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Leather Oud (2014)
by Floris


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Year of Launch2014
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Leather Oud

Leather Oud is a shared / unisex perfume by Floris. The scent was launched in 2014

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Reviews of Leather Oud

This reminds me quite a lot of Montale's much-loved Black Aoud, but softer and featuring an extra layer of leather in the opening. There is the same ambery mandarin and bergamot opening as the Montale, intermingling this time with a unique and distinctive leather note that will satisfy leather lovers. The heart brings forth rose and geranium and the Montale-style oud. This oud exhibits the medicinal and leathery facets of oud and forgoes the animalic facets. After 6 hours the oud takes over and remains for 12 hours plus, supported by traces of Vetiver and patchouli for a convincing woody-leathery accord. Full bottle worthy, assuming you don't already own the Montale.
01st May, 2017
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
Leather Oud is a perfect gateway oud, in my opinion—it has all of the secure, comforting aspects of a traditional fragrance—in this case a beautiful, classic leather note as well as other mainstays of masculine perfumery, such as vetiver and carnation—and uses it as the launch pad for an oud that is pure and deep.  The first thing you notice is the expensive leather—not too long from being in the tannery and workroom and then on to the deep, oily darkness of the Oud, underscored by the vetiver, amber and patchouli. The floral notes of carnation and geranium are so subtle that they play a true supporting role; as the name asserts, this is all about leather and oud.
Gentlemanly enough to stroll down Jermyn Street, Leather Oud also has the dark and oily glow, edged with a dirty humanity that oud is so famous for. This boy may be wearing a bespoke suit and polished bench-made shoes, but there is some funk going on here. This is for the enfant terrible of St. James, the punk rocker of Savile Row who goes commando in his custom tailored suit.  And is it just for the boys?  I think so—it has too much of a well-bred testosterone note to be anything other than masculine.  That said, on a woman with a taste for pinstripes this could be head turning.
20th March, 2017
Less fabled than its sibling Honey Oud, Floris Leather Oud packs in significant power of its own but simply rather leans toward leather than honey in its focus. Sophisticated, sharp, and not too animalic or dirty, it occupies a space that I generally find to be neglected, the regal sort of leather that impresses but doesn't overwhelm, and I'm particularly picky about leathers.a

Its leather isn't so dominant as to subdue the bergamot in the opening, which contributes to a sharp sort of freshness. The florals in the heart blend in very nicely, not taking over but rather adding some nuance to the leather. And the oud isn't not an overpowering dirty oud, but rather sharp oud that blends in from a more topheavy position than usual. The base of woods is nice, too, as that provides a natural comfort. I'm not sure what "amber wood" is, exactly, but it's certainly not a sharper wood from what I can tell.

Again, to compare to Honey Oud, Leathe Oud too is a great performer, but because its focus is leather and not honey, it's inherently a little less casual and more formal, not that that's problematic but simply a predictable consequence.

Overall, a harmonious composition that plays well on the central note, keeping it both a fun and formal experience that, while ideal for cooler weather also might not be too cloying in even the warmest of weather, though it's difficult for me to say at this time. One I'd surely consider buying at the right price, as the $235 for 100ml EDP retail is a bit steep as far as I'm concerned. Still, for the money, this could be a versatile niche player for men that may, for some, justify the cost, but I'm hoping I might be able to do better.

8 out of 10
14th February, 2017
ION-ONE Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Post Dior, any scent named Leather Oud must be approached with great trepidation. However, my frame of reference has been other recent (2014) floris scents - Leather and Honey Oud as it looks like Floris has been blending together a few new accords - this one being the real winner!

Right away I pick up genuine quality Oud. There is an oily texture that seems to cling to the skin, like using an expensive bath oil. The leather soon joins in and is pitched just right, lightly spicy, masculine bringing the oud under control and ensuring the florals stay true masculine. The main floral element from the mid notes is geranium giving a minty / peppery aspect and a delicately balanced clean / dirty contrast.

Worn outside, when the wind blows you might pick up: oil, minty leather, tobacco, florals, whiskey. There is no barnyard stank al la Dior, but there is the impression of a man's worn leather coat, full of character. This floral leather combo could be taken as a re-imagining of Farenheit, albeit with a background sweetness and powdery (patchoulli) dry down to nice sweet warm wood.

This one beats Honey-Oud from the same house which actually exists in a very saturated market of what it really is, a rose-oud scent. Many of the accords are shared and the two scents are 70% alike. Leather Oud is actually the versatile option, a gentleman's Oud, a real leather, a modern classic, quality, complex, old school - somehow bringing to mind Habit Rouge, Sartorial, Farenheit.
04th December, 2015
Bleurgh. Amonia, deep heat, swimming pools and old men. Yes, there’s some leather there, and eventually some patchouli and floral notes come through but it’s heavily masked by the overwhelming dustiness of the other elements. Awful. Tried to wash it off with a scrubbing brush and dish soap, but the smell is still everywhere. Rank.
16th November, 2015

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