modernisation process and aside from their core product there are a few offshoots. When I bought this, at a wonderful old-fashioned chemists's shop, I unknowingly picked up the newest formulation which is in a black box and with 'Nueva Fragancia' in the top corner. This version has moved away from the typical barbershop aroma and smells almost identical to Avon's, surpisingly good, but sweet, fragrance 'Tomorrow'. This version of Floid is a sweet fragrance that I didn't really take to. Luckily I had already applied some of this from a tester in the shop and decided I didn't want to keep this version. The shop happily exchanged the bottle for the Floid classic preparation in the orange box (masaje genuino, mentolada vigoroso). It's a 150ml bottle and I paid 14 euros for it.

The original Floid (assuming there has been no major reformulation) is closer to the mark. Upon application it is a burst of menthol and you could initially imagine that you've paid over the odds for a basic menthol aftershave splash. However, this evaporates rapidly and the florals that eventually come through are quite heavy; more like rich, late spring tree blossoms such as horse chestnut. There is also a distinct woodiness in there, perhaps sandalwood, a light muskiness, spicy elements, a soft lavender talc underneath and genuine oakmoss (evernia prunastri) at the base.

It is a very traditional fragrance and distinctly masculine. It has the sort of smell that, if you're old enough to remember, is reminiscent of men who were probably in their prime in the 1940s and 1950s. Young ladies of today would probably not like it in the context of a gentleman's personal fragrance, but the smell is both calming and authoritative. If I could get a concentrate of this I'd use it in a burner to give my house the gentleman's club smell.

The sillage is moderate and after a liberal application it lasts for a maximum of about 4 hours, as might be expected from an aftershave. It is, after all, not an EdT.

If you like traditional, masculine fragrances that take you back to the heyday of the real men's barbershop, but which can still work today, Floid might be for you. For me it's the Spanish Tabac.
07th June, 2015 (last edited: 21st June, 2015)
masj78 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Bought this in Salou in Spain last year. Very strong floral musk barbershop in your face notes on the opening. But then dries down to pleasant floral talcy notes. Bit dated and probably for the older gent.
09th September, 2014

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