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Yesterday Haze (2014)
by Imaginary Authors


Yesterday Haze information

Year of Launch2014
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseImaginary Authors
PerfumerJosh Meyer

About Yesterday Haze

The company say:

Yesterday Haze, the subtly sinister follow-up to Lenora Blumberg’s acclaimed debut -Violet Disguise,- tells the story of a farmer’s wife who, after maintaining a decades-long affair with a crop duster pilot, decides to come clean to her husband, who also happens to be her lover’s employer. “Just as sunsets are more beautiful on hazy days,” Blumberg wrote, “so, too, are the memories of yesterday.” Set in California’s tranquil and dusty San Joaquin Valley, the elaborate tale unfolds like a dream, delicately shifting perceptions like the colors of a dimming dusk. The seductive, dreamlike quality of this scent works like a magnet. Use it liberally during the day and, as it lingers into night, watch as those around you are lured into your sphere.

Yesterday Haze fragrance notes

Reviews of Yesterday Haze

Opening is a slightly sweetened fig with some dusty, woody notes. The iris is barely there. Reminds me of spa or hotel smells. Pleasant, herbal and creamy. Fig is the main player here. Just nice and creamy.

Very unisex. Casual wear seems best but versatile enough for all climates.

Average projection of not a little weak. Longevity is good, hangs around all day.
08th November, 2018
It opens green, fresh and fruity. Within minutes, while the green notes are still playing a good role, the scent also goes creamy (iris) and milky (fig). Continues to a sweet and creamy scent, not fresh anymore, something like a vanilla/tonka whipped cream. I'd say it's better on a women.
24th September, 2018
This one is nuts. It's a gourmet ice cream flavor. A creamy wood. Termite bait, in a good way. It wears more like an art project than a perfume. The name of it, doesn't match the scent. It's more like Yesterday's pancake special.
The iris is in there if you close your eyes, pick through a crowd of strangers, looking for it. Fig and walnut together is unique. I'll give it, that. It's a fun to wear perfume not, to be taken too seriously.
08th July, 2017
A fig laden fig fest. A great fragrance if you're into fig. Very sweet and powdery, especially after an hour or seems to get sweeter as it dries down. I would almost say this is more feminine than unisex in character. Probably not something I'll pursue after my initial wear. I would definitely get a sample of this to try however if you love fig dominant fragrances. It does have pretty decent longevity and sillage as well. Neutral for me however as this isn't my Newton...I'm not drawn to it...y'see.
08th July, 2017
By now you know that Josh Meyer is the behind this house and he's a genius. Like most of the fragrances in this house you get great longevity and good projection.

Fig is the name of the game here. Combine that with some Iris and Tonka and you get a relaxed scent that you won't soon forget. This labeled unisex, but this is something sweet enough to that easily could be worn by a woman. Great work scent for the fall or a cool summer night.

People call this an "indie" scent, but this is niche quality all the way through.
12th October, 2016
This being the sixth Imaginary Authors fragrance I've tried, the house continues to intrigue, as its scents are generally quite unique and I typically have a difficult time identifying many of the notes. Daver's Fragrance Bros review might touch on the simplest point that a common motif of Josh Meyer's house is one of freshness, though certainly some fragrances lean toward the fresher side and others toward the heavier side.

While the two winter entries of Imaginary Authors that I've tried---Cape Heartache & Memoirs of a Trespasser--remain the mainstays, Yesterday Haze fits in more in terms of quality and utility with the lighter, more summery, unisex fragrances, and I'm specifically referring to Mosaic, Falling Into the Sea, and The Soft Lawn.

Yesterday Haze opens with a burst of woody sweetness, the latter part comprised of the strong fig and tonka notes.

I don't detect the walnut note that seems to be pointed out in the dry down, but it's a simple enough of a dry down; it doesn't have much evolution, though I never see that as a bad thing, in and of itself.

After 4-6 hours it loses the majority of its strength, and then after a shower it's barely a skin scent.

Another pleasant, light entry, inspiring far more for its mysterious combination of scents than its longevity. It is versatile unisex fragrance,, perhaps even leaning to the feminine side ever so slightly, though I would primarily use this during the day in lieu of night. My top fresh choice of this and three abovementioned would probably be Falling Into the Sea, so Yesterday Haze might not be one I'd rush to buy, but it's definitely worth a try, especially if you're as keen on this house as me.

6 out of 10
09th February, 2015

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