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T. Habanero (2014)
by Rania J


T. Habanero information

Year of Launch2014
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseRania J
PerfumerRania Jouaneh

About T. Habanero

Launched in the summer of 2014, T. Habanero is described by Rania J as "A Black Tobacco at the Rhythm of Cuban nights"

T. Habanero fragrance notes

Reviews of T. Habanero

The opening to this scent is a little challenging with what smells like sweet Cambodian oud and dark tobacco. After a while it starts to smell quite nice with the sweet Cambodian oud mixing in with the fermented like dark tobacco. I used to have a bottle of real sweet Cambodian oud and recognised the smell almost immediately whilst smelling this fragrance.

After a while the incense can be smelled and the scent becomes soft and spicy and quite pleasant. Cannot help think that this scent would make a great aftershave than a Edp.
22nd April, 2016
I had read of the opening notes on T. Habanero, and I would describe it as a musty, mildewy church basement. This awkward phase lasts around 30 minutes and is followed by the segue scents of myrrh and tobacco. This fleshes out to a nice leathery, oud and a tobacco thatís almost burnt in nature. Very nice, but a bit sharp to this nose. Thumb neutral here.
14th December, 2015
The first impression T Habanero gives is of a spiced leather but buffed to the extent it seems to skip into the ranks of refined barbershop colognes. Partly this has to do with fresh aromatic notes at the start Ė something that registers as mossy and green, and possibly also cardamom skins which have an altogether livelier scent than the seeds they contain.
Although it is named after the black tobacco heart note, for me the leather-oud pairing in its base is the main proposition in the heart phase: discretely handled, almost subdued, but itís the floor upon which the herbal and resinous elements dance. To my nose the tobacco is moist, slightly bitter, but far too light to invite much attention. Eventually itís that herbal mossiness backed by powdery wood notes that lingers.
In T Habanero Rania J has produced a well turned-out perfume, but one that is a tad too modest in expressing itself. It also seems to run its course in about 3 to 4 hours, after which all one is left with is something dried out and vaguely mossy, an odour rather than a perfume.
02nd April, 2015
Offering a twist on the typical tobacco form, T. Habanero weaves together several divergent olfactory threads with great success.

This scent opens with a paradox of sorts: a traditional tobacco structure thatís rendered complex through the introduction of resinous, herbal, and earthy facets. Thereís a stout and spicy cardamom, a plausible oud, and an expansive myrrh, all suspended over a shrewd moss, which reveals itself late into the scentís life. The tobacco is somewhat reserved, yet pervasive, striking an impressionistic balance between spaces where cigars are prepared and the unlit cigars themselves. Whatís so notable about this seemingly discordant coterie of notes, though, is that it feels as though they shouldnít work together quite as well as they do. But thatís one of the scentís highlightsóT. Habanero is extremely well put-together.

Tobacco aside, the myrrh stands out the most, followed by the cardamom, and the merging of the two notes yields a smart interplay of sweet and acerbic characteristics. The myrrh reminds me of Armaniís Myrrh Impťriale but sidesteps that scentís overbearing sweetness by the use of herbs that clear a space for the tobacco. But for as conservative as the tobacco is (and itís a dry tobacco, too), the impression of humidors, cigars, and smoking environments is continuously called into mind. Itís slightly less literal than other tobacco fragrances, but thereís an unmistakable sophistication about the whole affair that pushes the scent more in the direction of antiquated than contemporary. After a couple of hours, the scent drifts a tad prematurely into a moss base that isnít quite as fetching as the opening, yet it strikes me as the most appropriate option for a scent such as this.

So, T. Habaneroís composition can perhaps be summarized as a tastefully understated herbal tobacco couched in semi-sweet myrrh and shaded with a leathery oud. Although this is not completely to my taste (I lean toward more anarchic scents, and cardamom and I rarely see eye to eye), for fans of refined, elegant tobacco scents, this one does a fine job of setting itself apart from the rest.
14th August, 2014

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