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L'Homme Idéal (2014)
by Guerlain


L'Homme Idéal information

Year of Launch2014
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerThierry Wasser
Parent CompanyLVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton

About L'Homme Idéal

Guerlain say:

The ideal man is a myth. His fragrance, a reality. Guerlain decodes men’s aspirations and creates for them a concentrate of ideal. 

The ideal fragrance? Smart, handsome, strong. Three adjectives, three accords for this fresh woody fragrance that will trigger your full potential

The fragrance was launched in 2014, and created by perfumer Thierry Wasser

L'Homme Idéal fragrance notes

Reviews of L'Homme Idéal

The opening is quite sweet citrus, orange blossom coupled with an almond amaretto accord that turns the initial sweet almond to powdery tobacco soon after. Cedar and vetiver add some balance to the opening for an hour or so before this light warm tobacco note emerges. The notes list says leather in the base and possibly the tonka and leather combined gives the illusion of tobacco. This is a smooth well made fragrance. I can see a distant relationship to Guerlain Tonka Imperiale, but for some reason Ideal does not carry the subtle quiet power of this excellent predecessor. I think Ideal will appeal to women because of the mid toned comforting notes but it lacks the masculine character to hold my attention. In short this fragrance is just a little too civilized for my taste.
30th September, 2015
From a sample. I had sampled LHI when it first came out last year but never got the chance to give it a complete wearing. I recalled that my first impression was "cheap smelling". After getting a full wearing my impression is unchanged. Hard to believe this one is a Guerlain and is nothing close to the quality or distinctiveness I would associate with the house name.

LHI is a overtly sweet citrus over a odd spiced wood that doesn't smell right from the opening. It's phony, synthetic and hollow. The dry down has a slight almond tone, but it fell completely flat on my skin and diminished to a common place powder fairly quick.

I guess I expected more and was left disappointed. After reading similar reviews, I'll modify my comments to say LHI isn't straight up horrible, but it's not noteworthy at all and I can't rate any higher.
30th August, 2015

It is the scent of modern man who appreciates the elegance and style of the past,but is also attuned to the present and is hungry for adventures in the future.the concept of the fragrance is unity of the opposites intertwined of elegance and eccentricity but personally i am not impressed with this one as i expected something more sensual and deep. Aromatic, Sweet,Gorgeous,Subtle,Masculine and Romantic.

The rich aromatic notes is enhanced and sweeten with almond and Tonka bean before a softening into a nice base of warm leather and crispness of vetiver that makes a scent it is both classic and modern,vibrant and engaging.It is a Sensuous Scent that can wear by any age to any Occasion,Nonetheless i would recommend it for a discreet,maature and elegant maan.perfect for office/intimate wear.


Longevity?Average on my skin.

06th July, 2015
I tried this with a sample.
First impression: sweet.
It is a sweet citrus, with some pepper? and than the musk.
Women like it, even love it.
It is surely a pleasant smell, only could it be a little boring for scent connoisseurs.
It smells a lot like a longer lasting Man by Calvin Klein, and also somewhat like The One (for women).
Longevity : 7
sillage : 7/8
overall: 8
The Cologne or Eau Fresh has a super nice and fresh start, then quickly becomes L'Homme Idéal in the dry down.
What stays is a peppery musk note on the skin.
So I gave it thumbs up, because nice scent, lots of sweetness.
29th June, 2015
L'Homme Ideal (LHI) was most likely created out of need. The need to stay relevant and keep commercial presence.

Before LHI Guerlain's latest release was another flanker of the Guerlain L'Homme line in 2012. Once the sales climb from L'Homme fizzled away, LVHM pushed Guerlain to put something new on the market and voila - you have LHI.

That being said, LHI does a good job at being average. It has all the ingredients to garner mass appeal. It plays it safe along the trend lines set by 1 Million and L'Homme of candied spicy-woody fragrances. With muted spices, creamy tonka bean and somewhat synthetic woods, it deliver what the Average Joe is looking for. Safe enough for a Thanksgiving dinner and bold enough for a Saturday night club crawl.

If you are looking for interesting and original, try Guerlain's exclusive line. This one is simply uninspiring.
05th June, 2015
I’ve left it late trying L’Homme Ideal properly. I had to let the howls of disappointment that were echoing across the perfumed cybersphere die down. I had to get a bit of distance from its vomitous name and tacky marketing campaign. And I had to get over an encounter with it in a department store which left me feeling I’d damaged my nose, as it came across as a screechingly synthetic sugary citrus.
Trying it at home I am of two minds. I have to balance my perception that the aura of this perfume is warm, inviting, comfortable (supremely safe), and would make me want to nuzzle up to myself if I could, against its synthetic and yawnsome aspects.
A perfectly projected aromatic sweetness (as found in certain popular daddy colognes and soaps) is constant throughout this Homme’s evolution – it’s certainly there in the gum drop citruses at the start, it’s backing the unusual almond heart phase (almost spoiling it), and it finds its home in the mild woody base that is territory marked out by numerous designer ‘masculines’. The problem, as many have pointed out, is that this base while sweet and reassuring, also comes across as overly synthetic: the citruses, though muted, still linger, resolutely gumdroppy, the appealing almond scales back to being just another player in the mix before bowing out, and the woody-tonka base seems almost completely concocted.
Here one cannot avoid a bit of interference from memory – the best Guerlain bases twinkle with a myriad mysterious facets, this one is just a radiant aromatic thing that smells generic, it belongs, one cannot help thinking, in some twinky cologne perpetrated by some sports manufacturer.
While emphasizing L’Homme Ideal’s synthetic feel, it would be wrong to suggest that this is a displeasing scent – no, despite its amped up sweetness (the taste of the times) it is well-balanced with good projection. But like the perfect man, it is a crashing bore.
Nonetheless, smelling its trail upon re-entering a room, I am struck by how broadly inviting it is – it’s the kind of thing I’d smell on someone and instantly say, ‘My, you smell good.’
If this was Guerlain’s stab at mainstream popularity, it wins on that count – and I think the sales figures are backing it up. Does it belong in the Guerlain tradition? Let’s just say we’re in different times...
17th April, 2015

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